20 Collocations about TRAFFIC

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Welcome to our latest post where we delve into the world of the English language and explore collocations related to traffic. Whether you’re a language learner, a linguist, or simply someone curious about English expressions, this list will be a valuable resource.

What Are Collocations?

Collocations are words that often go together in everyday speech or writing, creating a natural-sounding language. They are combinations of words that native speakers frequently use together, which might not be predictable just from knowing the meanings of the individual words.

Traffic Collocations

1. Heavy Traffic

Meaning: A lot of vehicles on the road

Example: Heavy traffic delayed our journey.

2. Rush Hour

Meaning: Peak traffic times during the day

Example: Avoid traveling during rush hour.

3. Traffic Jam

Meaning: Slow or stopped traffic

Example: We’re stuck in a massive traffic jam.

4. Traffic Flow

Meaning: Movement of traffic

Example: Traffic flow is smoother today.

5. Traffic Management

Meaning: Organization of traffic movement

Example: Traffic management prevents congestion.

6. Snarl Up

Meaning: Major traffic stoppage

Example: A crash caused a big snarl up.

7. Gridlock

Meaning: Complete traffic stoppage

Example: The city center is in gridlock.

8. Bumper to Bumper

Meaning: Very close vehicle traffic

Example: Traffic was bumper to bumper today.

9. Traffic Congestion

Meaning: Overcrowded traffic conditions

Example: Traffic congestion is worse on Fridays.

10. Tailback

Meaning: Long line of slow or stopped traffic

Example: There’s a tailback on the highway.

11. Traffic Cop

Meaning: Police officer directing traffic

Example: A traffic cop was at the scene.

12. Traffic Circle

Meaning: Circular intersection

Example: Go straight through the traffic circle.

13. Traffic Signal

Meaning: Traffic light

Example: The traffic signal turned red.

14. Traffic Calming

Meaning: Slowing down traffic deliberately

Example: Traffic calming measures are effective.

15. Traffic Island

Meaning: Safety area in roads

Example: Wait on the traffic island.

16. Traffic Violation

Meaning: Breach of traffic rules

Example: He committed a traffic violation.

17. Traffic Report

Meaning: Update on traffic conditions

Example: Check the traffic report before leaving.

18. Traffic Lane

Meaning: Designated path for vehicles

Example: Stay in your traffic lane.

19. Carpool Lane

Meaning: Lane for shared vehicles

Example: Use the carpool lane to save time.

20. Traffic School

Meaning: Education center for driving rules

Example: He has to attend traffic school.

These collocations not only enrich your vocabulary but also enhance your understanding and fluency in English, especially in contexts relating to daily commuting and urban life. Keep them handy for when you’re discussing anything from daily commutes to urban planning!


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