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Essay On Greed

Outline of Essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Aim of Greed
  3. Causes of Greed
  4. Types of Greed
  5. Ancient and Modern Views of Greed
  6. Views about Greed in Different Religions
  7. Greed in Different Cultures
  8. Different Impacts of Greed
  9. Greed; Good or Bad?
  10. How to Eradicate Greed from Society
  11. FAQ’s

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Greed is a powerful emotion that can be found in different forms around the world. It has been described as an intense and insatiable desire to possess wealth, power, or status beyond one’s means. Greed is often associated with selfishness and an unquenchable ambition for acquiring material possessions at any cost. This makes it a major contributing factor to many of the world’s ills and problems. In this essay, we will explore the nature, aim, and impact of greed as well as its morality. We will also discuss ways to eradicate it from our society.

Aim of Greed

The aim of greed is simple; to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible. People motivated by this emotion will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals regardless of the consequences for themselves and those around them. Greed can manifest itself in different forms, from hoarding money to taking advantage of others.

Causes of Greed

Greed is caused by several factors including insecurity, fear, envy, ambition, and the desire to compete.

Insecurity: Many people become greedy in an attempt to feel secure and safe. They may strive to acquire material possessions or power to protect themselves from potential threats or harm.

Fear: Fear of poverty or failure can also lead to greed as people try to ensure their success by any means necessary.

Envy: Greed can also arise from envy. People may become jealous of the success or wealth of others and try to emulate it for their benefit.

Ambition: Greed can be driven by ambition as people strive to achieve more than what is achievable in a realistic timeframe.

Desire to Compete: Finally, the desire to compete with others can also lead to greed as people strive to outdo their peers.

It can also be rooted in psychological issues such as low self-esteem or an inferiority complex. Greed can also be learned by one’s environment or social circle. For example, if someone grows up seeing others around them acquire wealth, they may develop a strong desire to do the same for themselves.

Types of Greed

Greed can take on different forms based on the object of desire.

This type of greed is characterized by an excessive desire for material possessions such as money, clothes, cars, jewellery, and so on. It is often driven by insecurity or a fear of poverty.

This type of greed is characterized by an excessive desire for power and control. It is often driven by ambition and a need to compete with others.

This type of greed is characterized by an excessive desire for status, recognition, or attention. It is often driven by envy or feeling inferior to others.

Ancient and Modern Views of Greed

The ancient Greeks considered greed to be a vice. Aristotle described it as an excessive desire for wealth and power that could lead to the destruction of one’s character and social standing. The Roman philosopher Seneca also believed that greed was a dangerous emotion that could lead to people disregarding their duties to family, society, and themselves in pursuit of material gain.

In the modern era, some have argued that greed is an essential part of economic systems and can be used as a driving force for progress. They suggest that it helps to motivate people to work hard to achieve their goals and can lead to innovation and improved productivity.

Views about Greed in Different Religions

Different religions have varying views on the morality of greed.

The Bible condemns greed and warns against its destructive power. Jesus taught that one should not be driven by the desire to accumulate wealth and possessions, but instead should focus on serving God and others.

Islamic teachings emphasize generosity and warn against the dangers of greed. Muslims are encouraged to donate a portion of their wealth to charity and use it to help others in need instead of hoarding it for themselves.

According to Jewish tradition, greed is considered very dangerous as it can lead people away from God’s laws. Jews are encouraged to be generous and share their wealth with those in need.  Buddhism also classifies it as one of the three ‘poisons’ that can lead to suffering and pain in this life.

In other cultures, such as those of India and China, greed is viewed more positively. These cultures value ambition and the pursuit of wealth and power, which can often lead to success in life. Greed can provide the motivation needed for people to work hard and achieve their goals, however, it should be tempered with wisdom and humility.

Greed in Different Cultures

Greed can be found in almost all cultures throughout the world. Different countries and societies have different attitudes towards greed, with some believing it to be an acceptable trait while others view it as a negative quality.

In many Westernized societies, greed is often seen as one of the ‘seven deadly sins’ and a sign of moral decline. People who are driven by greed can be found in all levels of society, from the wealthiest of businessmen to the poorest of laborers.

Different Impacts of Greed

The impacts of greed are far-reaching and can have both positive and negative outcomes.

Greed can lead to increased productivity and innovation if it is properly managed. People motivated by greed are often driven to excel in their chosen fields, leading to economic growth. Greed can also encourage competition which can create a thriving market for goods and services.

On the other hand, greed can lead to serious economic and social problems such as corruption, exploitation of workers, and environmental degradation. Greed can also lead to an unbalanced distribution of wealth, as those motivated by it will often strive to increase their fortunes while disregarding the needs of others.

Greed; Good or Bad?

The morality of greed is highly contested, with some

On the positive side, it can lead to success and riches for those who practice it with discipline. Greed can also lead to increased productivity and innovation. On the negative side, it can encourage corruption and exploitation as well as an unbalanced distribution of wealth. Ultimately, it depends on individuals how to use this emotion.

How to Eradicate Greed from Society

Greed is a complex emotion that cannot be eradicated easily. However, the following tips should be kept in mind.

Educating people about the consequences of greed can help reduce its prevalence in society. This can be done through various educational programs and campaigns.

Encouraging altruistic behavior and discouraging selfishness can also be effective in reducing greed. This can be done by emphasizing the importance of helping others and promoting cooperation rather than competition.

Promoting economic and social equality can also help reduce greed in society. This can be done through measures such as progressive taxation, and providing access to quality health care, education, and other essentials for all citizens.


What is considered greed?

Greed is an emotion characterized by an excessive craving for wealth, power, and material possessions. It can manifest itself in different forms such as hoarding money, taking advantage of others, and exploiting resources.

Why is greed a sin?

Greed is often viewed as one of the ‘seven deadly sins’ due to the negative consequences it can have on individuals and society. People motivated by greed are often driven to accumulate wealth at the expense of others, leading to social and economic inequality.

What is a greedy attitude?

Greed attitude is an outlook characterized by an excessive craving for wealth and power. People with this attitude are often driven to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible regardless of the consequences for themselves or those around them.

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