20 PEACE Expressions in English

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In the English language, there are numerous expressions that convey the concept of peace. These phrases are often used to express serenity, harmony, and the absence of conflict in conversations and writing. Below, we explore 20 such expressions, each accompanied by a brief definition and an example sentence to illustrate its usage.

1. Peace out

Meaning: A casual goodbye implying peace.

Example: Time to go, peace out everyone!

2. Hold your peace

Meaning: Remain silent or not speak out.

Example: Please hold your peace during the ceremony.

3. At peace

Meaning: Feeling tranquil and calm.

Example: She is finally at peace after the news.

4. Peace of mind

Meaning: Mental calmness and serenity.

Example: Insurance gives you peace of mind.

5. Make peace

Meaning: Resolve a conflict or dispute.

Example: It’s time we make peace with them.

6. Peacekeeper

Meaning: One who maintains peace among others.

Example: He acted as a peacekeeper in the talks.

7. Peaceful coexistence

Meaning: Living together without conflict.

Example: They aim for peaceful coexistence with neighbors.

8. Inner peace

Meaning: Emotional and mental calm within oneself.

Example: Yoga helps her find her inner peace.

9. Disturb the peace

Meaning: Cause disorder or noise in a quiet space.

Example: Their party disturbed the peace last night.

10. Keep the peace

Meaning: Prevent disorder or maintain tranquility.

Example: Their main goal is to keep the peace.

11. Peace offering

Meaning: A gift given to show reconciliation.

Example: He brought cookies as a peace offering.

12. Piece of peace

Meaning: A small amount of tranquility.

Example: This garden is my piece of peace.

13. Peaceful resolution

Meaning: Ending a conflict amicably.

Example: They sought a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

14. Live in peace

Meaning: Exist without conflict.

Example: They just want to live in peace.

15. Peaceful assembly

Meaning: Gathering without conflict.

Example: The protest was a peaceful assembly.

16. Peace process

Meaning: Steps taken to end conflict.

Example: The peace process is gradually advancing.

17. Rest in peace

Meaning: A wish for eternal peace after death.

Example: Her tombstone says, ‘Rest in peace.’

18. Breach of the peace

Meaning: Act of disturbing public tranquility.

Example: Shouting in the street was a breach of the peace.

19. Peace talks

Meaning: Negotiations to end conflict.

Example: The peace talks resumed today.

20. Peaceful protest

Meaning: A demonstration without violence.

Example: They organized a peaceful protest downtown.

This list of peace-related expressions in English showcases the language’s rich vocabulary for describing states of harmony and resolution. These phrases can enhance your communication, whether in writing or speech, by precisely conveying nuances of peace and reconciliation.

PEACE Expressions

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