Learn 20 Safety Expressions in English

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These safety expressions help promote caution and protection in various environments, emphasizing the importance of staying alert.

Safety Expressions

  1. Safety First
    Meaning: Prioritize safety before everything else.
    Example: In construction zones, always put safety first.
  2. On the Safe Side
    Meaning: Acting cautiously to avoid risk.
    Example: Carry an umbrella to be on the safe side.
  3. Take Precautions
    Meaning: Implement safety measures in advance.
    Example: Take precautions and wear a helmet while cycling.
  4. Better Safe Than Sorry
    Meaning: Avoid risks to prevent regret.
    Example: Get insurance; it’s better safe than sorry.
  5. Buckle Up
    Meaning: Fasten seatbelt for safety.
    Example: Before driving, remember to buckle up.
  6. Lock Down
    Meaning: Secure firmly to prevent movement.
    Example: Lock down the machinery before maintenance.
  7. Look Before You Leap
    Meaning: Consider risks before taking action.
    Example: Before investing, look before you leap.
  8. Keep Your Guard Up
    Meaning: Stay vigilant and cautious.
    Example: In unknown areas, always keep your guard up.
  9. Red Flag
    Meaning: A warning sign of danger.
    Example: Faulty wiring is a red flag for fire hazards.
  10. Proceed With Caution
    Meaning: Move forward carefully to avoid danger.
    Example: On icy roads, proceed with caution.
  11. Risk Assessment
    Meaning: Evaluate potential hazards and risks.
    Example: Conduct a risk assessment before starting work.
  12. Wear Protective Gear
    Meaning: Use safety equipment to prevent injuries.
    Example: Always wear protective gear when using power tools.
  13. Err on the Side of Caution
    Meaning: Be overly cautious to avoid mistakes.
    Example: We’re erring on the side of caution with fireworks.
  14. Safety Net
    Meaning: Backup plan in case of failure.
    Example: Keep a financial safety net for emergencies.
  15. In Safe Hands
    Meaning: Being taken care of securely.
    Example: With these experts, you’re in safe hands.
  16. Follow Protocol
    Meaning: Adhere to established safety rules.
    Example: Always follow protocol to prevent accidents.
  17. Play It Safe
    Meaning: Take a cautious approach to avoid risks.
    Example: Play it safe and invest in government bonds.
  18. Safety Margin
    Meaning: Extra allowance for safety and security.
    Example: Design machinery with a wide safety margin.
  19. Be Vigilant
    Meaning: Stay alert for possible danger.
    Example: Be vigilant about online scams and phishing.
  20. Guard Against
    Meaning: Prevent something harmful from happening.
    Example: Use sunscreen to guard against sunburn.

safety expressions

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