Pair of words, complete list with meanings and sentences

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Pair of words

What are pair of words? The words that sounds almost same but they are wriiten and spelled in a different way are known as pair of words. Here is the list of all important pair of words in english with their meanings and sentemces. You can download pdf also.

Pair of words with meanings and sentences

Pair of words List 1

pair of words list

Access- approach

I have no access to the President of Pakistan.

Excess- More than due

Excess of everything is bad.


Accept- To receive a thing, to agree

The Principal accepted my request for fee concession.


All the students except Adam have been fined.


Adapt- Make fit

Every country has to adapt itself according to the changed condition of life.

Adopt- Take up

He adopted unfair means in the examination.

Adept- Clever, Skillful

He is adept in the art of pleasing people.


Advice – Noun  

My advice fell flat upon him.

Advise- Verb

I advise you not to smoke.


Affect- To have an effect on

The climate of this place has affected his health.


His words produced no effect upon me (noun)

The parties effected compromise. (Verb)


Affection – Love

I have great affection for my students.

Affectation- Pretence

He is all pose and affectation.



He made many allusions from the poetry of Iqbal in his speech.

Illusion- Deceptive appearance

True happiness in this world is only an illusion.


Altar (Noun)- An elevated place of worship

He knelt down by the altar in the church.

Alter (verb)- To change

He altered his decision at the eleventh hour.



I am altogether ignorant of your success in the examination.

All together-

They went to see the picture all together.


All ready- all prepared

We are all ready to leave for Lahore.

Already- Before a suggested time

He has already done his work.



Your answer was quite apposite.

Opposite- Contrary, facing back to back

My house is situated opposite to the Government College.

Pair of words List 2

pair of words list, with sentences

Ascent- Upward flight

The ascent of the Murree Hills is not very difficult.

Assent – Agreement

The President gave his assent to the University Bill.


Aught- Anything

He might be dead for aught I care.

Ought- Should

You ought to lend him some money.


Assay- attempt

He assayed at climbing the hill.

Essay- Piece of writing

He wrote a beautiful essay on the poetry of Dr Iqbal.


Antics- Queer- Odd

Everybody laughed at his foolish antics.

Antique- of old times, old fashioned

This traveler has come from the antique land of Egypt.


Bare- Adjective, uncovered

He went in the bitter cold bare headed.

Bear- Noun (An animal)

He was killed in the forest by a bear.


Bail- Security

The accused was released on bail.

Bale – A bundle

We have four hundred bales of cotton in our godown.


Beach- Shore

We stood on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful scene of the sea.

Beech- A kind of tree

We have planted many beech trees in our garden.


Berth- An alloted place

Have you got your berth reserved in the Chenab Express?

Birth- The act of being born

The birth of our great leader Quaid-i-Azam falls in the last week of December.


Ballot- Secret Vote

We did not use the fake ballot papers in the election.

Ballet- A dance

We enjoyed the Chinese ballet at the theatre.


Beat (verb) to strike

The teacher beats the boys in the class mercilessly.


Sugar is made from beet also.


Beside- At the side

He is sitting beside me in the class.

Besides- In addition to

He gets a bonus besides his salary.


Break- To separate into parts

He broke the windows and entered the house.


Pairs of words list 3

pair of words with meaning and sentences in english

Brake- Device for stopping the motion of the wheel

The brakes of my car are defective.


Bridal- Pertaining to marriage

She wore the bridal ring on her finger in the party.

Bridle- A rope for a horse

I require a bridle for my horse.


Born- To be brought into existence by birth

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Borne- Past tense of

He has borne his misfortunes like a brave man.


Calendar- A table showing days and months of a year

Please consult the wall calendar to know the exact day of your marriage.

Calender (verb) – to press cloth

Please calender this shirt of mine.


Canon- A rule in general

He follows the religious canons strictly.

Cannon- A large gun

The general decided to use cannons against the enemy.


Canvas- A kind of coarse cloth

He is wearing canvas shoes.

Canvass- To solicit

He is canvassing for his friend, Akram.


Cast- (verb) to throw

He cast the old books away.

Caste- A social class

Adam does not believe in caste system


Ceiling- The inner part of the

The ceiling of the room is painted red.

Sealing- To put a starnp

The clerk was sealing the letters in his office.


Cell – A narrow room

The culprit was locked up in a cell.

Sell- To give up something for money.

This book is selling like hot cakes.


Cite- To quote

He cited from the Holy Quran during the course of his speech.

Site- an important place

His house is situated at a good site.

Sight- view

The hills of Murree present a good sight.


Check- To stop

We could not check him from going to theatre.

Cheque- A written order, asking the bank to pay money.

I gave him a cheque worth $ one million.


Coarse – Rough

My shirt is made of coarse clothes.

Pairs of words list 4

Course- Direction taken

The river Ravi has changed its course.


Compliment- A ceremonious greeting

Please pay my compliments to your mother.

Complement- That which fills up or Completes

The husband and wife complement each other.


Collusion- A secret understanding for a fraudulent purpose.

The thief ran away from the jail in Collusion with the police.

Collision– The act of striking together

Many lives were lost in the collision between a bus and a car.


Chord– A string of musical instrument

He broke the chord of the violin while playing on it.

Cord- A thin rope

Please tie this packet with a piece of cord.



He feels complacent and happy at his Success in the examination.

Complaisant– Obliging,

He is liked by everyone because he possesses complaisant manners


Coma – Unnatural heavy sleep

His father is lying in state of coma in the hospital.

Comma- A punctuation mark

Please put a comma at the end of this sentence.


Confidant – A friend taken into confidence

I told the secret of my failure in the examination only to my confidant.

Confident – Having confidence

Pakistan is quite confident of her victory in the cricket match.


Corporal – Pertaining to body

Corporal punishment must be prohibited in schools God is not a corporeal being.

Corps- A body of troops.

He got commission in the medical corps of the army.


Corpse- The dead body of human behind.

His corpse was found lying in a ditch.

Cession- To cede, to give up

The cession of East Pakistan from the West Pakistan was a tragic event of Muslim history.


The college hours for the summer session changed from the 1st April.


Casual- Occasional

I applied for 3 days casual leave.

Causal – Of cause

There is causal relationship between smoking and ill health.


Council- An assembly

His father is a member of Union Council.

Counsel- Advice

You should act upon the counsel of your teacher.


Cemetery- Graveyard

He is buried in the Muslim cemetery.


She has a fine symmetry of features.

List 5

Cloth – Unsewn fabric

We bought some country made cloth from the market.

Clothes- Garment

She washed her clothes herself.



When the clock strikes nine, I go to bank.

Cloak- A loose outer garment

The English women wear cloaks now-a-days.


Cue- Hint

The actor missed his cue and came to the stage late.

Queue – Row

Please stand in a queue and get the tickets in your turn (JJ!)


Dairy- Place for keeping milk, cattle

The butter Pak Dairy is conducive to health.

Diary– A note book

I am writing a diary.


Deceased- Dead

The deceased was a man of gentle habits.

Diseased- sick – ill

A diseased mind has a diseased body.


Defer- To put off

The meeting of the college council was deferred to the next month.

Differ– To have a difference

I differ with you in this matter.


Dependant- One who depends upon Others

He has to support many dependants.

Dependent- Depending upon

Your success in the examination is dependent upon hard work.

You can download the “pair of words” PDF.


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