20 Common English Expressions with STAY

In everyday English, the word “stay” appears in many idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. These expressions can add depth and clarity to your conversations. Here are 20 common English expressions with “stay,” complete with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Stay Ahead

Meaning: Be in front.
Example Sentence: You need to stay ahead of your competition.

2. Stay Away

Meaning: Keep distance.
Example Sentence: Please stay away from the construction site.

3. Stay Back

Meaning: Remain behind.
Example Sentence: He decided to stay back after the meeting.

4. Stay Behind

Meaning: Remain after others leave.
Example Sentence: She chose to stay behind and finish work.

5. Stay Calm

Meaning: Remain calm.
Example Sentence: In emergencies, it’s crucial to stay calm.

6. Stay Focused

Meaning: Maintain concentration.
Example Sentence: Stay focused on your goals to succeed.

7. Stay in Touch

Meaning: Keep in contact.
Example Sentence: Let’s stay in touch after the project ends.

8. Stay On

Meaning: Continue working.
Example Sentence: He plans to stay on at the company.

9. Stay Out

Meaning: Remain outside.
Example Sentence: Stay out of trouble during your trip.

10. Stay Over

Meaning: Sleep at someone’s place.
Example Sentence: Can I stay over at your place tonight?

11. Stay Put

Meaning: Remain in place.
Example Sentence: Stay put while I find help.

12. Stay Up

Meaning: Remain awake.
Example Sentence: We stayed up late watching movies.

13. Stay with It

Meaning: Continue trying.
Example Sentence: Stay with it, even when it’s tough.

14. Stay Away From

Meaning: Avoid something.
Example Sentence: Stay away from junk food for better health.

15. Stay Out Of

Meaning: Avoid involvement.
Example Sentence: Stay out of their argument, it’s personal.

16. Stay On Track

Meaning: Continue as planned.
Example Sentence: Stay on track with your training schedule.

17. Stay in Line

Meaning: Follow rules.
Example Sentence: Employees must stay in line with company policies.

18. Stay Down

Meaning: Remain low.
Example Sentence: Stay down until it’s safe to move.

19. Stay Tuned

Meaning: Await further information.
Example Sentence: Stay tuned for more updates on the event.

20. Stay True To

Meaning: Remain loyal.
Example Sentence: Always stay true to your principles.

Expressions with STAY

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