1000 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Verb Forms (Download PDF)

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V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Forms of  Verb! Verbs are essential components of sentences as they express actions or states of being. Understanding the various forms of verbs is crucial for constructing grammatically correct and meaningful sentences. In this article, we will explore more than 1000 verb forms.

You can also Download a Pdf of the Complete 1000 Verb Forms List at the end. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of verb forms to enhance your English language skills!

What is V1, V2, V3, V4, V5?

V1, V2, V3, V4, and V5 are standard terms used to describe different forms of verbs.

  • V1 refers to a verb’s base form or infinitive form (e.g “to walk”).
  • V2 represents the past tense form (e.g., “walked“).
  • V3 corresponds to the past participle form, often used in perfect tenses or passive voice (e.g., “have walked” or “was walked“).
  • V4 and V5 are not universally recognized terms but can sometimes refer to present participle (V4) and gerund (V5) forms (e.g., “walking” or “walking is enjoyable”).

Understanding these verb forms is crucial for constructing grammatically correct and meaningful sentences in various contexts.

verbs list

Verb Forms

Here are Some Most Common Verb Forms:

(V1) (V2) (V3) (V4) (V5)
act acted acted acting acts
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoying enjoys
receive received received receiving receives
hit hit hit hitting hits
build built built building builds
inform informed informed informing informs
forget forgot forgotten forgetting forgets
belong belonged belonged belonging belongs
need needed needed needing needs
present presented presented presenting presents
hope hoped hoped hoping hopes
rest rested rested resting rests
fail failed failed failing fails
stop stopped stopped stopping stops
sing sang sung singing sings
make made made making makes
suffer suffered suffered suffering suffers
help helped helped helping helps
hurt hurt hurt hurting hurts
answer answered answered answering answers
finish finished finished finishing finishes
suggest suggested suggested suggesting suggests

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1000 Verb Forms List






abate abated abated abating abates
abide abode abode abiding abides
absorb absorbed absorbed absorbing absorbs
accept accepted accepted accepting accepts
accompany accompanied accompanied accompanying accompanies
ache ached ached aching aches
achieve achieved achieved achieving achieves
acquire acquired acquired acquiring acquires
act acted acted acting acts
add added added adding adds
address addressed addressed addressing addresses
adjust adjusted adjusted adjusting adjusts
admire admired admired admiring admires
admit admitted admitted admitting admits
advise advised advised advising advises
afford afforded afforded affording affords
agree agreed agreed agreeing agrees
alight alit alit alighting alights
allow allowed allowed allowing allows
animate animated animated animating animates
announce announced announced announcing announces
answer answered answered answering answers
apologize apologized apologized apologizing apologizes
appear appeared appeared appearing appears
applaud applauded applauded applauding applauds
apply applied applied applying applies
approach approached approached approaching approaches
approve approved approved approving approves
argue argued argued arguing argues
arise arose arisen arising arises
arrange arranged arranged arranging arranges
arrest arrested arrested arresting arrests
ask asked asked asking asks
assert asserted asserted asserting asserts
assort assorted assorted assorting assorts
astonish astonished astonished astonishing astonishes
attack attacked attacked attacking attacks
attend attended attended attending attends
attract attracted attracted attracting attracts
audit audited audited auditing audits
avoid avoided avoided avoiding avoids
awake awoke awoken awaking awakes
bang banged banged banging bangs
banish banished banished banishing banishes
bash bashed bashed bashing bashes
bat batted batted batting bats
be (am,are) was / were been being is
bear bore borne bearing bears
bear bore born bearing bears
beat beat beaten beating beats
beautify beautified beautified beautifying beautifies
become became become becoming becomes
befall befell befallen befalling befalls
beg begged begged begging begs
begin began begun beginning begins
behave behaved behaved behaving behaves
behold beheld beheld beholding beholds
believe believed believed believing believes
belong belonged belonged belonging belongs
bend bent bent bending bends
bereave bereft bereft bereaving bereaves
beseech besought besought beseeching beseeches
bet bet bet betting bets
betray betrayed betrayed betraying betrays
bid bid bid bidding bids
bid bade bidden bidding bids
bind bound bound binding binds
bite bit bitten biting bites
bleed bled bled bleeding bleeds
bless blessed blessed blessing blesses
blossom blossomed blossomed blossoming blossoms
blow blew blown blowing blows
blur blurred blurred blurring blurs
blush blushed blushed blushing blushes
board boarded boarded boarding boards
boast boasted boasted boasting boasts
boil boiled boiled boiling boils
bow bowed bowed bowing bows
box boxed boxed boxing boxes
bray brayed brayed braying brays
break broke broken breaking breaks
breathe breathed breathed breathing breathes
breed bred bred breeding breeds
bring brought brought bringing brings
broadcast broadcast broadcast broadcasting broadcasts
brush brushed brushed brushing brushes
build built built building builds
burn burnt burnt burning burns
burst burst burst bursting bursts
bury buried buried burying buries
bust bust bust busting busts
buy bought bought buying buys
buzz buzzed buzzed buzzing buzzes
calculate calculated calculated calculating calculates
call called called calling calls
canvass canvassed canvassed canvassing canvasses
capture captured captured capturing captures
caress caressed caressed caressing caresses
carry carried carried carrying carries
carve carved carved carving carves
cash cashed cashed cashing cashes
cast cast cast casting casts
catch caught caught catching catches
cause caused caused causing causes
cease ceased ceased ceasing ceases
celebrate celebrated celebrated celebrating celebrates
challenge challenged challenged challenging challenges
change changed changed changing changes
charge charged charged charging charges
chase chased chased chasing chases
chat chatted chatted chatting chats
check checked checked checking checks
cheer cheered cheered cheering cheers
chew chewed chewed chewing chews
chide chid chid/chidden chiding chides
chip chipped chipped chipping chips
choke choked choked choking chokes
choose chose chosen choosing chooses
classify classified classified classifying classifies
clean cleaned cleaned cleaning cleans
cleave clove/cleft cloven/cleft cleaving cleaves
click clicked clicked clicking clicks
climb climbed climbed climbing climbs
cling clung clung clinging clings
close closed closed closing closes
clothe clad clad clothing clothes
clutch clutched clutched clutching clutches
collapse collapsed collapsed collapsing collapses
collect collected collected collecting collects
colour coloured coloured colouring colours
come came come coming comes
comment commented commented commenting comments
compare compared compared comparing compares
compel compelled compelled compelling compels
compete competed competed competing competes
complain complained complained complaining complains
complete completed completed completing completes
conclude concluded concluded concluding concludes
conduct conducted conducted conducting conducts
confess confessed confessed confessing confesses
confine confined confined confining confines
confiscate confiscated confiscated confiscating confiscates
confuse confused confused confusing confuses
congratulate congratulated congratulated congratulating congratulates
connect connected connected connecting connects
connote connoted connoted connoting connotes
conquer conquered conquered conquering conquers
consecrate consecrated consecrated consecrating consecrates
consent consented consented consenting consents
conserve conserved conserved conserving conserves
consider considered considered considering considers
consign consigned consigned consigning consigns
consist consisted consisted consisting consists
console consoled consoled consoling consoles
consort consorted consorted consorting consorts
conspire conspired conspired conspiring conspires
constitute constituted constituted constituting constitutes
constrain constrained constrained constraining constrains
construct constructed constructed constructing constructs
construe construed construed construing construes
consult consulted consulted consulting consults
contain contained contained containing contains
contemn contemned contemned contemning contemns
contend contended contended contending contends
contest contested contested contesting contests
continue continued continued continuing continues
contract contracted contracted contracting contracts
contradict contradicted contradicted contradicting contradicts
contrast contrasted contrasted contrasting contrasts
contribute contributed contributed contributing contributes
contrive contrived contrived contriving contrives
control controlled controlled controlling controls
convene convened convened convening convenes
converge converged converged converging converges
converse conversed conversed conversing converses
convert converted converted converting converts
convey conveyed conveyed conveying conveys
convict convicted convicted convicting convicts
convince convinced convinced convincing convinces
coo cooed cooed cooing coos
cook cooked cooked cooking cooks
cool cooled cooled cooling cools
co-operate co-operated co-operated co-operating co-operates
cope coped cope coping copes
copy copied copied copying copies
correct corrected corrected correcting corrects
correspond corresponded corresponded corresponding corresponds
corrode corroded corroded corroding corrodes
corrupt corrupted corrupted corrupting corrupts
cost cost cost costing costs
cough coughed coughed coughing coughs
counsel counselled counselled counselling counsels
count counted counted counting counts
course coursed coursed coursing courses
cover covered covered covering covers
cower cowered cowered cowering cowers
crack cracked cracked cracking cracks
crackle crackled crackled crackling crackles
crash crashed crashed crashing crashes
crave craved craved craving craves
create created created creating creates
creep crept crept creeping creeps
crib cribbed cribbed cribbing cribs
cross crossed crossed crossing crosses
crowd crowded crowded crowding crowds
crush crushed crushed crushing crushes
cry cried cried crying cries
curb curbed curbed curbing curbs
cure cured cured curing cures
curve curved curved curving curves
cut cut cut cutting cuts
cycle cycled cycled cycling cycles
damage damaged damaged damaging damages
damp damped damped damping damps
dance danced danced dancing dances
dare dared dared daring dares
dash dashed dashed dashing dashes
dazzle dazzled dazzled dazzling dazzles
deal dealt dealt dealing deals
decay decayed decayed decaying decays
decide decided decided deciding decides
declare declared declared declaring declares
decorate decorated decorated decorating decorates
decrease decreased decreased decreasing decreases
dedicate dedicated dedicated dedicating dedicates
delay delayed delayed delaying delays
delete deleted deleted deleting deletes
deny denied denied denying denies
depend depended depended depending depends
deprive deprived deprived depriving deprives
derive derived derived deriving derives
describe described described describing describes
desire desired desired desiring desires
destroy destroyed destroyed destroying destroys
detach detached detached detaching detaches
detect detected detected detecting detects
determine determined determined determining determines
develop developed developed developing develops
die died died dying dies
differ differed differed differing differs
dig dug dug digging digs
digest digested digested digesting digests
dim dimmed dimmed dimming dims
diminish diminished diminished diminishing diminishes
dine dined dined dining dines
dip dipped dipped dipping dips
direct directed directed directing directs
disappear disappeared disappeared disappearing disappears
discover discovered discovered discovering discovers
discuss discussed discussed discussing discusses
disobey disobeyed disobeyed disobeying disobeys
display displayed displayed displaying displays
dispose disposed disposed disposing disposes
distribute distributed distributed distributing distributes
disturb disturbed disturbed disturbing disturbs
disuse disused disused disusing disuses
dive dived dived diving dives
divide divided divided dividing divides
do did done doing does
donate donated donated donating donates
download downloaded downloaded downloading downloads
drag dragged dragged dragging drags
draw drew drawn drawing draws
dream dreamt dreamt dreaming dreams
dress dressed dressed dressing dresses
drill drilled drilled drilling drills
drink drank drunk drinking drinks
drive drove driven driving drives
drop dropped dropped dropping drops
dry dried dried drying dries
dump dumped dumped dumping dumps
dwell dwelt dwelt dwelling dwells
dye dyed dyed dyeing dyes
earn earned earned earning earns
eat ate eaten eating eats
educate educated educated educating educates
empower empowered empowered empowering empowers
empty emptied emptied emptying empties
encircle encircled encircled encircling encircles
encourage encouraged encouraged encouraging encourages
encroach encroached encroached encroaching encroaches
endanger endangered endangered entangling endangers
endorse endorsed endorsed endorsing endorses
endure endured endured enduring endures
engrave engraved engraved engraving engraves
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoying enjoys
enlarge enlarged enlarged enlarging enlarges
enlighten enlightened enlightened enlightening enlightens
enter entered entered entering enters
envy envied envied envying envies
erase erased erased erasing erases
escape escaped escaped escaping escapes
evaporate evaporated evaporated evaporating evaporates
exchange exchanged exchanged exchanging exchanges
exclaim exclaimed exclaimed exclaiming exclaims
exclude excluded excluded excluding excludes
exist existed existed existing exists
expand expanded expanded expanding expands
expect expected expected expecting expects
explain explained explained explaining explains
explore explored explored exploring explores
express expressed expressed expressing expresses
extend extended extended extending extends
eye eyed eyed eyeing eyes
face faced faced facing faces
fail failed failed failing fails
faint fainted fainted fainting faints
fall fell fallen falling falls
fan fanned fanned fanning fans
fancy fancied fancied fancying fancies
favour favoured favoured favouring favours
fax faxed faxed faxing faxes
feed fed fed feeding feeds
feel felt felt feeling feels
ferry ferried ferried ferrying ferries
fetch fetched fetched fetching fetches
fight fought fought fighting fights
fill filled filled filling fills
find found found finding finds
finish finished finished finishing finishes
fish fished fished fishing fishes
fit fit/fitted fit/fitted fitting fits
fix fixed fixed fixing fixes
fizz fizzed fizzed fizzing fizzes
flap flapped flapped flapping flaps
flash flashed flashed flashing flashes
flee fled fled fleeing flees
fling flung flung flinging flings
float floated floated floating floats
flop flopped flopped flopping flops
fly flew flown flying flies
fold folded folded folding folds
follow followed followed following follows
forbid forbade forbidden forbidding forbids
force forced forced forcing forces
forecast forecast forecast forecasting forecasts
foretell foretold foretold foretelling foretells
forget forgot forgotten forgetting forgets
forgive forgave forgiven forgiving forgives
forlese forlore forlorn forlesing forlese
form formed formed forming forms
forsake forsook forsaken forsaking forsakes
found founded founded founding founds
frame framed framed framing frames
free freed freed freeing frees
freeze froze frozen freezing freezes
frighten frightened frightened frightening frightens
fry fried fried frying fries
fulfil fulfilled fulfilled fulfilling fulfils
gag gagged gagged gagging gags
gain gained gained gaining gains
gainsay gainsaid gainsaid gainsaying gainsays
gash gashed gashed gashing gashes
gaze gazed gazed gazing gazes
get got got getting gets
give gave given giving gives
glance glanced glanced glancing glances
glitter glittered glittered glittering glitters
glow glowed glowed glowing glows
go went gone going goes
google googled googled googling googles
govern governed governed governing governs
grab grabbed grabbed grabbing grabs
grade graded graded grading grades
grant granted granted granting grants
greet greeted greeted greeting greets
grind ground ground grinding grinds
grip gripped gripped gripping grips
grow grew grown growing grows
guard guarded guarded guarding guards
guess guessed guessed guessing guesses
guide guided guided guiding guides
handle handled handled handling handles
hang hung hung hanging hangs
happen happened happened happening happens
harm harmed harmed harming harms
hatch hatched hatched hatching hatches
hate hated hated hating hates
have had had having has
heal healed healed healing heals
hear heard heard hearing hears
heave hove hove heaving heaves
help helped helped helping helps
hew hewed hewn hewing hews
hide hid hidden hiding hides
hinder hindered hindered hindering hinders
hiss hissed hissed hissing hisses
hit hit hit hitting hits
hoax hoaxed hoaxed hoaxing hoaxes
hold held held holding holds
hop hopped hopped hopping hops
hope hoped hoped hoping hopes
horrify horrified horrified horrifying horrifies
hug hugged hugged hugging hugs
hum hummed hummed humming hums
humiliate humiliated humiliated humiliating humiliates
hunt hunted hunted hunting hunts
hurl hurled hurled hurling hurls
hurry hurried hurried hurrying hurries
hurt hurt hurt hurting hurts
hush hushed hushed hushing hushes
hustle hustled hustled hustling hustles
hypnotize hypnotized hypnotized hypnotizing hypnotizes
idealize idealized idealized idealizing idealizes
identify identified identified identifying identifies
idolize idolized idolized idolizing idolizes
ignite ignited ignited igniting ignites
ignore ignored ignored ignoring ignores
ill-treat ill-treated ill-treated ill-treating ill-treats
illuminate illuminated illuminated illuminating illuminates
illumine illumined illumined illumining illumines
illustrate illustrated illustrated illustrating illustrates
imagine imagined imagined imagining imagines
imbibe imbibed imbibed imbibing imbibes
imitate imitated imitated imitating imitates
immerse immersed immersed immersing immerses
immolate immolated immolated immolating immolates
immure immured immured immuring immures
impair impaired impaired impairing impairs
impart imparted imparted imparting imparts
impeach impeached impeached impeaching impeaches
impede impeded impeded impeding impedes
impel impelled impelled impelling impels
impend impended impended impending impends
imperil imperilled imperilled imperilling imperils
impinge impinged impinged impinging impinges
implant implanted implanted implanting implants
implicate implicated implicated implicating implicates
implode imploded imploded imploding implodes
implore implored implored imploring implores
imply implied implied implying implies
import imported imported importing imports
impose imposed imposed imposing imposes
impress impressed impressed impressing impresses
imprint imprinted imprinted imprinting imprints
imprison imprisoned imprisoned imprisoning imprisons
improve improved improved improving improves
inaugurate inaugurated inaugurated inaugurating inaugurates
incise incised incised incising incises
include included included including includes
increase increased increased increasing increases
inculcate inculcated inculcated inculcating inculcates
indent indented indented indenting indents
indicate indicated indicated indicating indicates
induce induced induced inducing induces
indulge indulged indulged indulging indulges
infect infected infected infecting infects
infest infested infested infesting infests
inflame inflamed inflamed inflaming inflames
inflate inflated inflated inflating inflates
inflect inflected inflected inflecting inflects
inform informed informed informing informs
infringe infringed infringed infringing infringes
infuse infused infused infusing infuses
ingest ingested ingested ingesting ingests
inhabit inhabited inhabited inhabiting inhabits
inhale inhaled inhaled inhaling inhales
inherit inherited inherited inheriting inherits
initiate initiated initiated initiating initiates
inject injected injected injecting injects
injure injured injured injuring injures
inlay inlaid inlaid inlaying inlays
innovate innovated innovated innovating innovates
input input input inputting inputs
inquire inquired inquired inquiring inquires
inscribe inscribed inscribed inscribing inscribes
insert inserted inserted inserting inserts
inspect inspected inspected inspecting inspects
inspire inspired inspired inspiring inspires
install installed installed installing installs
insult insulted insulted insulting insults
insure insured insured insuring insures
integrate integrated integrated integrating integrates
introduce introduced introduced introducing introduces
invent invented invented inventing invents
invite invited invited inviting invites
join joined joined joining joins
jump jumped jumped jumping jumps
justify justified justified justifying justifies
keep kept kept keeping keeps
kick kicked kicked kicking kicks
kid kidded kidded kidding kids
kill killed killed killing kills
kiss kissed kissed kissing kisses
kneel knelt knelt kneeling kneels
knit knit knit knitting knits
knock knocked knocked knocking knocks
know knew known knowing knows
lade laded laden lading lades
land landed landed landing lands
last lasted lasted lasting lasts
latch latched latched latching latches
laugh laughed laughed laughing laughs
lay laid laid laying lays
lead led led leading leads
leak leaked leaked leaking leaks
lean leant leant leaning leans
leap leapt leapt leaping leaps
learn learnt learnt learning learns
leave left left leaving leaves
leer leered leered leering leers
lend lent lent lending lends
let let let letting lets
lick licked licked licking licks
lie lied lied lying lies
lie lay lain lying lies
lift lifted lifted lifting lifts
light lit lit lighting lights
like liked liked liking likes
limp limped limped limping limps
listen listened listened listening listens
live lived lived living lives
look looked looked looking looks
lose lost lost losing loses
love loved loved loving loves
magnify magnified magnified magnifying magnifies
maintain maintained maintained maintaining maintains
make made made making makes
manage managed managed managing manages
march marched marched marching marches
mark marked marked marking marks
marry married married marrying marries
mash mashed mashed mashing mashes
match matched matched matching matches
matter mattered mattered mattering matters
mean meant meant meaning means
measure measured measured measuring measures
meet met met meeting meets
melt melted melted melting melts
merge merged merged merging merges
mew mewed mewed mewing mews
migrate migrated migrated migrating migrates
milk milked milked milking milks
mind minded minded minding minds
mislead misled misled misleading misleads
miss missed missed missing misses
mistake mistook mistaken mistaking mistakes
misuse misused misused misusing misuses
mix mixed mixed mixing mixes
moan moaned moaned moaning moans
modify modified modified modifying modifies
moo mooed mooed mooing moos
motivate motivated motivated motivating motivates
mould moulded moulded moulding moulds
moult moulted moulted moulting moults
move moved moved moving moves
mow mowed mown mowing mows
multiply multiplied multiplied multiplying multiplies
murmur murmured murmured murmuring murmurs
nail nailed nailed nailing nails
nap napped napped napping naps
need needed needed needing needs
neglect neglected neglected neglecting neglects
nip nipped nipped nipping nips
nod nodded nodded nodding nods
note noted noted noting notes
notice noticed noticed noticing notices
notify notified notified notifying notifies
nourish nourished nourished nourishing nourishes
nurse nursed nursed nursing nurses
obey obeyed obeyed obeying obeys
oblige obliged obliged obliging obliges
observe observed observed observing observes
obstruct obstructed obstructed obstructing obstructs
obtain obtained obtained obtaining obtains
occupy occupied occupied occupying occupies
occur occurred occurred occurring occurs
offer offered offered offering offers
offset offset offset offsetting offsets
omit omitted omitted omitting omits
ooze oozed oozed oozing oozes
open opened opened opening opens
operate operated operated operating operates
opine opined opined opining opines
oppress oppressed oppressed oppressing oppresses
opt opted opted opting opts
optimize optimized optimized optimizing optimizes
order ordered ordered ordering orders
organize organized organized organizing organizes
originate originated originated originating originates
output output output outputting outputs
overflow overflowed overflowed overflowing overflows
overtake overtook overtaken overtaking overtakes
owe owed owed owing owes
own owned owned owning owns
pacify pacified pacified pacifying pacifies
paint painted painted painting paints
pardon pardoned pardoned pardoning pardons
part parted parted parting parts
partake partook partaken partaking partakes
participate participated participated participating participates
pass passed passed passing passes
paste pasted pasted pasting pastes
pat patted patted patting pats
patch patched patched patching patches
pause paused paused pausing pauses
pay paid paid paying pays
peep peeped peeped peeping peeps
perish perished perished perishing perishes
permit permitted permitted permitting permits
persuade persuaded persuaded persuading persuades
phone phoned phoned phoning phones
place placed placed placing places
plan planned planned planning plans
play played played playing plays
plead pled pled pleading pleads
please pleased pleased pleasing pleases
plod plodded plodded plodding plods
plot plotted plotted plotting plots
pluck plucked plucked plucking plucks
ply plied plied plying plies
point pointed pointed pointing points
polish polished polished polishing polishes
pollute polluted polluted polluting pollutes
ponder pondered pondered pondering ponders
pour poured poured pouring pours
pout pouted pouted pouting pouts
practise practised practised practising practises
praise praised praised praising praises
pray prayed prayed praying prays
preach preached preached preaching preaches
prefer preferred preferred preferring prefers
prepare prepared prepared preparing prepares
prescribe prescribed prescribed prescribing prescribes
present presented presented presenting presents
preserve preserved preserved preserving preserves
preset preset preset presetting presets
preside presided presided presiding presides
press pressed pressed pressing presses
pretend pretended pretended pretending pretends
prevent prevented prevented preventing prevents
print printed printed printing prints
proceed proceeded proceeded proceeding proceeds
produce produced produced producing produces
progress progressed progressed progressing progresses
prohibit prohibited prohibited prohibiting prohibits
promise promised promised promising promises
propose proposed proposed proposing proposes
prosecute prosecuted prosecuted prosecuting prosecutes
protect protected protected protecting protects
prove proved proved proving proves
provide provided provided providing provides
pull pulled pulled pulling pulls
punish punished punished punishing punishes
purify purified purified purifying purifies
push pushed pushed pushing pushes
put put put putting puts
qualify qualified qualified qualifying qualifies
quarrel quarrelled quarrelled quarrelling quarrels
question questioned questioned questioning questions
quit quit quit quitting quits
race raced raced racing races
rain rained rained raining rains
rattle rattled rattled rattling rattles
reach reached reached reaching reaches
read read read reading reads
realize realized realized realizing realizes
rebuild rebuilt rebuilt rebuilding rebuilds
recall recalled recalled recalling recalls
recast recast recast recasting recasts
receive received received receiving receives
recite recited recited reciting recites
recognize recognized recognized recognizing recognizes
recollect recollected recollected recollecting recollects
recur recurred recurred recurring recurs
redo redid redone redoing redoes
reduce reduced reduced reducing reduces
refer referred referred referring refers
reflect reflected reflected reflecting reflects
refuse refused refused refusing refuses
regard regarded regarded regarding regards
regret regretted regretted regretting regrets
relate related related relating relates
relax relaxed relaxed relaxing relaxes
rely relied relied relying relies
remain remained remained remaining remains
remake remade remade remaking remakes
remove removed removed removing removes
rend rent rent rending rends
renew renewed renewed renewing renews
renounce renounced renounced renouncing renounces
repair repaired repaired repairing repairs
repeat repeated repeated repeating repeats
replace replaced replaced replacing replaces
reply replied replied replying replies
report reported reported reporting reports
request requested requested requesting requests
resell resold resold reselling resells
resemble resembled resembled resembling resembles
reset reset reset resetting resets
resist resisted resisted resisting resists
resolve resolved resolved resolving resolves
respect respected respected respecting respects
rest rested rested resting rests
restrain restrained restrained restraining restrains
retain retained retained retaining retains
retch retched retched retching retches
retire retired retired retiring retires
return returned returned returning returns
reuse reused reused reusing reuses
review reviewed reviewed reviewing reviews
rewind rewound rewound rewinding rewinds
rid rid rid ridding rids
ride rode ridden riding rides
ring rang rung ringing rings
rise rose risen rising rises
roar roared roared roaring roars
rob robbed robbed robbing robs
roll rolled rolled rolling rolls
rot rotted rotted rotting rots
rub rubbed rubbed rubbing rubs
rule ruled ruled ruling rules
run ran run running runs
rush rushed rushed rushing rushes
sabotage sabotaged sabotaged sabotaging sabotages
sack sacked sacked sacking sacks
sacrifice sacrificed sacrificed sacrificing sacrifices
sadden saddened saddened saddening saddens
saddle saddled saddled saddling saddles
sag sagged sagged sagging sags
sail sailed sailed sailing sails
sally sallied sallied sallying sallies
salute saluted saluted saluting salutes
salvage salvaged salvaged salvaging salvages
salve salved salved salving salves
sample sampled sampled sampling samples
sanctify sanctified sanctified sanctifying sanctifies
sanction sanctioned sanctioned sanctioning sanctions
sap sapped sapped sapping saps
saponify saponified saponified saponifying saponifies
sash sashed sashed sashing sashes
sashay sashayed sashayed sashaying sashays
sass sassed sassed sassing sasses
sate sated sated sating sates
satiate satiated satiated satiating satiates
satirise satirised satirised satirising satirises
satisfy satisfied satisfied satisfying satisfies
saturate saturated saturated saturating saturates
saunter sauntered sauntered sauntering saunters
save saved saved saving saves
savor savored savored savoring savors
savvy savvied savvied savvying savvies
saw sawed sawn sawing saws
say said said saying says
scab scabbed scabbed scabbing scabs
scabble scabbled scabbled scabbling scabbles
scald scalded scalded scalding scalds
scale scaled scaled scaling scales
scam scammed scammed scamming scams
scan scanned scanned scanning scans
scant scanted scanted scanting scants
scar scarred scarred scarring scars
scare scared scared scaring scares
scarify scarified scarified scarifying scarifies
scarp scarped scarped scarping scarps
scat scatted scatted scatting scats
scatter scattered scattered scattering scatters
scold scolded scolded scolding scolds
scorch scorched scorched scorching scorches
scowl scowled scowled scowling scowls
scrawl scrawled scrawled scrawling scrawls
scream screamed screamed screaming screams
screw screwed screwed screwing screws
scrub scrubbed scrubbed scrubbing scrubs
search searched searched searching searches
seat seated seated seating seats
secure secured secured securing secures
see saw seen seeing sees
seek sought sought seeking seeks
seem seemed seemed seeming seems
seize seized seized seizing seizes
select selected selected selecting selects
sell sold sold selling sells
send sent sent sending sends
sentence sentenced sentenced sentencing sentences
separate separated separated separating separates
set set set setting sets
sever severed severed severing severs
sew sewed sewn sewing sews
shake shook shaken shaking shakes
shape shaped shaped shaping shapes
share shared shared sharing shares
shatter shattered shattered shattering shatters
shave shove shaven shaving shaves
shear shore shorn shearing shears
shed shed shed shedding sheds
shine shone shone shining shines
shirk shirked shirked shirking shirks
shit shit shit shitting shits
shiver shivered shivered shivering shivers
shock shocked shocked shocking shocks
shoe shod shod shoeing shoes
shoot shot shot shooting shoots
shorten shortened shortened shortening shortens
shout shouted shouted shouting shouts
show showed shown showing shows
shrink shrank shrunk shrinking shrinks
shun shunned shunned shunning shuns
shut shut shut shutting shuts
sight sighted sighted sighting sights
signal signaled signaled signaling signals
signify signified signified signifying signifies
sing sang sung singing sings
sink sank sunk sinking sinks
sip sipped sipped sipping sips
sit sat sat sitting sits
ski skied skied skiing skis
skid skidded skidded skidding skids
slam slammed slammed slamming slams
slay slew slain slaying slays
sleep slept slept sleeping sleeps
slide slid slid/slide sliding slides
slim slimmed slimmed slimming slims
sling slung slung slinging slings
slink slunk slunk slinking slinks
slip slipped slipped slipping slips
slit slit slit slitting slits
smash smashed smashed smashing smashes
smell smelt smelt smelling smells
smile smiled smiled smiling smiles
smite smote smitten smiting smites
smooth smoothed smoothed smoothing smoothes
smother smothered smothered smothering smothers
snap snapped snapped snapping snaps
snatch snatched snatched snatching snatches
sneak sneaked sneaked sneaking sneaks
sneeze sneezed sneezed sneezing sneezes
sniff sniffed sniffed sniffing sniffs
soar soared soared soaring soars
sob sobbed sobbed sobbing sobs
solicit solicited solicited soliciting solicits
solve solved solved solving solves
soothe soothed soothed soothing soothes
sort sorted sorted sorting sorts
sow sowed sowed sowing sows
sparkle sparkled sparkled sparkling sparkles
speak spoke spoken speaking speaks
speed sped sped speeding speeds
spell spelt spelt spelling spells
spend spent spent spending spends
spill spilt spilt spilling spills
spin span/spun spun spinning spins
spit spat/spit spat/spit spitting spits
split split split splitting splits
spoil spoilt spoilt spoiling spoils
spray sprayed sprayed spraying sprays
spread spread spread spreading spreads
spring sprang sprung springing springs
sprout sprouted sprouted sprouting sprouts
squeeze squeezed squeezed squeezing squeezes
stand stood stood standing stands
stare stared stared staring stares
start started started starting starts
state stated stated stating states
stay stayed stayed staying stays
steal stole stolen stealing steals
steep steeped steeped steeping steeps
stem stemmed stemmed stemming stems
step stepped stepped stepping steps
sterilize sterilized sterilized sterilizing sterilizes
stick stuck stuck sticking sticks
stimulate stimulated stimulated stimulating stimulates
sting stung stung stinging stings
stink stank stunk stinking stinks
stir stirred stirred stirring stirs
stitch stitched stitched stitching stitches
stoop stooped stooped stooping stoops
stop stopped stopped stopping stops
store stored stored storing stores
strain strained strained straining strains
stray strayed strayed straying strays
stress stressed stressed stressing stresses
stretch stretched stretched stretching stretches
strew strewed strewn strewing strews
stride strode stridden striding strides
strike struck struck/stricken striking strikes
string strung strung stringing strings
strive strove striven striving strives
study studied studied studying studies
submit submitted submitted submitting submits
subscribe subscribed subscribed subscribing subscribes
subtract subtracted subtracted subtracting subtracts
succeed succeeded succeeded succeeding succeeds
suck sucked sucked sucking sucks
suffer suffered suffered suffering suffers
suggest suggested suggested suggesting suggests
summon summoned summoned summoning summons
supply supplied supplied supplying supplies
support supported supported supporting supports
suppose supposed supposed supposing supposes
surge surged surged surging surges
surmise surmised surmised surmising surmises
surpass surpassed surpassed surpassing surpasses
surround surrounded surrounded surrounding surrounds
survey surveyed surveyed surveying surveys
survive survived survived surviving survives
swallow swallowed swallowed swallowing swallows
sway swayed swayed swaying sways
swear swore sworn swearing swears
sweat sweat sweat sweating sweats
sweep swept swept sweeping sweeps
swell swelled swollen swelling swells
swim swam swum swimming swims
swing swung swung swinging swings
swot swotted swotted swotting swots
take took taken taking takes
talk talked talked talking talks
tap tapped tapped tapping taps
taste tasted tasted tasting tastes
tax taxed taxed taxing taxes
teach taught taught teaching teaches
tear tore torn tearing tears
tee teed teed teeing tees
tell told told telling tells
tempt tempted tempted tempting tempts
tend tended tended tending tends
terminate terminated terminated terminating terminates
terrify terrified terrified terrifying terrifies
test tested tested testing tests
thank thanked thanked thanking thanks
think thought thought thinking thinks
thrive throve thriven thriving thrives
throw threw thrown throwing throws
thrust thrust thrust thrusting thrusts
thump thumped thumped thumping thumps
tie tied tied tying ties
tire tired tired tiring tires
toss tossed tossed tossing tosses
touch touched touched touching touches
train trained trained training trains
trample trampled trampled trampling tramples
transfer transferred transferred transferring transfers
transform transformed transformed transforming transforms
translate translated translated translating translates
trap trapped trapped trapping traps
travel travelled travelled travelling travels
tread trod trodden treading treads
treasure treasured treasured treasuring treasures
treat treated treated treating treats
tree treed treed treeing trees
tremble trembled trembled trembling trembles
triumph triumphed triumphed triumphing triumphs
trust trusted trusted trusting trusts
try tried tried trying tries
turn turned turned turning turns
type typed typed typing types
typeset typeset typeset typesetting typesets
understand understood understood understanding understands
undo undid undone undoing undoes
uproot uprooted uprooted uprooting uproots
upset upset upset upsetting upsets
urge urged urged urging urges
use used used using uses
utter uttered uttered uttering utters
value valued valued valuing values
vanish vanished vanished vanishing vanishes
vary varied varied varying varies
verify verified verified verifying verifies
vex vexed vexed vexing vexes
vie vied vied vying vies
view viewed viewed viewing views
violate violated violated violating violates
vomit vomited vomited vomiting vomits
wake woke woken waking wakes
walk walked walked walking walks
wander wandered wandered wandering wanders
want wanted wanted wanting wants
warn warned warned warning warns
waste wasted wasted wasting wastes
watch watched watched watching watches
water watered watered watering waters
wave waved waved waving waves
wax waxed waxed waxing waxes
waylay waylaid waylaid waylaying waylays
wear wore worn wearing wears
weave wove woven weaving weaves
wed wed wed wedding weds
weep wept wept weeping weeps
weigh weighed weighed weighing weighs
welcome welcomed welcomed welcoming welcomes
wend went went wending wends
wet wet wet wetting wets
whip whipped whipped whipping whips
whisper whispered whispered whispering whispers
win won won winning wins
wind wound wound winding winds
wish wished wished wishing wishes
withdraw withdrew withdrawn withdrawing withdraws
work worked worked working works
worry worried worried worrying worries
worship worshipped worshipped worshipping worships
wring wrung wrung wringing wrings
write wrote written writing writes
yawn yawned yawned yawning yawns
yell yelled yelled yelling yells
yield yielded yielded yielding yields
zinc zincked zincked zincking zincs
zoom zoomed zoomed zooming zooms

Verb Forms V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 100 Words

Here are 100 words along with their verb forms in different tenses (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5):

Smile Smiled Smiled
Break Broke Broken
Sting Stung Stung
Perturb Perturbed Perturbed
Compare Compared Compared
Consider Considered Considered
Declare Declared Declared
Spoil Spoilt Spoit
Discipline Disciplined Disciplined
Beg Begged Begged
Withdraw Withdrew Withdrawn
Immolate Immolated Immolated
Bear Bore Born
Beat Beat Beat/beaten
Point Pointed Pointed
Climb Climbed Climbed
Revel Reveled Reveled
Wake Woke Woken
Bark Barked Barked
Return Returned Returned
Inoculate Inoculated Inoculated
Differ Differed Differed
Pronounce Pronounced Pronounced
Please Pleased Pleased
Quiver Quivered Quivered
Excuse Excused Excused
Damage Damaged Damaged
Dance Danced Danced
Quell Quelled Quelled
Height Heighted Heightened
Inlay Inlaid Inlaid
Clap Clapped Clapped
Rave Raved Raved
Anticipate Anticipated Anticipated
Plug Plugged Plugged
Swing Swung Swung
Pledge Pledged Pledged
Behold Beheld Beheld
Deface Defaced Defaced
Devise Devised Devised
Bullish Abolished Abolished
Punish Punished Punished
Object Objected Objected
Quash Quashed Quashed
Plaster Plastered Plastered
Forsake Forsook Forsaken
Obviate Obviated Obviated
Hanker Hankered Hankered
Smell Smelt Smelt
Rid Rid Rid
Lean Leant Leant
Allege Alleged Alleged
Oppose Opposed Opposed
Bestow Bestowed Bestowed
Explain Explained Explained
Hear Heard Heard
Oppress Oppressed Oppressed
Animate Animated Animated
Mingle Mingled Mingled
Bet Bet Bet
Imprison Imprisoned Imprisoned
Bemoan Bemoaned Bemoaned
Enlist Enlisted Enlisted
String Strung Strung
Defame Defamed Defamed
Belch Belched Belched
Compete Competed Competed
Harden Hardened Hardened
Plunge Plunged Plunged
Examine Examined Examined
Play Played Played
Slit Slit Slit
Split Split Split
Happen Happened Happened
Perfume Perfumed Performed
Leap Leapt Leapt
Let Let Let
Obey Obeyed Obeyed
Perspire Perspired Perspire
Imprint Imprinted Imprinted
Gut Gutted Gutted
Bask Basked Basked
Contain Contained Contained
Pretend Pretended Pretended
Bind Bound Bound
Arrange Arranged Arranged
Destine Destined Destined
Lend Lent Lent
Besiege Besieged Besieged
Feed Fed Fed
Astonish Astonished Astonished
Prescribe Prescribed Prescribed
Illumine Illumined Illumined
Swim Swam Swum
Hang Hanged Hanged
Forgive Forgave Forgiven
Shed Shed Shed
Expect Expected Expected
Divorce Divorced Divorced
Lay Laid Laid

Verb Forms List Pictures

1000 Verb List, V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Form Verb List PDF


verb forms list v1v2v3v4v5 v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 list of forms of verbs five forms of verbs 1000 verbs list 100 verbs list 5 verb forms

5 verb forms

Verbs Forms Verbs Forms 2 forms of verb forms of verb 2 forms of verb 3 verbs list in english

Download V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 List in PDF

[Download PDF]

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