List of Verbs | Learn 1000 Common Verbs in English

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Understanding verbs is like learning the secret moves to make your sentences come alive! Verbs are action words that tell us what someone or something is doing. Whether you’re just starting to learn English or you want to get even better at it, knowing lots of verbs can be super helpful. We’ve put together a list of 1000 common verbs to help you on this exciting journey. So, let’s explore and make your English sparkle with new words!

1000 Common Verbs List

Abuse Accept Access
According Account Accuse
Achieve Acquire Act
Adapt Add Address
Adjust Admire Admit
Adopt Advance Advanced
Advantage Affect Afford
Age Agree Air
Alarm Allow Amazing
Amount Anger Angle
Announce Answer Anticipate
Apologize Appeal Appear
Apply Appreciate Approach
Appropriate Approve Are
Argue Arise Arm
Arrive Ask Assist
Associate Assume Assure
Attach Attack Attempt
Attend Attract Author
Average Avoid Award
Baby Bag Bake
Balance Ball Band
Bank Bar Base
Bat Battle Be
Beach Bear Beat
Become Bed Been
Begin Behave Being
Believe Bell Belong
Belt Bench Bend
Benefit Bet Bicycle
Bid Bike Bill
Birth Bit Bite
Black Blame Blank
Blind Block Blow
Blue Board Boat
Body Bone Book
Boot Border Born
Borrow Boss Bother
Bottle Bottom Bowl
Box Brain Branch
Break Breakfast Breast
Brick Bridge Bring
Brush Buddy Bug
Build Building Bunch
Burn Bus Busy
Button Buy Cable
Cake Calculate Calendar
Call Camp Campaign
Cancel Candle Candy
Cap Card Care
Career Carpet Carry
Case Cash Cat
Catch Cause Celebrate
Chain Chair Challenge
Champion Change Channel
Charge Chart Check
Chip Choose Claim
Class Clerk Click
Clock Closed Closet
Cloud Club Clue
Coach Coast Coat
Code Collar Collect
Combine Come Comfort
Command Comment Commission
Commit Communicate Company
Compare Compete Complain
Complete Complicated Concentrate
Concern Concerned Concert
Condition Conference Confirm
Conflict Connect Consider
Consist Consult Contact
Contain Content Contest
Continue Contribute Convert
Convince Cook Copy
Correct Cost Count
Counter Couple Course
Court Cover Cow
Crack Craft Crash
Cream Create Credit
Crew Criticize Cross
Cry Culture Cup
Curve Cut Cycle
Damage Dance Dare
Date Deal Debate
Decide Delay Deliver
Demand Depend Deposit
Describe Deserve Design
Desire Destroy Detail
Detailed Determine Develop
Devil Die Diet
Differ Dig Dimension
Dirty Disagree Disappointed
Discipline Discount Discover
Discuss Dish Display
Distance Distribute District
Divide Doctor Document
Does Dog Dot
Doubt Draft Drag
Draw Dream Drink
Drive Drop Dry
Dump Dust Earn
Earth Ease Eat
Edge Effect Egg
Emphasize Employ Empty
End Engage Engineer
Enhance Enjoy Ensure
Enter Entrance Escape
Essay Establish Estimate
Even Evidence Exact
Examine Example Exchange
Excuse Exercise Exist
Exit Expand Expect
Experience Experienced Explain
Explore Expose Express
Extend Eye Face
Factor Fail Fall
Fan Farm Father
Fault Fear Feature
Fee Feed Feel
Field Fight Figure
File Fill Film
Finance Find Finger
Finish Fire Firm
Fish Fit Fix
Fixed Floor Flow
Flower Fly Focus
Fold Follow Foot
Force Forget Form
Frame Frequent Friend
Fruit Fuel Function
Gain Gap Garage
Garden Gas Gather
Gear Generate Get
Gift Give Glove
Go Golf Grab
Grade Grandfather Grass
Ground Group Grow
Guarantee Guard Guess
Guide Guy Habit
Hand Handle Hang
Happen Harm Has
Hate Have Hear
Heat Help Hesitate
Hide Highlight Hire
Hit Hold Hole
Hook Hope Horse
Host Hunt Hurry
Hurt Husband Ice
Identify Ignore Illustrate
Image Imagine Impact
Implement Imply Impress
Improve Include Incorporate
Increase Indicate Influence
Inform Insist Install
Intend Interest Interested
Interview Introduce Invest
Investigate Invite Involve
Involved Iron Island
Issue Jacket Job
Join Joke Judge
Juice Jump Jury
Justify Keep Kick
Kid Kill Kiss
Knee Knife Know
Lack Land Landscape
Laugh Lawyer Lay
Layer Lead League
Learn Leave Lecture
Leg Lesson Let
Letter Lie Lift
Light Like Limit
Limited Line Link
Lip List Listen
Live Load Loan
Lock Log Look
Loose Lose Lost
Luck Lunch Machine
Mail Maintain Make
Man Manage Manufacturing
March Mark Market
Married Marry Match
Mate Matter Mean
Meet Mention Mess
Metal Milk Mind
Mirror Miss Mistake
Mix Mixed Model
Monitor Mortgage Mouse
Mouth Move Muscle
Must Nail Name
Narrow Neck Need
Negotiate Nerve Net
Network Noise Nose
Note Notice Number
Nurse Object Obtain
Occasion Occur Offer
Officer Oil Open
Operate Option Order
Organize Organized Ought
Overcome Owe Own
Pace Pack Package
Page Pain Paint
Pair Panic Parent
Park Part Participate
Partner Pass Passage
Pattern Pause Pay
Peak Pen Pension
Perfect Perform Permit
Persuade Phase Phrase
Pick Picture Piece
Pin Pipe Pitch
Place Plan Plant
Plate Play Please
Pleased Pleasure Point
Pool Pop Position
Possess Post Pot
Pound Pour Practice
Pray Prefer Prepare
Press Pressure Pretend
Prevent Price Pride
Priest Print Process
Produce Profile Profit
Program Progress Project
Promise Prompt Propose
Proposed Protect Prove
Provide Provided Pull
Punch Purchase Purpose
Pursue Push Put
Qualify Quarter Question
Quit Quote Race
Radio Rain Raise
Range Rate Reach
React Read Ready
Realize Reason Receive
Recognize Recommend Record
Recover Reduce Refer
Reference Reflect Refuse
Register Regret Relate
Related Relax Release
Relieve Rely Remain
Remaining Remember Remind
Remove Rent Repair
Repeat Replace Reply
Report Represent Request
Require Research Reserve
Resist Resolve Resort
Respect Respond Rest
Result Retain Retire
Return Reveal Review
Reward Rice Rid
Ride Ring Rip
Rise Risk Rock
Roll Roof Room
Rope Row Rub
Ruin Rule Run
Rush Sail Salary
Sand Sandwich Save
Say Scale Schedule
Scheme School Score
Scratch Screen Screw
Script Search Season
Seat Section Secure
See Seek Seem
Select Sell Send
Sense Sentence Separate
Serve Service Set
Settle Sex Shake
Shall Shame Shape
Share Sharp Shelter
Shift Shine Ship
Shock Shoe Shoot
Shop Shoulder Show
Shower Shut Side
Sign Sing Sink
Sit Site Size
Skin Skirt Sky
Sleep Slice Slide
Slight Slip Smart
Smell Smile Smoke
Snow Sock Soil
Solve Sort Sound
Source Space Speak
Specify Speed Spell
Spend Spirit Spite
Split Sport Spot
Spray Spread Spring
Stable Staff Stage
Stand Star Start
State Station Stay
Steal Step Stick
Stomach Stop Store
Storm Strain Stress
Stretch Strike String
Strip Stroke Structure
Struggle Study Stuff
Style Submit Succeed
Suck Suffer Sugar
Suggest Suit Summer
Sun Supply Support
Suppose Surprise Surprised
Surround Survey Survive
Suspect Swim Swing
Switch Table Tackle
Take Talk Tank
Tap Target Task
Taste Tax Teach
Team Tear Telephone
Tell Tend Term
Test Text Thank
Theme Think Throw
Ticket Tie Till
Tip Tired Title
Toe Tone Tool
Touch Tour Towel
Tower Track Trade
Traffic Train Transition
Translate Trash Travel
Treat Tree Trip
Trouble Truck Trust
Try Tune Turn
Twist Type Understand
Upset Use Vacation
Value Vary View
Visit Voice Wait
Wake Walk Wall
Want War Warm
Warn Was Wash
Waste Watch Water
Wave Wear Weather
Web Weekend Weigh
Weight Well Were
Wheel Win Wind
Window Wing Wise
Wish Witness Wonder
Word Worried Worry
Would Wrap Write
Yard Zone  

Common English Verbs

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