30 Best Excuses For Sick Leave

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Hey there, ESL learners! Ever needed a break from school or work but didn’t know what to say? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’re going to explore 30 simple and effective excuses you can use to take a sick leave.

Excuses For Sick Leave

  1. Common Cold: “I’ve caught a bad cold and need to rest and recover.”
  2. Flu: “I’m down with the flu and have a high fever.”
  3. Food Poisoning: “I ate something that didn’t agree with me and have been very sick.”
  4. Migraine: “I’m experiencing a severe migraine and can’t focus on work.”
  5. Stomach Virus: “I’ve caught a stomach bug and need to stay near a bathroom.”
  6. Fever: “I have a high fever and need to rest.”
  7. Contagious Illness (e.g., Chickenpox, Measles): “I’ve contracted [illness], which is highly contagious.”
  8. Injury: “I’ve had an accident and injured myself, needing time to heal.”
  9. Dental Emergency: “I have an urgent dental issue that needs immediate care.”
  10. Mental Health Day: “I need a day for mental health and well-being.”
  11. Surgery Recovery: “I’m recovering from a minor surgery and have been advised to rest.”
  12. Back Pain: “I’m experiencing severe back pain and can’t sit or stand comfortably.”
  13. Eye Infection: “I have an eye infection and need to avoid straining my eyes.”
  14. Severe Allergies: “My allergies are acting up severely, and I need to manage them.”
  15. Skin Rash or Infection: “I’ve developed a rash/infection that needs medical treatment.”
  16. Gynecological Issues: “I’m dealing with a personal health issue and need to see a doctor.”
  17. Ear Infection: “I have an ear infection that’s affecting my balance and focus.”
  18. Bronchitis: “I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis and need time to recover.”
  19. Sinusitis: “I have severe sinusitis and need to rest and manage the symptoms.”
  20. Tonsillitis: “My tonsillitis has flared up, and I’m having difficulty swallowing and talking.”
  21. Gastrointestinal Issues: “I’m experiencing gastrointestinal distress and need to rest.”
  22. Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI): “I need to take a break due to a repetitive stress injury.”
  23. Burnout: “I’m experiencing symptoms of burnout and need time to recuperate.”
  24. Pneumonia: “I’ve been diagnosed with pneumonia and require time to recover.”
  25. Anxiety or Panic Attacks: “I’m currently managing severe anxiety/panic attacks.”
  26. Depression: “I’m going through a particularly tough time with my depression.”
  27. Dermatitis or Eczema Flare-Up: “My dermatitis/eczema has flared up, requiring medical attention.”
  28. Blood Pressure Issues: “I’m experiencing issues with my blood pressure and need to monitor it.”
  29. Infectious Mononucleosis: “I have mononucleosis, which is highly contagious and requires rest.”
  30. Vertigo: “I’m dealing with vertigo and need time to stabilize.”

30 Excuses for Sick Leave

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