Learn 20 Interesting Holiday Expressions

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These holiday expressions are used to describe joyful celebrations, festivities, and everything associated with special holidays.

Holiday Expressions

  1. Deck the halls
    Meaning: Decorate the house for holidays
    Example: We love to deck the halls every Christmas.
  2. Ring in the New Year
    Meaning: Celebrate the start of the new year
    Example: We’re throwing a party to ring in the New Year.
  3. The holiday spirit
    Meaning: Feeling joy and excitement during holidays
    Example: Everyone is in the holiday spirit!
  4. Spread cheer
    Meaning: Share happiness and kindness with others
    Example: We spread cheer by giving gifts.
  5. Stuff one’s face
    Meaning: Eat a lot of food quickly
    Example: I love stuffing my face during Thanksgiving.
  6. Get away from it all
    Meaning: Take a break from routine life
    Example: We’re going to get away from it all.
  7. Hit the slopes
    Meaning: Go skiing on a snowy mountain
    Example: We can’t wait to hit the slopes.
  8. Holiday blues
    Meaning: Feeling sad or lonely during holidays
    Example: She’s struggling with holiday blues right now.
  9. Put your feet up
    Meaning: Relax and enjoy the free time
    Example: The holidays are perfect to put your feet up.
  10. Paint the town red
    Meaning: Celebrate and have fun in town
    Example: Let’s paint the town red this Christmas!
  11. Holiday rush
    Meaning: Busy and frantic period before holidays
    Example: Shops are crowded during the holiday rush.
  12. Wrap up warm
    Meaning: Dress in warm clothes for cold weather
    Example: Don’t forget to wrap up warm outside.
  13. Winter wonderland
    Meaning: Snow-covered, picturesque winter scene
    Example: The park becomes a winter wonderland.
  14. Take a break
    Meaning: Rest or relax from regular activities
    Example: We need to take a break soon.
  15. Jingle all the way
    Meaning: Enjoy the festive season fully
    Example: We’ll jingle all the way to New Year.
  16. Holiday shopping spree
    Meaning: Buy many gifts at once during holidays
    Example: She went on a holiday shopping spree.
  17. Trim the tree
    Meaning: Decorate the Christmas tree
    Example: We all gather to trim the tree.
  18. Wrap up gifts
    Meaning: Cover presents in decorative paper
    Example: I love wrapping up gifts for Christmas.
  19. Secret Santa
    Meaning: Gift exchange where identities are anonymous
    Example: We’re doing Secret Santa at work.
  20. Season’s greetings
    Meaning: Common phrase wishing holiday joy
    Example: We send season’s greetings to all!

holiday expressions

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