20 Expressions Related to Secrets

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Secrets and the act of keeping them are a universal part of human interaction, influencing how we communicate and bond with others. Whether it’s a surprise party or a confidential business deal, secrets add a layer of intrigue and complexity to our lives. In this blog post, we explore 20 popular expressions related to secrets, providing clear meanings and concise examples to help you understand and use these phrases effectively in everyday conversations.

Expressions Related to Secrets

1. Skeleton in the closet

Meaning: A secret source of shame, potentially embarrassing if exposed.

Example: Everyone has a skeleton in the closet.

2. Spill the beans

Meaning: Reveal secret information unintentionally or carelessly.

Example: He spilled the beans about the surprise party.

3. Under wraps

Meaning: Kept secret.

Example: Keep the project details under wraps.

4. Behind closed doors

Meaning: Done in private, away from the public eye.

Example: The deal was made behind closed doors.

5. Keep mum

Meaning: Remain silent or not disclose information.

Example: She kept mum about the whole affair.

6. Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning: Reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake.

Example: He let the cat out of the bag about her promotion.

7. In confidence

Meaning: Shared with the expectation of privacy.

Example: She spoke to her friend in confidence.

8. Hush-hush

Meaning: Highly secret or confidential.

Example: The mission was hush-hush.

9. Loose lips sink ships

Meaning: Careless talk can cause disaster.

Example: Remember, loose lips sink ships.

10. Mum’s the word

Meaning: Keep the given information a secret.

Example: About the party, mum’s the word.

11. In the dark

Meaning: Uninformed, unaware of information.

Example: They kept him in the dark about their plans.

12. Cloak and dagger

Meaning: Involving secretive or mysterious actions.

Example: It was all cloak and dagger.

13. Zip your lip

Meaning: Stop talking or keep quiet.

Example: Zip your lip about this.

14. My lips are sealed

Meaning: Promise to keep a secret.

Example: Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.

15. On the QT

Meaning: Done secretly.

Example: They met on the QT.

16. Secret’s safe with me

Meaning: Promise not to reveal a secret.

Example: Your secret’s safe with me.

17. Stab someone in the back

Meaning: To betray someone’s trust.

Example: He felt stabbed in the back by his colleague.

18. Sweep under the rug

Meaning: Hide or deny something potentially embarrassing.

Example: They tried to sweep the scandal under the rug.

19. Air dirty laundry

Meaning: Publicly discuss private matters.

Example: She aired their dirty laundry in a blog post.

20. Hold your tongue

Meaning: To refrain from speaking.

Example: He had to hold his tongue during the meeting.

Expressions Related to Secrets

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