20 Excuses For Child Not Going To School

When children miss school, parents or guardians often need to provide a reason. Here are 20 common excuses that might be used for a child not attending school, framed as simple statements that can be understood easily:

  1. “My child is feeling very sick today.”
  2. “There was a family emergency we had to attend to.”
  3. “We had a doctor’s appointment that couldn’t be rescheduled.”
  4. “My child had a severe allergic reaction and needs to rest.”
  5. “The car broke down, and we couldn’t find another way to school.”
  6. “We missed the bus and there was no other way to get there on time.”
  7. “My child is experiencing a lot of stress and needed a mental health day.”
  8. “There was a sudden death in the family we are dealing with.”
  9. “My child has been up all night with a stomach bug.”
  10. “We are dealing with a lice outbreak at home.”
  11. “My child has an infectious condition, like chickenpox, and needs to stay isolated.”
  12. “We had a power outage and couldn’t get ready for school.”
  13. “My child is dealing with a bad case of dental pain and we’re seeing a dentist.”
  14. “There’s a severe weather warning that made travel unsafe.”
  15. “My child had an asthma attack and needs to recover.”
  16. “We had a minor home emergency, like a flood or leak, that needed immediate attention.”
  17. “My child is very fatigued due to lack of sleep and needs to rest.”
  18. “We’re observing a religious holiday today.”
  19. “My child is experiencing severe eye strain and has been advised to avoid reading and screen time.”
  20. “There was an issue with bullying at school, and we’re working to resolve it before they return.”

It’s important to communicate with the school as soon as possible when your child will be absent, and to provide honest and clear explanations.

Excuses For Child Not Going To School

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