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  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Background of Necklace
  3. Purpose of wearing Necklace
  4. Different Types of Necklaces
  5. Necklaces and Their Length
  6. Different Necklaces in the Middle East
  7. Importance of Necklace
  8. FAQs


A necklace is an intricately crafted piece of jewelry worn around the neck. Whether a cultural tradition, precious heirloom, meaningful symbol, or merely an accessory chosen for its beauty, a necklace has been worn throughout human history and across genders and age groups as a meaningful way to express oneself. Its purpose has evolved with time; no longer solely functional, today’s necklaces are typically chosen for the emotion it brings or the meaning behind them. As such, necklaces are often given as gifts for any occasion to express feelings beyond words.

Historical Background of Necklace

Necklaces have been a part of our history since the dawn of civilization. Ancient Egyptians commonly wore necklaces with elaborate designs, often incorporating valuable materials such as gold and silver.

Later, Roman soldiers adopted these ornate pieces to show their rank and power. During the Middle Ages, wealthy nobility adorned themselves with large necklaces made of gemstones and pearls. Later, in the 1700s and 1800s, necklaces became popular among women in Europe as a fashion statement.

Purpose of wearing Necklace

Necklaces have been worn for a variety of reasons throughout human history. From traditional charms to modern pendants, necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that can express meaningful symbols and evoke powerful emotions in their wearer.

In some cultures, necklaces are used to show wealth and status; in others, they are worn as a symbol of protection against evil spirits or misfortune. Additionally, necklaces may be chosen to express one’s faith or beliefs. Some people wear necklaces as a way to display power and influence.

Different Types of Necklaces

There are many types of necklaces available today, from simple beaded pieces to elaborate diamond designs. Chains or strings of pearls, gemstones, and crystals are classic choices for necklaces. Other popular styles include chokers, pendants, lariats, and collars. There are modern necklaces made from materials such as wood, leather, and cloth, as well as vintage designs featuring intricate beadwork.

(1) Chain Necklace:

A classic and timeless necklace style, chain necklaces are typically made from metal such as gold or silver. The length of the chain can be adjusted for different looks and layered with other necklaces for added impact.

(2) Pendant Necklace:

A pendant necklace features a decorative charm or stone hanging from a chain or cord. This necklace style is popular for its versatility and is often used to express personal beliefs or interests.

(3) Choker Necklace:

A choker necklace sits tightly around the neck and can be made from metals, beads, stones, or leather. Chokers are commonly adorned with charms such as crosses and lockets.

(4) Lariat Necklace:

A lariat necklace is a long, looped chain without a clasp. The ends of the chain can be wrapped around the neck or tied in a knot to create different looks.

(5) Collar Necklace:

A collar necklace is an extra-long necklace that falls around the neck like a collar. This style of necklace is usually made of metal, beads, or gems and may be adorned with charms.

(6) Beaded Necklace:

A beaded necklace features decorative beads strung onto a cord or chain. Beads can come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making them a versatile choice for necklaces.

No matter the style or material, a necklace is an accessory that can be used to express one’s sense of style and personality. Necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that will continue to be worn for years to come.


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Necklaces and Their Length

The length of a necklace is determined by how far down it hangs from the neck or collarbone. Necklaces come in various lengths, including choker (12”-14”), princess (16”-18”), matinee (20”-24”), opera (28”-34”), and rope (more than 34”).

Most people choose a necklace length based on personal preference. However, the size of one’s neck may also affect the choice; for example, a larger neck may call for a longer necklace.

Different Necklaces in the Middle East

In the Middle East, necklaces are often worn as a part of traditional dress. These necklaces can come in many styles, including beaded and carved pieces that feature colorful stones and crystals. Popular designs include amulets with religious symbols, hand-stitched pieces featuring vibrant threads and coins, and ornate pendants with intricate detailing.

(1) Carved Pieces:

Carved necklaces are pieces of jewelry that feature intricate designs made from metals, stones, and crystals. These necklaces often feature symbols or patterns from Middle Eastern cultures.

(2) Amulets:

Amulet necklaces are usually made from silver or gold and feature religious symbols such as the Cross, Star of David, or Eye of Horus. Amulets are believed to protect from evil.

(3) Hand-Stitched Pieces:

Hand-stitched necklaces feature colorful threads and coins that have been intricately stitched together. These pieces can be adorned with sequins and beads for added texture.

(4) Ornate Pendants:

Ornate pendants are often made from gold or silver and feature intricate detailing. These pieces can be decorated with colorful stones, pearls, and crystals for a unique look.

No matter the style or material of the necklace, Middle Eastern necklaces are symbols of culture and tradition.

They are often worn to celebrate special occasions or to pay tribute to a loved one. Necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that can be passed down for generations.

These necklaces are often given as gifts for special occasions or exchanged among friends to express friendship and loyalty.

Importance of Necklace

Necklaces can be seen as a way to express one’s sense of style, beliefs, and interests. Necklaces can also commemorate special milestones or events in life such as a graduation or birth.

The length, design, and material of the necklace will depend on its purpose. Whether it is for personal adornment or to express personal beliefs or interests, necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that bring joy and meaning to those who wear them.

No matter the occasion or purpose, necklaces are an important accessory in any wardrobe. They can be used to add a touch of elegance or statement-making flair to an outfit. With so many styles and materials available, there is sure to be a necklace that perfectly suits your style. Necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that make a statement no matter what the occasion.

Necklaces also have symbolic meaning in many cultures and faiths around the world. In Judaism, for example, necklaces featuring pendants of the Star of David can be seen as a sign of faith and devotion to God. In Hinduism, necklaces featuring the om symbol are said to bring peace, protection, and prosperity.


Why is it called a necklace?

The word “necklace” is derived from the French word “Neque”, which means necklace or chain. Necklaces are popular pieces of jewelry that are worn around the neck, hence the name.

Who invented the necklace?

The origins of necklaces are unknown, but historians believe that it is an ancient form of jewelry dating back to the Stone Age. Necklaces were popular in Ancient Egypt and appeared to have been worn by both men and women for decorative purposes as well as for religious reasons.

What is the significance of a necklace?

The significance of a necklace depends on its design, material, and purpose. In many cultures, necklaces are seen as symbols of power and protection. For example, in Hinduism, the om symbol is believed to bring peace, protection, and prosperity.

Is it a necklace or a chain?

A necklace is a type of chain, but there are several different types of necklaces. A necklace typically features a pendant or other decorative element, while a chain does not. Both necklaces and chains can be made from various materials such as gold, silver, and beads.

What is the symbolic meaning of the Necklace?

The symbolic meaning of a necklace depends on its design and purpose. For example, in many cultures, necklaces featuring the Eye of Horus are believed to protect from evil. In Hinduism, necklaces featuring the om symbol are said to bring peace, protection, and prosperity.

In some religions, necklaces may be used to symbolize faith or devotion. Similarly, in Christianity, necklaces with crosses are common symbols of faith and devotion to God.

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