Learn 20 Interesting Gift Expressions

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These gift expressions are used to describe the act of giving, receiving, or choosing gifts.

Gift Expressions

  1. Gift of the gab
    Meaning: Ability to speak well and persuasively
    Example: She’s got the gift of the gab.
  2. Gift wrap
    Meaning: Wrap something as a gift
    Example: I need to gift wrap these presents.
  3. Give someone the world
    Meaning: Give someone everything possible
    Example: He would give his kids the world.
  4. Give the gift of
    Meaning: Provide something valuable to someone
    Example: You can give the gift of time.
  5. A gift that keeps on giving
    Meaning: Something valuable that provides ongoing benefits
    Example: Education is the gift that keeps on giving.
  6. Present company excluded
    Meaning: Exclude current company from a criticism
    Example: I love dogs, present company excluded.
  7. Spoil someone rotten
    Meaning: Give someone too much luxury and attention
    Example: Grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren rotten.
  8. A token of appreciation
    Meaning: A small gift to show gratitude
    Example: I bought her a token of appreciation.
  9. Return the favor
    Meaning: Repay a kindness with another kindness
    Example: He helped me, and I returned the favor.
  10. Hand something down
    Meaning: Pass something to a younger generation
    Example: These toys were handed down to me.
  11. Give a pat on the back
    Meaning: Congratulate or praise someone
    Example: She gave him a pat on the back.
  12. Take one’s pick
    Meaning: Choose from available options
    Example: You can take your pick from these.
  13. Pick up a little something
    Meaning: Buy a small gift for someone
    Example: I picked up a little something for her.
  14. Pay it forward
    Meaning: Do a good deed for others
    Example: When someone helped him, he paid it forward.
  15. Give someone a leg up
    Meaning: Help someone to improve or succeed
    Example: Mentoring can give people a leg up.
  16. Dig deep
    Meaning: Make a big effort, especially financially
    Example: We had to dig deep to buy gifts.
  17. Treat oneself
    Meaning: Buy something special for oneself
    Example: She treated herself to new jewelry.
  18. Keep on giving
    Meaning: Continue providing benefits or positive impact
    Example: Her kindness keeps on giving in our lives.
  19. Give someone a hand
    Meaning: Help or assist someone
    Example: Could you give me a hand with this?
  20. Exchange gifts
    Meaning: Give and receive presents between people
    Example: We exchange gifts every Christmas.

gift expressions

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