20 Idioms About Time (Learn Idioms Before Time Flies)

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Time is a fundamental element woven into the fabric of our lives. It shapes our experiences and our language. Idioms about time illustrate how we perceive and handle this inexorable force. Here are 20 common time-related idioms, each accompanied by a succinct meaning and a brief example.

Idioms About Time

1. Against the Clock

Meaning: Rushing to meet a deadline.

Example: She raced against the clock to finish the report.

2. Better Late Than Never

Meaning: Doing something late is better than not doing it.

Example: He finally apologized—better late than never.

3. In the Nick of Time

Meaning: Just before time runs out.

Example: He caught the bus in the nick of time.

4. Time Flies

Meaning: Time passes quickly.

Example: Look how fast our kids grew up, time flies!

5. On Borrowed Time

Meaning: Living with an unexpected extension.

Example: After the diagnosis, he was on borrowed time.

6. Killing Time

Meaning: Doing something to pass time.

Example: I was just killing time with a book.

7. A Race Against Time

Meaning: Hurrying to beat a deadline.

Example: Saving the old building was a race against time.

8. Time Heals All Wounds

Meaning: Problems resolve over time.

Example: She found peace as time healed all wounds.

9. Time Is of the Essence

Meaning: Hurry is necessary.

Example: We must decide now, time is of the essence.

10. Only Time Will Tell

Meaning: The future will reveal the truth.

Example: Will it work? Only time will tell.

11. Time Stands Still

Meaning: Everything stops.

Example: When I saw her, time stood still.

12. Ahead of Time

Meaning: Early or before a set time.

Example: She finished the task ahead of time.

13. Behind the Times

Meaning: Outdated or old-fashioned.

Example: His tech skills are behind the times.

14. Bide Your Time

Meaning: Wait patiently for the right moment.

Example: He bided his time until the price dropped.

15. Big Time

Meaning: A major way or degree.

Example: He succeeded big time with his new café.

16. Crunch Time

Meaning: A period when pressure to succeed is high.

Example: It’s crunch time for the final exam.

17. From Time to Time

Meaning: Occasionally.

Example: I still see him from time to time.

18. Long Time No See

Meaning: It’s been a while since we last met.

Example: Long time no see! How have you been?

19. Make Up for Lost Time

Meaning: To catch up.

Example: After being sick, she had to make up for lost time.

20. Time’s Up

Meaning: No more time left.

Example: Time’s up, please turn in your tests.

Idioms About Time

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