20 Adjectives to Describe Sound

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When discussing or describing sounds, the choice of adjectives can vividly capture the essence of what is heard. From the softest whisper to the loudest roar, adjectives add color and specificity to our descriptions. This blog post explores 20 adjectives that can be used to describe various types of sounds, offering precise meanings and concise examples to enhance your vocabulary and help you articulate sounds more effectively.

Adjectives to Describe Sound

1. Muffled

Meaning: Sound that is soft and not clear.

Example: Voices sounded muffled through the wall.

2. Deafening

Meaning: Extremely loud.

Example: The fireworks were deafening.

3. Faint

Meaning: Very soft or slight.

Example: I heard a faint cry.

4. Shrill

Meaning: High-pitched and piercing.

Example: The alarm was shrill.

5. Thunderous

Meaning: Very loud, like thunder.

Example: The applause was thunderous.

6. Harmonious

Meaning: Pleasantly tuneful.

Example: The choir was harmonious.

7. Melodious

Meaning: Musical and pleasant to hear.

Example: Her voice was melodious.

8. Hoarse

Meaning: Rough and grating.

Example: His voice was hoarse from shouting.

9. Echoing

Meaning: A sound that reverberates.

Example: Her footsteps were echoing in the hall.

10. Resonant

Meaning: Deep and rich in sound.

Example: The cave was resonant.

11. Soft

Meaning: Quiet and gentle.

Example: He spoke in a soft tone.

12. Piercing

Meaning: Extremely sharp and loud.

Example: The siren was piercing.

13. Raspy

Meaning: Harsh, grating.

Example: The old man’s voice was raspy.

14. Jarring

Meaning: Shockingly discordant.

Example: The sudden clang was jarring.

15. Dulcet

Meaning: Sweet and soothing.

Example: The music was dulcet.

16. Tinny

Meaning: Having a high-pitched, metallic sound.

Example: The old radio sounded tinny.

17. Sonorous

Meaning: Imposingly deep and full.

Example: His sonorous voice filled the room.

18. Muted

Meaning: Quieted or softened.

Example: The muted conversation was barely audible.

19. Sibilant

Meaning: Hissing.

Example: The sibilant whisper spooked her.

20. Booming

Meaning: Deep and resonant.

Example: His booming laugh echoed down the hallway.Adjectives to Describe Sound

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