1100 Opposite Words, Definition and Example Sentences

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1100 Opposite Words, Definition and Example Sentences!

Opposite words are the words with opposite meaning. Opposite words are very useful if you want to speak English like native. Opposite words are also called antonyms. In this lesson we are doing to discuss some very basic opposite words with pdf. This list of antonyms words are for ESL students learning English.

What are Opposite Words in English with Examples?

Opposite words are the words with opposite meaning. They are also called antonym words. Antonyms are words that are opposite meaning, they can sound same, have same spellings, but their meaning must be opposite. Some of the common examples of opposite Words are: back – in front of, certainly – probably, dead – alive, emigrate – immigrate, flat – hilly, happy – sad, intelligent – silly, lower – raise, nice – awful, plant – harvest, rough – gentle, small – big, under – over, etc.

How to Learn Opposite Words?

Leaning opposite words are very easy and you don’t require any extra ordinary technique. You have to memorize them. It is not possible to memorize all of them at once and that’s why we have created a pdf of opposite words for you. By using the opposite words pdf you have memorize some of the words at daily basic and practice them have some grip over the words. It that simple to learn opposite words.

1100 Opposite Words

Here are 1100 Opposite Words List:

Voluntary – Compulsory

Stop – Start

Seldom – Often

Public – Private

Occupied – Vacant

Mend – Break

Lazy – Active

Hit – Miss

Exactly – Approximately

Devil – Angel

Complicated – Simple

Birth – Death

Agree – Refuse

Under – Over

Small – Big

Rough – Gentle

Plant – Harvest

Nice – Awful

Lower – Raise

Intelligent – Silly

Happy – Sad

Flat – Hilly

Emigrate – Immigrate

Dead – Alive

Certainly – Probably

Back – In Front Of

Admit – Deny

Well- Ill

Success – Failure

Shelter – Exposure

Receive – Send

Ordinary – Special

Moon – Sun

Light – Dark

Hungry – Thirsty

Future – Past

Failure – Success

Divorce – Marry

Courage – Fear

Brave – Cowardly

Apart – Together

Ugliness – Beauty

Slim – Fat

Right – Wrong

Peace – War

Never – Always

Lovely – Terrible

Inside – Outside

Guilty – Innocent

First – Final

Easy – Difficult

Dawn – Dusk

Cellar – Attic

Awake – Asleep

Active – Lazy

Useful – Useless

Son – Daughter

Safe – Dangerous

Powerful – Weak

Noon – Midnight

Many – Few

Kind – Cruel

Healthy – Ill

Foreign – Domestic

Enemy – Friend

Delicious – Awful

Clear – Cloudy

Before – After

Against – For

Wide – Narrow

Silly – Intelligent

Reply – Ask

Parents – Children

Nasty – Nice

Live – Die

Immigration – Emigration

Girl – Boy

Female – Male

Drama – Comedy

Cry – Laugh

Buy – Sell

Ask – Answer

About – Exactly

Upstairs – Downstairs

Some – Many

Sad – Happy

Poor – Rich

Nobody – Everybody

Male – Female

Interrupt – Continue

Hate – Enjoy

For – Against

End – Beginning

Defence – Attack

Children – Parents

Bad Luck – Fortune

Afraid – Brave

Valley – Mountain

South – North

Same – Different

Pretty – Ugly

North – South

Marry – Divorce

Land – Take Off

Heavy – Light

Form – Destroy

Entrance – Exit

Departure – Arrival

Closed – Open

Behind – In Front Of

All – None

West – East

Subtract – Add

Short – Long

Reduce – Increase

Other – Same

More – Less

Light – Heavy

Husband – Wife

General – Particular

False – True

Divorce – Marriage

Courageous – Cowardly

Break – Fix

Approximately – Exactly

Useless – Useful

Soul – Body

Safety – Danger

Presence – Absence

None Of – Al Lot Of

Marriage – Divorce

Lack – Abundance

Heat – Cold

Foreigner – Native

Enjoy – Hate

Deny – Admit

Clever – Stupid

Begin – End

Alike – Different

Violent – Gentle

Start – Stop

Scream – Whisper

Protect – Attack

Now – Then

Melt – Freeze

Late – Early

High – Low

Everybody – Nobody

Destroy – Build

Come – Go

Beautiful – Ugly

Ancient – Modern

Whisper – Scream

Summer – Winter

Shut – Open

Regret – Satisfaction

Outside – Inside

Mountain – Valley

Liquid – Solid

Ignore – Notice

Gentle – Violent

Fast – Slow

Domestic – Foreign

Create – Destroy

Brother – Sister

Arrive – Depart

Waste – Save

Strict – Gentle

Separate – Connect

Question – Answer

Old – Modern

Minor – Major

Left – Right

Host – Guest

Opposite Words Example Sentences

Fresh – Old/Stale

Exit – Entrance

Difficult – Easy

Consonant – Vowel

Body – Soul

Angel – Devil

Vowel – Consonant

Stand – Lie

Sell – Buy

Pull – Push

Odd – Even

Mess – Order

Lead – Follow

Hopeful – Desperate

Free – Arrest

Excited – Calm

Dictatorship – Republic

Compliment – Insult

Bitter – Sweet

Amateur – Professional

Wealth – Poverty

Stupid – Clever

Set Free – Arrest

Raise – Lower

Open – Closed

Moderate – Extreme

Let – Forbid

In Front Of – Back

Human – Animal

Exposure – Shelter

Distant – Near

Continue – Interrupt

Borrow – Lend

Answer – Ask

Warm – Cool

Stranger – Native

Senior – Junior

Push – Pull

Often – Seldom

Minimum – Maximum

Leave – Arrive

Horizontal – Vertical

Frequently – Occasionally

Exclude – Include

Different – Alike

Connect – Separate

Blunt – Sharp

Ancestor – Descendant

Single – Married

Rest – Work

Particular – General

Near – Distant

Loser – Winner

Include – Exclude

Good – Bad

Find – Lose

Dusk – Dawn

Dangerous – Safe

Careless – Careful

Attack – Defense

Abundance – Lack

Urban – Rural

Sometimes – Often

Sadness – Happiness

Poverty – Wealth

Noisy – Quiet

Man – Woman

Junior – Senior

Health – Disease

Foreground – Background

Ending – Beginning

Defend – Attack

Clean – Dirty

Beauty – Ugliness

After – Before

Water – Land

Strong – Weak

Serious – Funny

Quick – Slow

On – Off

Miss – Hit

Lend – Borrow

Hot – Cold

Friend – Enemy

Expensive – Cheap

Dirty – Clean

Constant – Changeable

Bore – Amuse

Animal – Human

Trust – Suspect

Sit – Stand

Right – Left

Past – Future

Nephew – Niece

Love – Hate

Innocent – Guilty

Guest – Host

Finish – Start

East – West

Daughter – Son

Ceiling – Floor

Autumn – Spring

Accidental – Intentional

Victory – Defeat

Spring – Autumn

Satisfy – Annoy

Probably – Certainly

Nothing – Everything

Maximum – Minimum

Large – Small

Here – There

Forward – Backward

Even – Odd

Descent – Ascent

Cold – Hot

Best – Worst

Already – Not Yet

Village – Town

Stand – Sit

Save – Spend

Professional – Amateur

Notice – Ignore

Mean – Generous

Last – First

High – Deep

Evening – Morning

Desperate – Hopeful

Cold – Heat

Better – Worse

Always – Never

True – False

Sister – Brother

Rich – Poor

Pass – Fail

Negative – Affirmative

Loud – Quiet

Increase – Reduce

Grown-Up – Child

Finish – Begin

Early – Late

Dark – Light

Catch – Miss

Attic – Cellar

Accept – Refuse

Simple – Complicated

Reply – Question

Part – Whole

Native – Foreigner

Long – Short

Import – Export

Give – Take

Few – Many

Dry – Humid

Damage – Repair

Calm – Excited

Asleep – Awake

Above – Below

Up – Down

Solid – Liquid

Rural – Urban

Polite – Rude

No – Yes

Major – Minor

Interesting – Boring

Harvest – Plant

Forbid – Allow

End – Begin

Defeat – Victory

Child – Adult

Bad – Good

Affirmative – Negative

White – Black

Sun – Moon

Sick – Healthy

Remember – Forget

Outskirts – Centre

Much – Little

Little – Big

Ill – Healty

Gentleman – Lady

Fat – Slim

Down – Up

Cruel – Human

Build – Destroy

Artificial – Natural

Weak – Powerful

Student – Teacher

Servant – Master

Quiet – Loud

Open – Closed

Miss – Catch

Less – More

Huge – Tiny

Front – Rear

Export – Import

Opposite Words

Disease – Health

Construction – Destruction

Boring – Exciting

Annoy – Satisfy

Unity – Division

Soft – Hard

Rude – Polite

Pleasant – Awful

Night – Day

Hard – Easy

Good Luck – Bad Luck

Follow – Lead

Empty – Full

Deep – Shallow

Cheap – Expensive

Be Interested In – Bore

Backward – Forward

Advanced – Elementary

Vacant – Occupied

Sour – Sweet

Salt – Sugar

Present – Past

Normal – Strange

Married – Divorced

Lady – Gentleman

Heaven – Hell

Forget – Remember

Enter – Leave

Depart – Arrive

Close – Open

Beginning – End

Alive – Dead

Sink – Rise

Republic – Dictatorship

Partial – Total

Natural – Artificial

Lose – Win

In – Out

Go – Come

Final – First

Dull – Interesting

Danger – Security

Careful – Careless

Attack – Defend

Absence – Presence

Wet – Dry

Sugar – Salt

Shout – Whisper

Refuse – Agree

Out – In

Morning – Evening

Like – Hate

In Front Of – Back

Generous – Mean

Far – Near

Divorced – Married

Cowardly – Brave

Broad – Narrow

Argue – Agree

Vertical – Horizontal

Special – General

Satisfaction – Regret

Private – Public

Not Yet – Already

Master – Servant

Land – Water

Hell – Heaven

Fortune – Bad Luck

Equal – Different

Descendant – Ancestor

Cloudy – Clear

Below – Above

Allow – Forbid

Visitor – Host

Start – Finish

Security – Danger

Protection – Attack

Occasionally – Frequently

Men – Women

Laugh – Cry

Hilly – Flat

Everything – Nothing

Destruction – Construction

Comedy – Drama

Big – Small

Ancestor – Descendant


Unite – Divide

Smooth – Rough

Rough – Smooth

Plenty – Lack

Niece – Nephew

Intentional – Accidental

Handsome – Ugly

Floor – Ceiling

Emigration – Immigration

Death – Birth

Changeable – Constant

Bad Luck – Good Luck

Background – Foreground

Adult – Child

War – Peace

Strange – Normal

Send – Receive

Pupil – Teacher

Off – On

Midnight – Noon

Learn – Teach

Hopeless – Hopeful

Freeze – Melt

Exciting – Boring

Die – Live

Compulsory – Voluntary

Black – White

Amuse – Bore

Ugly – Beautiful

Slow – Fast

Rise – Sink

1100 Opposite Words

Permit – Forbid

New – Ancient

Low – High

Insult – Compliment

Happiness – Sadness

Fix – Break

Elementary – Advanced

Day – Night

Centre – Outskirts

Awful – Nice

Add – Subtract

Wedding – Divorce

Succeed – Fail

Sharp – Blunt

Rear – Front

Order – Mess

Monarchy – Republic

Life – Death

Humid – Dry

Funny – Serious

Fail – Succeed

Division – Unity

Correct – Wrong

Boy – Girl

Antonym – Synonym

Wealthy – Poor

Suburb – Centre

Shallow – Deep

Rainy – Sunny

Opponent – Supporter

Modern – Ancient

Lie – Stand

Humane – Cruel

Full – Empty

Extreme – Moderate

Divide – Unite

Cool – Warm

Bottom – Top

Answer – Question

Whole – Part

Sunny – Cloudy

Silent – Noisy

Repair – Damage

Over – Under

Narrow – Broad

Little – Much

Immigrate – Emigrate

Giant – Tiny

Fear – Courage

Downstairs – Upstairs

Cry – Whisper

Busy – Lazy

Ascent – Descent

1100 Opposite Words with examples

Opposite Words Example Sentences

Let us discuss some sentence examples of opposite words:

Closed – open

  • This door is close.
  • That one is open.

Behind – in front of

  • He was attacking me from behind.
  • Come infront of me and tell me everything.

All – none

  • He was all alone.
  • He just replied, none.

West – east

  • Plane and coming from the west side.
  • He looking like a man of east.

Subtract – add

  • Please subtract these numbers for me.
  • Let me add some sugar in your coffee.

Short – long

  • I love her long hairs.
  • She was wearing a short shirt, seems like his sisters shirt.

Reduce – increase

  • Please resuce your weight, you look like a bear to me.
  • Let me increase the volume.

Other – same

  • I am not like others, don’t treat me like that.
  • All the men are the same.

More – less

  • Please add some more sugar in my coffee.
  • But you have less than a month to go.

Light – heavy

  • This is very light, even a kid can lift it up.
  • Heavy mass fell into the river.

Husband – wife

  • His husband is very handsome.
  • My wife love to drink bear.

General – particular

  • In general, you are a fool.
  • This particular custom has its origins in Wales.

False – true

  • He made a false argument.
  • All of my answers are true.

Divorce – marriage

  • They were divorced last year.
  • Marriage of Hafsa and Usman is due on Thursday.

Courageous – cowardly

  • You’re a very resourceful and courageous person.
  • He walks cowardly.

Break – fix

  • Yesterday he broke my mom’s trust.
  • Let me fix all of this.

Approximately – exactly

  • He has approximately 100 cars right now.
  • You are exactly 10 minutes late.

Useless – useful

  • Please remove these useless flower.
  • I am going to bring some useful stuff.

Soul – body

  • We’re soul
  • His body was going weaker after cancer.

Safety – danger

  • This vehicle has no safety equipment.
  • Cliff diving is a dangerous sport.

Presence – absence

  • In the presence of air reaction takes place.
  • In the absence of oxygen, humans can die.

None of – al lot of

  • None of you answer is correct.
  • He has a lot of money in the bank.

Lack – abundance

  • He lacks spirit.
  • Helium-3 is found in abundance on the moon.

Heat – cold

  • He want some hear, so turn on the heater.
  • It is cold outside, we have to cancel our plan.

Foreigner – native

  • I have to attend some foreigner’s friends.
  • To speak native English is not a kid’s play.

Enjoy – hate

  • Please enjoy the party and don’t interfere in my matters.
  • He hate Sara for his rood behavior.

Deny – admit

  • I have to deny your help, because my husband don’t like you anymore.
  • He is here to admit his mistake, please listen to him.

Clever – stupid

  • Don’t play your clever tricks on me.
  • I don’t like his stupid smile.

Begin – end

  • They begin in the morning and still no result.
  • We hope that COVID will end soon.

Alike – different

  • The twins look alike, but they differ in clothing.
  • I like have a different taste today, bring me something special.

Violent – gentle

  • The peaceful protest suddenly turned violent.
  • Let me give you a gentle massage.

Start – stop

  • He start his business in late 90’s.
  • He want to stop me at the bar, but my friend saves me.

Scream – whisper

  • Her screams wakes me up.
  • She was whispering with his mother.

Protect – attack

  • The peaceful protest suddenly turned violent.
  • Don attack me from behind and bit my leg.

Download 1100 Opposite Words, Definition and Example Sentences in PDF

Download PDF 

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