Learn 15 Idioms with “House”

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Idioms are phrases with meanings that aren’t always clear from the individual words. Understanding idioms with “house” can help you communicate more effectively. Here are 15 idioms with “house,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Idioms with House

1. A house divided against itself cannot stand

Meaning: Internal conflict leads to failure.
Example: The team failed because it was a house divided.

2. Bring the house down

Meaning: Receive loud applause or laughter.
Example: His joke brought the house down at the party.

3. Get your house in order

Meaning: Organize your personal affairs.
Example: Before starting a business, get your house in order.

4. On the house

Meaning: Free of charge.
Example: The drinks are on the house tonight.

5. Keep house

Meaning: Manage household duties.
Example: She stays home to keep the house and cook.

6. Throw someone out of the house

Meaning: Force someone to leave.
Example: He was thrown out of the house for misbehaving.

7. A full house

Meaning: A venue is completely occupied.
Example: The concert had a full house last night.

8. Set up house

Meaning: Start living in a new home.
Example: They set up a house after getting married.

9. A house of cards

Meaning: An unstable or weak plan.
Example: His argument was a house of cards and collapsed.

10. Play house

Meaning: Pretend to be a family.
Example: The children love to play house together.

11. Leave the house

Meaning: Exit a building.
Example: They left the house early this morning.

12. Make yourself at home

Meaning: Act comfortably in someone’s house.
Example: Come in and make yourself at home.

13. The House always wins

Meaning: The casino always profits.
Example: Remember, the house always wins in gambling.

14. Rock the house

Meaning: Perform extremely well.
Example: The band rocked the house last night.

15. Safe as houses

Meaning: Very secure.
Example: This investment is as safe as houses.

Idioms with House

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