20 English Expressions Using “SO”

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Understanding English expressions can significantly enhance your language skills. In this post, we will explore 20 common idioms and phrasal verbs that use the word so. Each expression includes a brief meaning and an example sentence to help you grasp how to use them in daily conversations.

1. So Far So Good

Meaning: Things are okay.
Example: So far so good, keep going.

2. So Be It

Meaning: Accept it as it is.
Example: If that’s the decision, so be it.

3. So Long

Meaning: Goodbye.
Example: I’ve got to go, so long.

4. So-So

Meaning: Just okay.
Example: The movie was so-so, nothing special.

5. So-Called

Meaning: Alleged, not true.
Example: His so-called friends left him.

6. So Much For

Meaning: No more.
Example: So much for our vacation plans.

7. So Much The Better

Meaning: Even better.
Example: If you can join, so much the better.

8. So What?

Meaning: Who cares?
Example: You lost? So what? Try again.

9. So It Goes

Meaning: That’s life.
Example: He left early. So it goes.

10. So-So Performance

Meaning: Average performance.
Example: The singer had a so-so performance.

11. So There

Meaning: Final statement.
Example: I won’t change my mind, so there.

12. So As To

Meaning: In order to.
Example: He whispered so as to not wake her.

13. So Long As

Meaning: Provided that.
Example: You can stay, so long as you’re quiet.

14. So Soon

Meaning: Very quickly.
Example: You’re leaving so soon?

15. So It Is

Meaning: Confirming a fact.
Example: This is the end. So it is.

16. So Far

Meaning: Up to now.
Example: So far, everything is on track.

17. So Be Prepared

Meaning: Get ready.
Example: There’s a storm coming, so be prepared.

18. So-So Weather

Meaning: Mediocre weather.
Example: The forecast predicts so-so weather today.

19. So As To Avoid

Meaning: To prevent.
Example: Drive slowly so as to avoid accidents.

20. So Be Careful

Meaning: Exercise caution.
Example: It’s slippery outside, so be careful.

Expressions Using SO

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