20 Collocations with the Word “Hope”

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In the vast landscape of the English language, certain words often find themselves paired with specific partners to convey precise meanings or to enhance linguistic fluency. One such word is “hope,” a versatile term that blends seamlessly with other words to express a variety of sentiments and intentions.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 collocations involving the word “hope,” providing definitions and example sentences to help you understand and use these combinations effectively.

What are Collocations?

Collocations are combinations of words that frequently appear together and sound natural to native speakers. These word pairs or groups are used instinctively to convey specific meanings and are an essential part of fluency in a language.

Collocations with the Word “Hope”

1. Eternal hope

Meaning: Lasting hope that never fades

Example: She clings to eternal hope for peace.

2. False hope

Meaning: Unrealistic or deceptive expectation

Example: He gave her false hope of reconciliation.

3. High hopes

Meaning: Expectations of a positive outcome

Example: They have high hopes for his recovery.

4. Hope against hope

Meaning: Hope with little chance of happening

Example: She hoped against hope for a miracle.

5. Hope for the best

Meaning: Wish for a positive outcome

Example: We must always hope for the best.

6. Lose hope

Meaning: Stop believing in a positive outcome

Example: They might lose hope if we delay.

7. Beyond hope

Meaning: Too late or impossible to expect change

Example: The situation seems beyond hope now.

8. Dash one’s hopes

Meaning: Destroy someone’s expectations

Example: The news dashed his hopes completely.

9. Full of hope

Meaning: Optimistic or hopeful

Example: The letter was full of hope and joy.

10. Give hope

Meaning: Encourage or cause to feel hopeful

Example: Her recovery gave hope to others.

11. Hope springs eternal

Meaning: Hope never fully dies

Example: In humans, hope springs eternal.

12. Keep hope alive

Meaning: Continue to hope

Example: We must keep hope alive despite the odds.

13. Live in hope

Meaning: Continuously hoping for something

Example: They live in the hope of better days.

14. New hope

Meaning: Fresh optimism about future prospects

Example: A new hope arose with the dawn.

15. No hope

Meaning: No possibility of success or improvement

Example: There seems to be no hope left.

16. Nurture hope

Meaning: Encourage or support hope

Example: They nurtured hope through dark times.

17. Pin one’s hopes on

Meaning: Rely on something for success

Example: She pinned her hopes on the new job.

18. Renew hope

Meaning: Restore or bring back hope

Example: The news renewed our hope significantly.

19. Restore hope

Meaning: Bring back hope that was lost

Example: The aid restored hope among the survivors.

20. Without hope

Meaning: Lacking any hope

Example: They felt utterly without hope.

Hope Collocations

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