Explore 20 Gardening Expressions in English

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Gardening expressions can add a little growth to our conversations. Let’s explore 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to gardening!

Gardening Expressions

  1. Go to seed
    • Meaning: Become neglected or run-down
    • Example: The garden went to seed after he left.
  2. Nip in the bud
    • Meaning: Stop something early
    • Example: We nipped the problem in the bud.
  3. Turn over a new leaf
    • Meaning: Make a fresh start
    • Example: He’s turning over a new leaf this year.
  4. Root out
    • Meaning: Remove completely
    • Example: They rooted out corruption in the company.
  5. Sow the seeds
    • Meaning: Start a process or action
    • Example: She sowed the seeds of success.
  6. Come up roses
    • Meaning: Turn out very well
    • Example: Everything is coming up roses for them.
  7. Dead to the world
    • Meaning: Deeply asleep
    • Example: After gardening all day, he was dead to the world.
  8. Lead up the garden path
    • Meaning: Deceive or mislead
    • Example: She led him up the garden path.
  9. Bloom where you’re planted
    • Meaning: Make the best of your situation
    • Example: Despite challenges, he bloomed where he was planted.
  10. Go to pot
    • Meaning: Deteriorate or go wrong
    • Example: The yard went to pot during winter.
  11. Cultivate a relationship
    • Meaning: Develop and nurture a relationship
    • Example: She cultivated relationships with local businesses.
  12. Barking up the wrong tree
    • Meaning: Make a wrong assumption
    • Example: You’re barking up the wrong tree, it’s not me.
  13. Trim down
    • Meaning: Reduce in size or amount
    • Example: They trimmed down their expenses this year.
  14. Dig deep
    • Meaning: Make a lot of effort
    • Example: They dug deep to find a solution.
  15. Germinate an idea
    • Meaning: Develop an idea
    • Example: He germinated the idea for a new book.
  16. Take root
    • Meaning: Establish or become accepted
    • Example: The new policy took root quickly.
  17. Reap what you sow
    • Meaning: Experience consequences of one’s actions
    • Example: If you cheat, you’ll reap what you sow.
  18. Plant the seed
    • Meaning: Initiate a thought or idea
    • Example: The manager planted the seed of innovation.
  19. Branch out
    • Meaning: Expand into new areas
    • Example: The company branched out into retail.
  20. Prune back
    • Meaning: Reduce or limit
    • Example: The company pruned back its workforce.

gardening expressions

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