60 BEAUTIFUL Synonym: Other Words for BEAUTIFUL

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Hey there! Have you ever wanted to describe something so pretty but didn’t have the right words? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got a list of 60 words that are all different ways to say “beautiful”! Whether you’re talking about a sunny day, your favorite outfit, or a cool picture you drew, these words will help you say it in a fun and fancy way. Get ready to make your sentences sparkle and shine with these awesome synonyms for beautiful!

Other Words for BEAUTIFUL


  • Aesthetic: “The aesthetic appeal of the building was recognized with an architecture award.”
  • Alluring: “The mysterious forest had an alluring beauty that was hard to resist.”
  • Angelic: “The baby had an angelic face that everyone adored.”
  • Attractive: “The brochure showed an attractive view of the beach resort.”
  • Beauteous: “The beauteous landscape was a painter’s dream.”
  • Beguiling: “The beguiling landscape of the countryside was a photographer’s paradise.”
  • Breathtaking: “The artwork in the gallery was absolutely breathtaking.”
  • Captivating: “Her captivating performance earned her a standing ovation.”
  • Celestial: “On a clear night, the celestial beauty of the stars is awe-inspiring.”
  • Charming: “He had a charming way of making everyone feel at ease.”
  • Comely: “The comely village was a perfect setting for the film.”
  • Dazzling: “The dancer’s performance was absolutely dazzling.”
  • Delightful: “It was a delightful surprise to find out I had won the contest.”
  • Divine: “The choir sang a piece that sounded absolutely divine.”
  • Dreamy: “The dreamy melody carried her away to a distant land.”
  • Elegant: “Her elegant demeanor was admired by everyone at the party.”
  • Enchanting: “The castle had an enchanting effect on all who visited.”
  • Enticing: “The aroma from the kitchen was so enticing, it drew everyone to the dining table.”
  • Ethereal: “There was something ethereal about her beauty that was hard to describe.”
  • Exquisite: “The craftsmanship of the jewelry was truly exquisite.”
  • Fair: “The fair maiden awaited her knight in the tower.”
  • Fetching: “Her fetching appearance caught everyone’s attention at the gala.”
  • Foxy: “He had a foxy grin that hinted at mischief.”
  • Gilded: “The gilded frame added a touch of elegance to the painting.”
  • Glamorous: “The movie premiere was a glamorous affair, with many celebrities in attendance.”
  • Gorgeous: “She looked absolutely gorgeous in her new dress.”
  • Graceful: “The swan moved in a graceful glide over the lake.”
  • Handsome: “The old city had many handsome buildings with historical significance.”
  • Heart-stopping: “The heart-stopping moment when they met eyes was like something out of a movie.”
  • Idyllic: “Their vacation spot was an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.”
  • Jaw-dropping: “The magician’s finale was so jaw-dropping, the audience was left in awe.”
  • Knockout: “She was a knockout in that stunning evening gown.”
  • Lovely: “It was a lovely garden filled with the most beautiful flowers.”
  • Luminous: “The luminous glow of the lanterns created a magical atmosphere.”
  • Luscious: “The dessert was not only visually appealing but also luscious.”
  • Magnificent: “The view from the top of the hill was simply magnificent.”
  • Majestic: “The majestic mountain range was a sight to behold.”
  • Mesmerizing: “His storytelling was so mesmerizing that we lost track of time.”
  • Nifty: “He had a nifty way of solving problems that impressed everyone.”
  • Prepossessing: “The prepossessing artwork made a lasting impression on the visitors.”
  • Pretty: “She tied her hair up with a pretty ribbon.”
  • Pulchritudinous: “The pulchritudinous landscape took my breath away.”
  • Radiant: “Her radiant smile lit up the entire room.”
  • Ravishing: “The bride looked absolutely ravishing on her wedding day.”
  • Resplendent: “The queen looked resplendent in her royal robes.”
  • Seductive: “The seductive fragrance of the flowers filled the air in the garden.”
  • Splendid: “They put on a splendid fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.”
  • Statuesque: “The model’s statuesque posture made her stand out on the runway.”
  • Striking: “His striking features made him stand out in the crowd.”
  • Stunning: “The sunset was so stunning that it took my breath away.”
  • Sublime: “The sublime beauty of the desert at sunset was unparalleled.”
  • Sumptuous: “The banquet hall was decorated in a sumptuous style fit for royalty.”
  • Unearthly: “The beauty of the northern lights was almost unearthly.”
  • Voluptuous: “The voluptuous curves of the sculpture were admired by art enthusiasts.”
  • Wholesome: “Her wholesome appearance added to her charm.”
  • Winsome: “The child’s winsome smile melted our hearts.”
  • Yummy: “The cake not only looked beautiful but was also yummy.”
  • Zestful: “His zestful energy was infectious, making the event more enjoyable.”

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