30 Best Excuses For Coming Home Late

Hey ESL students! Ever arrived home later than expected? We’ve got you covered with 30 creative excuses for coming home late. Let’s find one that might work for you!

Excuses For Coming Home Late

  1. Unexpected Workload: “Work piled up unexpectedly, and I had to stay late to finish.”
  2. Traffic Jam: “There was a massive traffic jam that delayed me for hours.”
  3. Car Trouble: “My car broke down, and I had to wait for roadside assistance.”
  4. Public Transport Delay: “My train/bus was delayed due to technical issues.”
  5. Lost Track of Time: “I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I lost track of time.”
  6. Helping a Friend: “A friend needed urgent help, and I couldn’t leave them alone.”
  7. Phone Died: “My phone died, and I couldn’t inform you or check the time.”
  8. Emergency Errand: “I had to run an unexpected errand that took longer than anticipated.”
  9. Weather Conditions: “The weather was terrible, and it was unsafe to travel for a while.”
  10. Forgot Something Important: “I had to go back because I forgot something important at work/home.”
  11. Meeting Overran: “A meeting ran much longer than expected.”
  12. Accident on Route: “There was an accident on my usual route, and I had to detour.”
  13. Miscommunication: “I thought we agreed on a later time.”
  14. Safety Precautions: “It felt unsafe to travel at that moment, so I waited until it felt safer.”
  15. Flat Tire: “I had a flat tire and had to deal with it.”
  16. Caught in an Event: “I got caught up in an event/crowd and couldn’t leave.”
  17. Helping an Animal: “I found a lost/injured animal and had to assist.”
  18. Health Issue: “I felt suddenly unwell and needed some time to recover.”
  19. Networking Event: “There was an impromptu networking event that was too good to miss.”
  20. Lost: “I took a wrong turn and got lost.”
  21. Family Call: “I received an important call from a family member that required immediate attention.”
  22. Mandatory Training: “I had to complete a mandatory training session that was scheduled last minute.”
  23. Public Transport Missed: “I missed the last scheduled train/bus and had to wait for the next.”
  24. Vehicle Recall: “I had to deal with a sudden recall issue on my car.”
  25. Road Closure: “My usual route was closed, and I had to take a much longer detour.”
  26. Child’s Needs: “I had to attend to an urgent need/issue of my child.”
  27. Pet Emergency: “Our pet had an emergency, and I had to take care of it.”
  28. Battery Replacement: “My car/watch battery died, and I lost track of time dealing with it.”
  29. Caring for Someone: “I encountered someone who needed help, and I couldn’t just leave them.”
  30. Locked Out: “I got locked out and had to wait to be let in.”

30 Best Excuses For Coming Home Late

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