20 Phrases for PRAISING in English

Praising someone is a wonderful way to acknowledge their efforts and achievements. Here are 20 idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs to effectively praise someone in English.

1. Hats off to

Meaning: Salute

Example: Hats off to you for winning.

2. Pat on the back

Meaning: Praise

Example: Give yourself a pat on the back.

3. Sing someone’s praises

Meaning: Compliment

Example: We always sing her praises.

4. Raise the bar

Meaning: Set higher standards

Example: You really raised the bar with this project.

5. Out of this world

Meaning: Amazing

Example: Your performance was out of this world.

6. Knock someone’s socks off

Meaning: Impress

Example: You knocked their socks off with that presentation.

7. Go the extra mile

Meaning: Make extra effort

Example: She always goes the extra mile for her team.

8. A cut above

Meaning: Superior

Example: This design is a cut above the rest.

9. Blow someone away

Meaning: Astonish

Example: His talent blew everyone away.

10. Raise someone’s spirits

Meaning: Cheer up

Example: Your kind words raised her spirits.

11. Give credit where credit is due

Meaning: Acknowledge effort

Example: Let’s give credit where credit is due.

12. Put someone on a pedestal

Meaning: Admire greatly

Example: They put her on a pedestal for her kindness.

13. Pull out all the stops

Meaning: Do everything possible

Example: They pulled out all the stops for the event.

14. Top-notch

Meaning: Excellent

Example: Your work is always top-notch.

15. Second to none

Meaning: Best

Example: Her skills are second to none.

16. Give someone a shout-out

Meaning: Publicly praise

Example: Give him a shout-out for his hard work.

17. Keep up the good work

Meaning: Continue doing well

Example: You’re doing great, keep up the good work!

18. Knock it out of the park

Meaning: Exceed expectations

Example: You knocked it out of the park with that proposal.

19. Give a gold star

Meaning: Reward excellence

Example: He deserves a gold star for his efforts.

20. On the right track

Meaning: Doing well

Example: You’re definitely on the right track with this project.

Phrases for PRAISING

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