Idiomatic Ways to Talk about “AGE” in English

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Understanding idiomatic expressions about age can enhance your English fluency. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to age, each with a short meaning and example sentence.

1. Act your age

Meaning: Behave suitably
Example: Stop being childish and act your age.

2. Age before beauty

Meaning: Older people go first
Example: You first, age before beauty.

3. Come of age

Meaning: Reach adulthood
Example: She came of age at eighteen.

4. In one’s prime

Meaning: Best age period
Example: He’s still in his prime.

5. At a ripe old age

Meaning: Very old
Example: She lived to a ripe old age.

6. An old hand

Meaning: Experienced person
Example: He’s an old hand at fishing.

7. Over the hill

Meaning: Past prime
Example: At fifty, he’s over the hill.

8. In one’s twilight years

Meaning: Later years
Example: He’s in his twilight years now.

9. Born yesterday

Meaning: Naive
Example: I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.

10. Age is just a number

Meaning: Age is irrelevant
Example: For him, age is just a number.

11. Underage

Meaning: Below legal age
Example: She’s still underage to vote.

12. Age gracefully

Meaning: Age with dignity
Example: She is aging gracefully.

13. Be of age

Meaning: Legal adult
Example: She will be of age soon.

14. Golden years

Meaning: Retirement age
Example: He’s enjoying his golden years.

15. Long in the tooth

Meaning: Old
Example: He’s getting long in the tooth.

16. Young at heart

Meaning: Lively spirit
Example: She’s seventy but young at heart.

17. Young blood

Meaning: Youthful energy
Example: We need some young blood in here.

18. Past one’s prime

Meaning: Beyond best age
Example: She’s past her prime.

19. New age

Meaning: Modern period
Example: He’s into new age music.

20. Come of age

Meaning: Mature
Example: Their business came of age.

Age Idioms

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