Learn Dieting Expressions in English

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These dieting expressions encourage weight management and a healthier relationship with food.

Dieting Expressions

  1. Hit the Gym
    Meaning: Regularly go to the fitness center.
    Example: To lose weight, I hit the gym daily.
  2. Burn Calories
    Meaning: Exercise to expend stored energy.
    Example: Jogging every morning helps burn calories.
  3. Cheat Day
    Meaning: Day of leniency in a strict diet.
    Example: I indulge in my favorites on cheat day.
  4. Crash Diet
    Meaning: Extreme dieting for rapid weight loss.
    Example: Crash diets can harm your metabolism.
  5. Fad Diet
    Meaning: Popular, temporary diet lacking nutritional basis.
    Example: Avoid falling for the latest fad diet.
  6. Meal Prep
    Meaning: Prepare meals ahead of time.
    Example: Meal prep simplifies eating healthy for the week.
  7. Shed Pounds
    Meaning: Lose weight through diet/exercise.
    Example: He’s been shedding pounds with jogging.
  8. Cut the Fat
    Meaning: Reduce fat consumption significantly.
    Example: She’s determined to cut the fat entirely.
  9. Watch Your Figure
    Meaning: Be mindful of body weight.
    Example: She’s watching her figure for the wedding.
  10. Low-Carb Diet
    Meaning: Diet focusing on minimal carbohydrate intake.
    Example: A low-carb diet helps regulate insulin.
  11. High-Protein Diet
    Meaning: Diet emphasizing protein-rich foods.
    Example: I’ve switched to a high-protein diet.
  12. Go On a Diet
    Meaning: Begin a dietary regimen for weight loss.
    Example: He’s going on a diet to slim down.
  13. Get Back in Shape
    Meaning: Regain previous fitness level.
    Example: After the holidays, I need to get back in shape.
  14. Cut Out Sugar
    Meaning: Stop consuming sugar entirely.
    Example: To diet effectively, cut out sugar.
  15. Skinny Jeans
    Meaning: Clothes worn as a weight loss goal.
    Example: Fitting into skinny jeans is her motivation.
  16. Trim Down
    Meaning: Lose weight and excess body fat.
    Example: She’s trimmed down significantly this summer.
  17. Stay On Track
    Meaning: Maintain a dieting or fitness plan.
    Example: Stay on track with healthy snacking.
  18. Plateau Effect
    Meaning: Period of no progress in weight loss.
    Example: His weight loss stalled due to the plateau effect.
  19. Diet-Friendly
    Meaning: Suitable for a particular diet plan.
    Example: These snacks are diet-friendly and tasty.
  20. Meal Replacement
    Meaning: Substitute regular meals with low-calorie options.
    Example: He uses shakes as a meal replacement.

dieting expressions

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