15 Time-off Expressions in English

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When discussing the workplace and personal life, the concept of “time off” frequently comes up. Time off refers to periods when one is officially excused from work or duties, typically for rest, personal matters, or holidays. Understanding different expressions related to taking time off can help in both professional and personal communication.

Here are fifteen common expressions explained briefly, each with a succinct definition and a sample sentence.

1. To take time off

Meaning: To officially not work for a period.

Example: She decided to take time off next week.

2. To take unpaid leave

Meaning: Absence from work without pay.

Example: He’s on unpaid leave for personal reasons.

3. To take a vacation

Meaning: To take a break to relax or travel.

Example: They went to Hawaii to take a vacation.

4. To take a sabbatical

Meaning: Extended leave, often for study.

Example: She’s taking a sabbatical to write a book.

5. Parental leave

Meaning: Time off for new parents.

Example: He’s on parental leave for a month.

6. To be off sick

Meaning: Absent due to illness.

Example: She’s been off sick since Tuesday.

7. Sick leave

Meaning: Leave granted because of illness.

Example: He’s on sick leave for surgery recovery.

8. Maternity leave

Meaning: Leave for childbirth and care.

Example: She will start her maternity leave soon.

9. Sick pay

Meaning: Compensation received during illness.

Example: Her sick pay covers two weeks.

10. A public holiday

Meaning: Official holiday, businesses closed.

Example: Banks are closed on public holidays.

11. Day off

Meaning: A day with no work responsibilities.

Example: I need a day off to unwind.

12. To take personal days

Meaning: Days off for personal matters.

Example: He took personal days for the move.

13. Comp time

Meaning: Time off in lieu of overtime pay.

Example: She took comp time for extra hours worked.

14. Leave of absence

Meaning: Officially sanctioned time away from work.

Example: He’s on a leave of absence due to stress.

15. Study leave

Meaning: Time off for educational purposes.

Example: She’s on study leave for her exams.

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Time off Expressions

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