Words with Silent Letters (b, h, k, t, w, i, g) Silent in words

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Difficult Words with Silent Letters! Below is the list of words with silent letters, some in the middle, some at beginning and some of them at end. Learn these useful silent letter words with Power ESL infographics and PDF.

Silent Letter words

Silent letter words are words that contain letters that are not pronounced when the word is spoken. These silent letters can appear at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a word. Despite being written, they do not correspond to any sound in the word’s pronunciation.

Silent letters can often be traced back to the word’s etymological origins, where they may have once been pronounced or may have been added to reflect an origin in another language. Silent letters can make spelling and pronunciation more challenging, especially for language learners, as they do not follow the typical phonetic rules of the language.

Examples of silent letter words include “knife” (where the “k” is silent), “write” (where the “w” is silent), and “bomb” (where the “b” is silent). Here are the 20 most common words having silent letters:

  1. Anchor
  2. Edge
  3. Psychic
  4. Knee
  5. Kneel
  6. Chaos
  7. Crumb
  8. Psychology
  9. Coulomb
  10. Knew
  11. Archaeology
  12. Psychiatrist
  13. Bomb
  14. Architect
  15. Badge
  16. Debt
  17. Character
  18. Knead
  19. Handkerchief
  20. Pseudo

Words with Silent Letters

Words Having Silent Letter B

In this section, you’ll learn about words where the letter B is not pronounced. This silent B can be surprising, but knowing these words will help you speak more naturally.

aplomb bomb climb
comb coulomb crumb
debt doubt dumb
jamb lamb limb
numb plumber subtle
succumb thumb tomb

Words Having Silent Letter H

Here, we focus on words that contain an H that you don’t hear when spoken. Understanding these words will help you grasp the subtle nuances of English pronunciation.

ache anchor archaeology
architect chaos character
charisma chemical chlorine
choir chord choreograph
chrome echo ghost
honest hour mechanic
monarchy orchestra psychic
rhythm scheme school
stomach tech what
when where whether
which while white

Words with Silent Letter K

This part introduces words with a K that remains silent. Mastering these words will aid in refining your pronunciation skills and expanding your vocabulary.

knack knead knee
kneel knew knickers
knife knight knitting
knob knock knot
know knowledge knuckle

Words Having Silent Letter T

In this segment, you’ll discover words with a silent T. These words can be tricky, but recognizing them will enhance your speaking and listening abilities.

ballet buffet caste
chaste christmas fasten
gourmet hatchet listen
moisten mortgage mustache
often soften thistleton
whistle wrestle  

Words Having Silent Letter W

This section is dedicated to words that include a W that you don’t pronounce. Learning these words is key to improving your pronunciation and understanding of English.

answer awry playwright
sword towards two
whole wrack wrangle
wrap wrapper wrath
wreath wreck wreckage
wren wrench wrestle
wrestling wretched wriggle
wring wrinkle wrist
write wrong wrote

Words Having Silent Letter I

This part introduces words with i remains silent. Mastering these words will aid in refining your pronunciation skills and expanding your vocabulary.

business parliament subsidiary
junior senior variety
glacier species conscience

Words with Silent Letter L

In this part, you’ll find words with an L that is not pronounced. Getting to know these words will make your English sound more fluent and accurate.

almond balm calf
calm chalk could
folk half palm
salmon should talk
walk would yolk

Words Having Silent Letter G

This section highlights words with a G that remains unheard. These words are essential for polishing your pronunciation and expanding your word bank.

align assign benign
campaign champagne cologne
consign design feign
foreign reign resign

Words With Silent Letters GH

Here, we cover words containing GH that is silent. These words are crucial for mastering pronunciation and enhancing your understanding of English spelling conventions.

though thought night
high light weight
right might sigh
tight bright flight
slght straight enough
cough rough tough
daughter laugh through
brought caught frought

Words Having Silent Letter P

In this segment, we focus on words where the P is silent. Familiarizing yourself with these words will aid in refining your pronunciation and comprehension.

coup cupboard pneumonia
pseudo psychiatrist psychic
psychology psychotherapy psychotic
raspberry receipt  

Words with Silent Letter N

This section introduces words with an N that you don’t pronounce. Recognizing these words will help in improving both your speaking and listening skills.

autumn column condemn
damn hymn solemn

Words Having Silent Letter D

Here, you’ll learn about words that include a D that remains silent. These words are important for speaking English more naturally and accurately.

badge edge handkerchief
handsome hedge sandwich
wedge wednesday  

Words Having Silent Letter C

In this part, we explore words with a silent C. Knowing these words is key to mastering certain pronunciation challenges in English.

ascend ascent conscience
conscious crescent descend
disciple fascinate muscle
obscene scene scent
science scissors abscess
evanesce fluorescent resuscitate
scenario transcend  

Words Having Silent Letter A

This section is dedicated to words where the A is not pronounced. Understanding these words will enhance your pronunciation and listening abilities.

artistically logically musically
physically critically practically

Words Having Silent Letter S

Here, we look at words with a silent S. Learning these words will help you navigate some of the complexities of English pronunciation.

  • aisle
  • island
  • patios

Words with Silent Letter E

In this segment, you’ll find words with a silent E. These words are essential for grasping the subtleties of English pronunciation and spelling.

age breathe bridge
change clothes gene
hate like love
please vegetable  

Words Having Silent Letter U

This part introduces words with a U that remains unheard. Mastering these words is crucial for improving your pronunciation and expanding your vocabulary.Top of Form

biscuit build circuit
disguise guilty league
rogue vague guess
guest guide guitar
antique baguette building
guard guild guile
guilt tongue vogue





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Difficult Words with Silent Letters

Here we will explore some of the most challenging words that have silent letters in them. These words are tricky because they don’t sound the way they are spelled. By learning them, you can greatly improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation. Here are all the useful and most difficult words having silent letters:

Difficult Words with Silent Letters

  • Acquire – c
  • Adjacent – d
  • Adjudge – d
  • Adjust – d
  • Adjutant – d
  • Aisle – s
  • Alms – a
  • Answer – w
  • Aproposs
  • Articulater
  • Artistically – a
  • Asthma – t
  • Autumnn
  • Ballett
  • Balm – l
  • Benign – g
  • Bombb
  • Bourgeoiss
  • Breathee
  • Bridge – d
  • Business – i
  • Calf – l
  • Calm – l
  • Castle – t
  • Champagne – g
  • Climbb
  • Colleague – u
  • Columnn
  • Combb
  • Condemnn
  • Corps – p
  • Coupp
  • Crumbs – b
  • Damnn
  • Debriss
  • Debt – b
  • Depart – r
  • Design – g
  • Doubt – b
  • Dumbb
  • Edge – d
  • Fasten – t
  • Feign – g
  • Ghost – h
  • Gnash – g
  • Gnat – n
  • Gnaw – g
  • Gourmett
  • Guard – u
  • Guess – u
  • Guide – u
  • Guilt – g
  • Guitar – u
  • Half – l
  • Handsome – d
  • Hasten – t
  • Hatee
  • Heir – h
  • High – g
  • Honest – h
  • Hour – h
  • Hymnn
  • Island – s
  • Knee – k
  • Knife – k
  • Knight – k
  • Knock – k
  • Knot – k
  • Know – k
  • Knowledge – k
  • Lambb
  • Light – g
  • Likee
  • Listen – t
  • Logically – a
  • Mnemonic – m
  • Muscle – c
  • Musically – a
  • Namee
  • Numbb
  • Obscene – c
  • Palm – l
  • Park – r
  • Part – r
  • Party – r
  • Pneumonia – p
  • Psalm – l
  • Pseudo – p
  • Psychiatry – p
  • Psychology – p
  • Rapportt
  • Receipt – p
  • Reign – g
  • Resign – g
  • Resignation – g
  • Ricochett
  • Romantically – a
  • Salmon – l
  • Sandwich – d
  • Scene – c
  • Scent – c
  • Schism – c
  • Science – c
  • Scissors – c
  • Should – l
  • Sign – g
  • Signature – g
  • Soften – t
  • Solemnn
  • Subtle – b
  • Sword – w
  • Talk – l
  • Through – g
  • Thumbb
  • Tombb
  • Tongue – u
  • Two – w
  • Wednesday – d
  • What – h
  • Whether – h
  • Who – w
  • Whole – w
  • Would – l
  • Wright – w
  • Wrist – w
  • Write – w
  • Wrong – w
  • Yolk – l

Infographics of Words That Contain Silent Letters

difficult words with silent letters difficult words with silent letters

Download this list of difficult words with silent letters in PDF

(Download Here)

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