20 Idioms Using the Word Eye

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The human eye isn’t just vital for seeing the world; it also features prominently in many expressions and idioms in the English language. These phrases add color and depth to our conversations, illustrating complex emotions and situations through the simple metaphor of seeing or not seeing. Here are 20 eye-related idioms that are both insightful and widely used, complete with succinct meanings and examples to help you understand and use them effectively.

Idioms Using the Word Eye

1. Apple of my eye

Meaning: Someone very cherished.

Example: His daughter is the apple of his eye.

2. Turn a blind eye

Meaning: Intentionally ignore something.

Example: He turned a blind eye to the chaos.

3. Catch someone’s eye

Meaning: Attract someone’s attention.

Example: The vibrant painting caught my eye.

4. In the blink of an eye

Meaning: Very quickly.

Example: The thief was gone in the blink of an eye.

5. Eye for an eye

Meaning: Revenge or retribution.

Example: He believes in an eye for an eye.

6. See eye to eye

Meaning: Agree.

Example: We rarely see eye to eye on politics.

7. Eye-opener

Meaning: Something that reveals or enlightens.

Example: The documentary was a real eye-opener.

8. Keep an eye on

Meaning: Watch or monitor.

Example: Keep an eye on the stove.

9. Have an eye for

Meaning: Have good judgment or taste.

Example: She has an eye for detail.

10. Cry one’s eyes out

Meaning: Cry a lot.

Example: She cried her eyes out at the movie.

11. More than meets the eye

Meaning: More complex than it appears.

Example: There’s more to this puzzle than meets the eye.

12. With an eye to

Meaning: With a view or hope of.

Example: He renovated the house with an eye to selling it.

13. Up to one’s eyes

Meaning: Extremely busy.

Example: I’m up to my eyes in work.

14. Eyes in the back of one’s head

Meaning: Aware of everything around you.

Example: You need eyes in the back of your head with toddlers around.

15. Bird’s eye view

Meaning: A view from above.

Example: We had a bird’s eye view from the tower.

16. Run one’s eye over

Meaning: Quickly look at something.

Example: Run your eye over the report before we submit it.

17. Easy on the eyes

Meaning: Attractive.

Example: The new teacher is quite easy on the eyes.

18. Pull the wool over someone’s eyes

Meaning: Deceive someone.

Example: He tried to pull the wool over her eyes.

19. Eye-catching

Meaning: Very attractive or noticeable.

Example: The display was eye-catching.

20. My eyes are bigger than my stomach

Meaning: Took more food than one can eat.

Example: I can’t finish this; my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

Idioms Using the Word Eye

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