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Essay On Wrestling (Structure/ Outline)

  1. Introduction
  2. History of Wrestling
  3. Wrestling in Middle Ages
  4. Folk Styles of Wrestling
  5. Modern Styles of Wrestling
  6. Rules and Regulations of Wrestling
  7. Pros and Cons of Wrestling
  8. FAQs


Wrestling is an ancient sport with a long history stretching back over 15,000 years. It involves two competitors pitted against each other in a physical competition to determine who is the superior athlete.

During a wrestling match, athletes test their strength, agility, and strategy against one another in an attempt to pin the opponent’s shoulder blades to the mat for three seconds.

Wrestlers also look to gain advantages by using techniques such as grips, holds,s and counteracts to score points or quickly gain control. Although simple in definition wrestling is truly an art form of complex physicality and strategy, making it an exciting spectator sport today!

History of Wrestling

Wrestling has a long and storied history, with various forms of the sport existing as far back as Ancient Greece. In Greco-Roman wrestling, for example, two men would grapple each other with their arms to pin the opponent’s shoulder blades to the mat. This form of wrestling was not just used for sport, but also to prepare soldiers for battle and was a popular pastime among the upper classes.

Wrestling in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, wrestling became a popular sport across Europe with records of various inter-town competitions being held throughout the region. These competitions were typically divided into classes based on weight or age to create fairer and more even matchups.

With its popularity increasing, different techniques and styles developed over time with wrestlers making use of holds, grips, and counterattacks to gain an advantage over their opponents. In addition, different styles of wrestling emerged such as collar-and-elbow, Cornish, and Irish styles.

Folk Styles of Wrestling

Popular folk styles of wrestling exist in many parts of the world, each with its own unique rules and customs. Typically, folk wrestling bouts are fought in a much more casual manner than traditional styles and often involve participants wearing only a belt or trousers. Some of these styles include Belt Wrestling (in Russia), Oil-Wrestling (in Turkey), and Kanza or “Cane-Fighting” (in India).

(1) Belt Wrestling (in Russia)

Belt Wrestling is a centuries-old form of wrestling found in Russia. In this style, wrestlers fight within a ring while wearing long leather belts around their waists instead of the typical uniforms.

Two opponents will grapple each other with their hands, attempting to throw their opponent over their head or out of the ring to gain a victory. This style is a popular spectacle, with crowds cheering and chanting for their favorites throughout the match.

(2) Oil-Wrestling (in Turkey)

Oil Wrestling is a traditional sport in Turkey that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It involves two wrestlers competing while covered in oil from head to toe, making it incredibly slippery and difficult to maintain a grip. The match is divided into rounds and the victor must pin the opponent’s shoulder blades to the mat three times to win the match.

(3) Kanza or “Cane-Fighting” (in India)

Kanza, also known as cane-fighting, is a traditional Indian martial art and sport. The two opponents hold a long cane in each hand and use it to parry and thrust against one another. Points are awarded for successful hits and the match is typically won by whoever scores the most points within three rounds.

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Modern Styles of Wrestling

The modern era of wrestling has seen different styles of wrestling become more popular, such as Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Prof, and sessional (or “Catch”) Wrestling. These styles emphasize physicality as well as strategy to gain an advantage over the opponent.

(1) Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman wrestling is a form of amateur wrestling that is practiced all over the world. It emphasizes controlling and attacking the upper body of an opponent to pin their shoulder blades to the mat. It is a popular sport at both the Olympic and Pan-American Games, as well as in many other amateur competitions throughout the world.

(2) Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling is another popular form of amateur wrestling that emphasizes both physicality and strategy. It is similar to Greco-Roman wrestling in that it uses the upper body for most of its technical maneuvers, but also allows for leg attacks and holds that are not permitted in Greco-Roman style.

(3) Professional (or “Catch”) Wrestling

Professional (or “Catch”) wrestling is a form of entertainment that combines elements of traditional wrestling with theatrics. It is typically staged in front of a live audience and two wrestlers compete against each other using predetermined rules, with matches often featuring colorful characters, copious amounts of showmanship, and an emphasis on storylines. The sport aims to entertain the audience as much as to decide a winner.

Rules and Regulations of Wrestling

Regardless of the style or type of wrestling, certain rules and regulations must be followed. These rules typically involve techniques such as holds, throws, and pins that can only be used in certain situations. Also, there are weight classes for wrestlers to compete in so that lighter competitors aren’t at a disadvantage when competing against heavier opponents.

(1) Holds and Throws

In most styles of wrestling, a wrestler can use holds and throws to gain an advantage over their opponent. Holds involve restraining the movement of an opponent’s body or limbs to immobilize them and give you a chance to score points by either pinning or controlling your adversary. Throws involve taking hold of your opponent, lifting them off their feet, and throwing them to the ground to gain points.

(2) Pins

Pins are a technique used to score points in wrestling matches by forcing your opponent’s shoulders down onto the mat for some time. This is done by applying pressure with your own body on top of theirs, either by using your arms, legs, or even a position of leverage.

(3) Weight Classes

To make sure that the competition is fair between wrestlers of different sizes and abilities, most wrestling organizations divide up competitors into weight classes. This allows lighter wrestlers to compete in their category if they wish, instead of having to go up against much heavier opponents.

Finally, wrestling is a sport that requires dedication and hard work to succeed. Wrestlers must spend time conditioning their bodies as well as developing the skills needed to become proficient at their chosen style of wrestling. It can be a very rewarding experience both mentally and physically if one has the discipline to put in the effort required to make the most out of this challenging sport.

Furthermore, all wrestlers must wear uniforms and protective gear such as headgear and knee pads for safety.

Pros and Cons of Wrestling

Wrestling is a great way to stay in shape, build strength and increase flexibility. It can also be a great way for athletes to learn discipline, focus, technique, and strategy.

On the downside, wrestling can be very physically demanding and injury prone. Furthermore, because of its intensity, it may not be suitable for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Lastly, in some sports, it may be seen as a form of entertainment and has its own set of social implications that must be considered when participating.

Overall, wrestling can be an enjoyable activity for those looking to challenge themselves athletically while also learning valuable lessons about focus and technique. However, athletes should always take into account the physical and mental risks involved before taking part.


Is wrestling the hardest sport?

Some may say that wrestling is the toughest sport, while others may disagree. Ultimately, it comes down to each individual’s opinion and experience with various sports.

What is the difference between amateur and professional wrestling?

Amateur wrestling focuses more heavily on technique and strategy, while professional wrestling typically involves more theatrics and showmanship. Amateur wrestlers tend to follow stricter rules and regulations, while professionals may engage in more high-flying stunts and dramatic moves.

What are the basic rules of wrestling?

The basic rules of wrestling include no striking or kicking, the use of holds and throws, and pinning your opponent’s shoulders down to the mat for some time. Additionally, wrestlers must wear uniforms and protective gear such as headgear and knee pads.

What is illegal in wrestling?

Illegal moves in wrestling include striking, gouging, and other forms of malicious contact. These types of moves are strictly forbidden according to the rules of most wrestling organizations.

What’s harder boxing or wrestling?

This is largely subjective and depends on each person’s opinion. Some may find boxing to be more difficult due to the need for quick reflexes and precise timing, while others might find wrestling to be more challenging because of its technical aspects.

Is wrestling mentally tough?

Wrestling can be a mentally tough sport, as it requires competitors to stay focused on their technique and strategy while enduring physical duress. Additionally, wrestlers must learn the discipline to control their emotions and reactions during intense situations.

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