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Debt expressions describe concepts related to borrowing, lending, and managing financial obligations. Here are 20 essential expressions:

Debt Expressions

  1. In the Hole
    Meaning: In debt or having losses.
    Example: They’re deep in the hole after overspending.
  2. Debt Trap
    Meaning: Situation of being unable to repay debt.
    Example: High-interest loans can create a debt trap.
  3. Pay Off
    Meaning: Repay a debt fully.
    Example: He finally paid off his student loans.
  4. Write Down
    Meaning: Reduce the value of an asset.
    Example: The company wrote down its inventory.
  5. Creditworthy
    Meaning: Having a good credit rating.
    Example: Banks consider them highly creditworthy.
  6. Debt Consolidation
    Meaning: Combining multiple debts into one.
    Example: She opted for debt consolidation to simplify payments.
  7. Default on a Loan
    Meaning: Fail to repay a loan.
    Example: They defaulted on their mortgage loan.
  8. Credit Line
    Meaning: Pre-approved borrowing limit.
    Example: The bank offered him a credit line.
  9. Overdraft
    Meaning: Withdraw more than the account balance.
    Example: He was charged fees for an overdraft.
  10. Credit Crunch
    Meaning: Sudden reduction in loan availability.
    Example: The credit crunch left businesses struggling.
  11. Credit Rating
    Meaning: Assessment of a borrower’s creditworthiness.
    Example: Maintaining a good credit rating is important.
  12. Max Out
    Meaning: Reach the credit limit.
    Example: He maxed out his credit cards.
  13. Debt Servicing
    Meaning: Paying interest and principal on loans.
    Example: Debt servicing eats up a big chunk.
  14. Loan Shark
    Meaning: Illegal lender charging extremely high interest.
    Example: He fell victim to a loan shark.
  15. Principal Amount
    Meaning: Original sum of money borrowed.
    Example: She repaid the principal amount first.
  16. Bad Debt
    Meaning: Unrecoverable debt.
    Example: The accountant wrote off the bad debt.
  17. Balloon Payment
    Meaning: Large final payment on a loan.
    Example: The balloon payment is due next year.
  18. Debt Relief
    Meaning: Reduction or cancellation of debt.
    Example: The organization provides debt relief to struggling families.
  19. Underwater Loan
    Meaning: Loan amount exceeds the asset value.
    Example: Many homeowners are stuck with underwater loans.
  20. Debt Restructuring
    Meaning: Modifying terms to ease debt repayment.
    Example: The company underwent debt restructuring last year.

debt expressions

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