The Girl On The Train Essay (Free English Essays)

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The Girl On The Train Essay

Outline of Essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Rachel’s Commute and Obsession
  3. Megan’s Disappearance
  4. Rachel’s Investigation
  5. Anna’s Perspective and Rachel’s Unreliable Narration
  6. Unraveling the Truth


“The Girl on the Train” is a thrilling novel that takes readers on a suspenseful journey through the lives of its complex characters. Set in a suburban neighborhood near London, the story revolves around Rachel, an alcoholic and a divorcee. The novel explores the sequence of incidents that unfold after Rachel becomes obsessed with a seemingly perfect couple she observes during her daily train commute. This essay will delve into the significance of these incidents in unraveling the mystery and capturing the readers’ attention.

Rachel’s Commute and Obsession

Rachel’s daily train commute sets the stage for the intriguing events in “The Girl on the Train.” As she travels back and forth on the train, she becomes a silent observer of the neighborhood she passes by. From her seat, she meticulously observes the houses, the people, and their lives, finding solace in this voyeuristic pastime. It is during these moments that Rachel’s character is introduced, revealing her troubled past marked by alcoholism and a failed marriage.

Amidst her daily observations, Rachel becomes fixated on a seemingly perfect couple whom she names “Jason” and “Jess.” From a distance, she projects her own desires onto them, imagining a life far removed from her own struggles. In her mind, “Jason” and “Jess” embody the epitome of happiness and love, a stark contrast to her own broken relationship. Rachel’s fascination with this couple deepens, leading her into a world of fantasies where she yearns to be a part of their seemingly idyllic life.

Megan’s Disappearance

Megan’s disappearance in “The Girl on the Train” serves as a pivotal moment in the novel, propelling the story forward and deepening the intrigue surrounding the mysterious events. Megan, introduced as a complex character with a troubled past, becomes the center of attention as the plot unfolds. Her disappearance sets off a series of intense investigations as the characters grapple with the mystery.

The sudden absence of Megan sparks a frenzy of inquiries and inquiries. The police launch an investigation to uncover the truth behind her vanishing. The community is on edge, with neighbors speculating and gossiping about what might have happened to her.

The disappearance becomes a source of obsession for Rachel, who realizes her proximity to the scene on the night Megan vanished. This realization catapults Rachel into a personal involvement in the investigation, as she desperately tries to piece together the fragmented memories of that fateful night.

Rachel’s Investigation

Motivated by her desire to remember the events of the night in question, Rachel becomes a determined and relentless amateur detective. Despite the fog of her alcohol-induced blackout, she is driven by her instinctive feeling that she possesses a vital piece of information.

Throughout her investigation, Rachel attempts to piece together her fragmented memories, often facing the challenges of her alcoholism and unreliable recollections. Her encounters with Megan’s husband, Scott, and her therapist, Dr. Kamal Abdic, provide her with further clues and potential suspects. As Rachel’s involvement intensifies, her growing suspicion centers on her own ex-husband, Tom, leading her to question his possible role in the mystery.

Rachel’s investigation is fraught with both frustration and determination. She is aware that her credibility is compromised due to her unreliable narration, making her vulnerable to doubts and skepticism. However, her relentless pursuit of the truth allows her to break through the barriers of her own mind, gradually piecing together the puzzle.

Anna’s Perspective and Rachel’s Unreliable Narration

Anna, as Tom’s new wife, provides a fresh and contrasting viewpoint to Rachel’s obsession and investigation. She perceives Rachel as a threat and goes to great lengths to protect her family, creating tension and conflict between the two women.

Rachel’s unreliability as a narrator adds an element of uncertainty and intrigue to the novel. Her alcoholism and fragmented memories make it difficult to discern what is real and what is imagined. As readers, we are constantly questioning the accuracy of Rachel’s observations and interpretations, forcing us to delve deeper into the mystery and piece together the puzzle.

The shifting perspectives in the novel allow us to see the events from different angles, unveiling hidden truths and exposing the characters’ vulnerabilities and flaws. The reader must navigate through multiple points of view, each colored by the character’s biases, desires, and fears. This creates a sense of unease and keeps us on our toes, constantly reevaluating what we think we know.

Unraveling the Truth

The journey towards uncovering the truth is filled with tension and suspense. Anna’s discovery of Rachel’s visits to her home leads to a confrontation, forcing Rachel to confront her own fragmented memories. Bit by bit, the puzzle pieces start to fit together, and the truth behind Rachel’s blackout on the night of Megan’s disappearance begins to emerge.

With the truth finally revealed, the characters are forced to confront the harsh realities of their own actions and the roles they played in the events leading up to Megan’s death. Rachel’s confrontation with Tom exposes his abusive behavior and his involvement in the tragedy. Anna, awakened to Tom’s true nature, takes decisive actions to protect herself and her child.

The resolution of the mystery brings closure to the characters, but it also leaves behind scars that will not easily heal. The unraveling of the truth is a crucial turning point in the novel, showcasing the power of revelation and the consequences of hidden secrets. It is through this process that the characters’ true natures and motivations are laid bare, resulting in a dramatic and satisfying climax for both the story and the readers.

The revelation begins with Rachel’s long-awaited confrontation with Tom, her ex-husband, in which she exposes his abusive behavior and implicates him in Megan’s death. This confrontation serves as a pivotal moment, exposing the dark secrets and hidden motives that have been lurking beneath the surface throughout the narrative.

Simultaneously, Anna, Tom’s current wife, experiences a profound realization of her husband’s true nature. With the truth unfolding before her eyes, she takes decisive actions to protect herself and her child from the dangerous web of lies and manipulation that Tom has spun. Anna’s transformation from a vulnerable and naive character to one who finds strength and courage to confront the truth adds depth to the story.

As the truth emerges, the mystery surrounding Megan’s disappearance is ultimately resolved. The resolution brings about a range of consequences and aftermath for the characters involved. Some find closure and a sense of justice, while others are left with lasting scars and emotional turmoil. The truth revealed not only shatters the illusions and façades that have been meticulously constructed but also serves as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.


What is the theme of “The Girl on the Train”?

The themes explored in “The Girl on the Train” include alcoholism, memory, perception, and the blurred lines between reality and imagination.

Who are the main characters in The Girl on the Train?

The main characters in “The Girl on the Train” are Rachel, an alcoholic divorcee; Megan, a troubled woman who goes missing; Anna, Rachel’s ex-husband’s new wife; and Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband.

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