20+ Useful Cooking Verbs List and Pictures

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Do you like playing in the kitchen, mixing things up, and creating yummy dishes? Cooking can be just like being an artist or a scientist, but with food! Today, we’re going to explore over 20 fun cooking verbs, which are action words, to help you talk about all the cool things you can do while cooking. We’ll also show you some neat pictures to make it even easier to understand.

So, grab your apron, and let’s dive into the exciting world of cooking verbs. Get ready to learn new words that will make you feel like a master chef in no time!

Cooking Verbs

1:- Add: Put ingredients together.

“Let’s add some sugar to the cake mix.”

2:- Bake: Cook in an oven.

“We will bake cookies for 20 minutes.”

3:- Blend: Mix until smooth.

“Blend the fruits to make a smoothie.”

4:- Boil: Heat liquid until it bubbles.

“Boil water for the pasta.”

5:- Chop: Cut into small pieces.

“Chop the onions for the salad.”

6:- Dip: Submerge food briefly.

“Dip the bread into the soup.”

7:- Fry: Cook in hot oil.

“Fry the potatoes to make fries.”

8:- Grate: Shred food into tiny pieces.

“Grate the cheese for the pizza.”

9:- Grill: Cook on a grill.

“Grill the chicken for the sandwiches.”

10:- Peel: Remove the outer layer.

“Peel the apples for the pie.”

11:- Pour: Transfer liquid from one container to another.

“Pour the milk into the bowl.”

12:- Roast: Cook with dry heat.

“Roast the vegetables in the oven.”

13:- Roll: Flatten or shape by rolling.

“Roll out the dough for cookies.”

14:- Scramble: Mix and cook eggs.

“Scramble the eggs for breakfast.”

15:- Simmer: Cook gently in liquid.

“Simmer the sauce on low heat.”

16:- Slice: Cut into thin pieces.

“Slice the tomatoes for the salad.”

17:- Spread: Extend over a surface.

“Spread butter on the bread.”

18:- Steam: Cook with vapor.

“Steam the broccoli for dinner.”

19:- Stir: Mix in a circular motion.

“Stir the soup to avoid sticking.”

20:- Taste: Sample the flavor.

“Taste the sauce to check seasoning.”

21:- Whisk: Beat or stir rapidly.

“Whisk the eggs until frothy.”

Cooking Verbs Copy

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