20 English Expressions Using the Verb “FALL”

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In this post, we’ll explore 20 common English expressions that use the verb “fall.” Understanding these idioms and phrasal verbs can help you improve your English fluency and comprehension.

1. Fall apart

Meaning: Disintegrate or collapse
Example: The old book fell apart quickly.

2. Fall back

Meaning: Retreat or withdraw
Example: They had to fall back for safety.

3. Fall behind

Meaning: Lag or get left behind
Example: He fell behind in his studies.

4. Fall down

Meaning: Collapse or tumble to the ground
Example: She fell down the stairs yesterday.

5. Fall for

Meaning: Be deceived or tricked
Example: I can’t believe I fell for it.

6. Fall in

Meaning: Collapse inward
Example: The roof fell in after the storm.

7. Fall in love

Meaning: Develop romantic feelings
Example: They fell in love at college.

8. Fall into

Meaning: Enter or go into a state
Example: He fell into a deep sleep.

9. Fall off

Meaning: Decrease or decline
Example: Sales fell off after Christmas.

10. Fall on

Meaning: Attack or seize eagerly
Example: The kids fell on the cake.

11. Fall out

Meaning: Argue and stop being friends
Example: They fell out over a misunderstanding.

12. Fall over

Meaning: Trip and lose balance
Example: He fell over the curb.

13. Fall short

Meaning: Fail to meet expectations
Example: His efforts fell short of the goal.

14. Fall through

Meaning: Fail to happen
Example: The plans fell through last minute.

15. Fall to

Meaning: Start an activity eagerly
Example: They fell to eating immediately.

16. Fall under

Meaning: Be influenced or affected by
Example: He fell under her spell quickly.

17. Fall upon

Meaning: Attack suddenly
Example: The soldiers fell upon the enemy camp.

18. Fall victim to

Meaning: Be harmed or affected negatively
Example: He fell victim to the scam.

19. Fall out with

Meaning: Quarrel with someone
Example: She fell out with her best friend.

20. Fall back on

Meaning: Rely on in need
Example: He can always fall back on his savings.

Expressions Using the Verb FALL

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