Learn 20 Boss Expressions in English

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These boss expressions will help you communicate effectively with your boss and understand their expectations.

Boss Expressions

1. Call the shots

Meaning: Make important decisions
Example: The boss calls the shots around here.

2. Crack the whip

Meaning: Demand hard work
Example: Our boss knows when to crack the whip.

3. Hands-on

Meaning: Directly involved in work
Example: She’s a hands-on manager, always leading.

4. Keep an eye on

Meaning: Watch over carefully
Example: The boss keeps an eye on our progress.

5. Hold accountable

Meaning: Make someone responsible
Example: Our manager holds us accountable for results.

6. Lead by example

Meaning: Show how to act by acting
Example: He leads by example with his dedication.

7. Walk the talk

Meaning: Do what one advises others to do
Example: The CEO walks the talk with integrity.

8. Hold one’s own

Meaning: Perform well in challenging situations
Example: She holds her own in difficult meetings.

9. Keep someone on their toes

Meaning: Make someone remain alert
Example: Our boss keeps us on our toes with deadlines.

10. Put one’s foot down

Meaning: Assert one’s authority
Example: The manager put his foot down on delays.

11. Have one’s back

Meaning: Support someone
Example: Our boss always has our back.

12. Bring to the table

Meaning: Offer skills or value
Example: What unique skills can you bring to the table?

13. Give the green light

Meaning: Allow a project to proceed
Example: The boss gave the green light for the launch.

14. Get off one’s high horse

Meaning: Stop acting arrogantly
Example: The boss needs to get off his high horse.

15. Run a tight ship

Meaning: Manage a company efficiently
Example: She runs a tight ship in the office.

16. Square away

Meaning: Arrange or organize properly
Example: The boss wants us to square away our files.

17. Breathe down someone’s neck

Meaning: Monitor someone too closely
Example: He’s always breathing down our necks.

18. Jump through hoops

Meaning: Do challenging tasks to please someone
Example: We jumped through hoops to impress the boss.

19. Lay down the law

Meaning: Enforce rules strictly
Example: Our boss laid down the law regarding punctuality.

20. Get on the wrong side of

Meaning: Annoy or anger someone
Example: Don’t get on the wrong side of the boss.

boss expressions


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