100 Examples of Complex Sentences in English pdf

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100 Examples of Complex Sentences in English pdf

100 Examples of Complex Sentences in English pdf

What is a Sentence in English?

A combination of words arranged in a meaningful way which gives a complete sense is called sentence.

For examples: A bed of roses./ To beat about the bush/ He is a good boy.

What is meant by complex sentence?

The sentence which consists of one principal clause and one or more subordinate clause is called a complex sentence. It also expresses two or more thoughts

For Example: God helps those who help themselves.

What are 100 examples of complex sentences in English?

Examples of Complex Sentences in English pdf 100 Examples of Complex Sentences in English Examples of Complex Sentences in English 100 Examples of Complex Sentences in English pdf (2)

  1. When she asked me to bring some cakes, I refused her because I was busy.
  2. She could not go to office early because she prepared assignment until last night.
  3. She was on the beach when her father came there.
  4. Never try to force her until she gives her own consent to this marriage.
  5. He does not know about this meeting because he was not there.
  6. You have to be very careful while starting business with her.
  7. When I started I faced a lot of failure but not I’m exert.
  8. He is proficient in English but can’t understand French.
  9. She had a good time with her family, even though she was very busy yesterday.
  10. Neha worked hard so she got this proposal.
  11. I can join national army but my father asked me to join his company.
  12. Don’t try to go there until I allow you to go there.
  13. I will go abroad in order to earn money.
  14. Scarcely, I was about to sleep when she called me.
  15. He is new to this field so, don’t try to tease him.
  16. She is a good employee but now going to be married.
  17. Their house is stuffed with many people because they live in joined family.
  18. He didn’t want to go to the dentist, though he is very sick.
  19. He is very respectable to me, he have saver my daughter’s life.
  20. He cannot come with you, he have to go to office.
  21. Even though we were rich, we drive antique cars.
  22. As soon as Adam leaves the class, I will start reading loud.
  23. She was about to buy when her father warned her about this deal.
  24. Muslims believe that there is no God except one.
  25. He has to work hard because he has to feed his 4 children.
  26. She is very selfish although her husband is very sincere to her.
  27. Ali wants to attend this meeting but her family issues restrained him.
  28. She practiced for long hours late night so she secured a good position.
  29. We will never trust you because you have no previous experience to do this.
  30. When I joined this class I was young but now I’m in my third score of life.
  31. He lives far away from village and comes to visit her mother once a week.
  32. I liked her when she to my office for the first time.
  33. Martin is very wise but he doesn’t start any business.
  34. Don’t leave the class until the assignments here are completed.
  35. Lee not only works swiftly but also precisely.
  36. Although she miss her husband so much, she cannot go to him because he do not like her.
  37. A man can desire only without hard work.
  38. I can give you 500$ if you want to complete this task efficiently.
  39. I asked her to pass the jam but she replied to do it by yourself.
  40. She saw me going to office when she was passing by me.
  41. I was there because I want to give him a bouquet of flowers.
  42. She was the only girl in the museum when he asked about basketball player.
  43. My husband hates pop music but I can’t live without it.
  44. I would prefer to go out rather than to stay at home.
  45. He is very generous to poor but his son is opposite to him
  46. He goes to work on Monday, but he does not go to work on Tuesday.
  47. Nimla wanted to go outside but her brother refused.
  48. I was at her home when her father caught us.
  49. They are foody because their mother cooks good food.
  50. I can refer you to her but I will not assure your job.
  51. Even after four years, when I saw him, I was as nervous as the first day.
  52. When you are on the way to success don’t trust on liars because they can cheat.
  53. If you want to be entrepreneur then you should work in their community.
  54. They came first, therefore they got a chance to service this.
  55. I’m not interested to work with you because you are a cheater.
  56. She need to come home because her baby is feeling sick.
  57. All of her brothers are engineers, whereas she is a pilot.
  58. I would not come with you because I’m not interested to attend this ceremony.
  59. Let me know if you are interested in my offer.
  60. Some people like my project but mostly dislike my project.
  61. In spite of all the tutorial I have watched, I’m still not perfect in solving this problem.
  62. My camera got broken as a consequence I have to borrow from my bestie.
  63. The global warming in increasing day by day due to industries.
  64. She is very clever but you have to be very cautious about work.
  65. They works at late night but do not disturb their neighbors.
  66. If the ozone layer is affected, the global community will suffer a lot.
  67. Although reading literature seems difficult, it’s easier than you think.
  68. As a result, these problems are for her because her age is much older.
  69. Rem’s husband asked her to stay at home until he comes from office.
  70. Her started but never got a success.
  71. She don’t want you to talk to her again because you lied to her.
  72. I wanted to sleep but I have to complete this assignment.
  73. Although Ali played very well, he lost the match.
  74. Sheeza was very sick today and I will take her to the Doctor.
  75. I don’t believe in luck because hard work is everything.
  76. Scarcely, I have started my work when the doorbell rang.
  77. She refused to come there, though she came with her friend.
  78. She is buttering you don’t believe her because something is fishy.
  79. Although playing tennis seems boring, it’s amazing than you think.
  80. It was raining, therefore I stayed at her home.
  81. The boss asked her to attend the meeting but she refused to go there.
  82. A mother can take care many children but they all cannot care a single mother.
  83. Their house is very clean but they have no child to play.
  84. She wanted to call me again but she don’t have my contact.
  85. Although I wanted to go outside, I could not go because my mother did not want me to go
  86. It was lightening when she asked me to pick her.
  87. Liza was very happy today because she is pregnant.
  88. In spite of learning all the lessons, I’m still not good in taking decision.
  89. I earned 1 million dollars but not satisfied with it.
  90. She was in the dangerous way when her car ran out of gas.
  91. As soon as Rem arrives in the office, I will start explaining her what we are experiencing today.
  92. My brother’s job is very tough, but he enjoys his work.
  93. I go to club on Sunday, but I don’t go to class on Monday.
  94. He is a pupil of devil but his father was a nice man.
  95. She will send you all the money because I have transferred to her account.
  96. My friend’s job is very easy, but he is not satisfied.
  97. You can taste this recipe because I like this.
  98. She divorced her because he was addicted to drugs.
  99. I was in official meeting when she asked me to bring baby diapers.
  100. In spite of the fog, they are insisting to go there.

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