20 Best Excuses For Crying

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Hey there! Have you ever found yourself shedding a tear and needed a quick excuse? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ve compiled the 20 best excuses for crying. Whether you’re feeling sad, happy, or just need a break, we’ve got you covered!

Excuses For Crying

  1. Overwhelmed with Work/Stress: “I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, and it all just hit me at once.”
  2. Personal Issues: “I’m dealing with some personal matters that have been really tough on me.”
  3. Sad News: “I received some sad news that really affected me.”
  4. Feeling Under the Weather: “I’m not feeling well, and it’s making me a bit emotional.”
  5. Hormonal Changes: “My hormones are all over the place right now, and it’s making me tear up easily.”
  6. Lack of Sleep: “I’ve been struggling with sleep lately, and it’s making me more emotional.”
  7. Empathy for Someone Else: “I heard about what happened to [someone], and it really got to me.”
  8. Happy Tears: “This was such a touching moment, it brought happy tears to my eyes.”
  9. Nostalgia: “This [song/movie/moment] reminded me of a very special time, and it overwhelmed me.”
  10. Feeling Misunderstood: “I just feel like no one really gets what I’m going through right now.”
  11. Anxiety or Panic: “I’m feeling really anxious/panicked, and it’s hard to keep it in.”
  12. Physical Pain: “I’m in a lot of pain, and it’s hard to cope with.”
  13. Overjoyed with Good News: “I just heard something incredible, and I couldn’t hold back the tears.”
  14. Reflecting on Past Memories: “I was just thinking about some past memories that are very dear to me.”
  15. Feeling Overly Sentimental: “Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how beautiful life is, and it makes me cry.”
  16. Reaction to Art/Music: “This [song/piece of art/movie] is so beautiful, it moved me to tears.”
  17. Stress Release: “I’ve been holding in stress for too long, and it’s finally coming out.”
  18. Feeling Isolated or Lonely: “I’ve been feeling really alone, and it’s been tough to handle.”
  19. Experiencing a Big Change: “There’s been a big change in my life, and I’m still trying to process it.”
  20. Empathetic Response to a Story/Event: “I was listening to this story/watching this event, and it just hit me really hard.”

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30 Excuses for Crying

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