Learn 20 Emergency Expressions in English

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These emergency expressions are used to handle urgent situations efficiently, emphasizing quick thinking and preparedness.

Emergency Expressions

  1. Sound the Alarm
    Meaning: Alert others of an urgent issue.
    Example: The fire marshal sounded the alarm quickly.
  2. Raise the Red Flag
    Meaning: Warn about potential danger.
    Example: Workers raised the red flag about leaking chemicals.
  3. Call for Backup
    Meaning: Request additional assistance.
    Example: The police called for backup during the raid.
  4. Evacuate the Area
    Meaning: Move people out for safety.
    Example: They evacuated the area during the earthquake.
  5. Break the Glass
    Meaning: Initiate an emergency procedure.
    Example: In fire emergencies, break the glass for the extinguisher.
  6. Pull the Plug
    Meaning: Stop an activity or process urgently.
    Example: The authorities pulled the plug on the dangerous project.
  7. Hit the Panic Button
    Meaning: Trigger an emergency alarm.
    Example: He hit the panic button when he saw smoke.
  8. Cut Off Supplies
    Meaning: Halt the delivery of essential items.
    Example: During a flood, they cut off supplies to prevent contamination.
  9. Drop Everything
    Meaning: Stop all activities to prioritize something urgent.
    Example: Drop everything and assist with the evacuation.
  10. Run for Cover
    Meaning: Find a safe place quickly.
    Example: In the storm, everyone ran for cover.
  11. Raise the Alarm
    Meaning: Notify others about imminent danger.
    Example: The security guard raised the alarm when he saw suspicious activity.
  12. Jump Into Action
    Meaning: Respond to an emergency situation quickly.
    Example: The paramedics jumped into action at the crash site.
  13. In the Line of Fire
    Meaning: Directly exposed to danger.
    Example: The firefighters were in the line of fire.
  14. Sound the Siren
    Meaning: Activate a warning signal for danger.
    Example: They sounded the siren as the tornado approached.
  15. Seal Off the Area
    Meaning: Block access to a dangerous zone.
    Example: The police sealed off the area after the explosion.
  16. Rush to the Scene
    Meaning: Hurry to an emergency location.
    Example: Emergency services rushed to the scene of the accident.
  17. Man Down
    Meaning: Someone is injured and needs help.
    Example: When the worker collapsed, they called ‘man down!’
  18. Put Out Fires
    Meaning: Handle urgent problems quickly.
    Example: The team was busy putting out fires all day.
  19. Contain the Damage
    Meaning: Limit further harm in an emergency.
    Example: Firefighters contained the damage to one floor.
  20. Issue a Warning
    Meaning: Officially notify people about danger.
    Example: Authorities issued a warning about heavy flooding.

emergency expressions

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