20 Expressions About “Mind” in English

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Exploring the intricacies of the English language reveals a wealth of expressions that delve into human psychology, emotion, and cognition. In this blog post, we will examine 20 common expressions and idioms centered around the concept of the “mind.”

These phrases not only enrich our vocabulary but also offer insights into the ways in which English speakers conceptualize thought processes and mental activities. Whether you’re a language learner or simply a curious mind, these expressions are essential for understanding and mastering everyday English conversations.

1. Bear in mind

Meaning: Remember, keep in consideration
Example: Bear in mind, that the store closes early.

2. Change one’s mind

Meaning: Decide differently than before
Example: She changed her mind about the color.

3. Cross one’s mind

Meaning: Think of something briefly
Example: It never crossed my mind to ask.

4. Make up one’s mind

Meaning: Decide something definitively
Example: He finally made up his mind on it.

5. Mind over matter

Meaning: Willpower to overcome physical limits
Example: For him, it’s all mind over matter.

6. Out of one’s mind

Meaning: Insane, extremely foolish
Example: Are you out of your mind driving so fast?

7. Piece of mind

Meaning: A feeling of calm or satisfaction
Example: I need peace of mind more than anything.

8. Presence of mind

Meaning: Ability to think clearly, stay calm
Example: Her presence of mind was truly remarkable.

9. Speak one’s mind

Meaning: Say what one really thinks
Example: He’s never afraid to speak his mind.

10. Mind the gap

Meaning: Be aware of the space (literal/figurative)
Example: Mind the gap when exiting the train.

11. Mind-blowing

Meaning: Extremely impressive or surprising
Example: That movie was absolutely mind-blowing.

12. Mind your own business

Meaning: Do not interfere in others’ matters
Example: It’s best if you mind your own business.

13. Mind your manners

Meaning: Be polite, follow etiquette
Example: Please, mind your manners at dinner.

14. Mind’s eye

Meaning: Imaginary vision, mental visualization
Example: I see it in my mind’s eye.

15. Come to mind

Meaning: Remember, think of something
Example: No names come to mind right now.

16. Give someone a piece of your mind

Meaning: Scold or criticize someone frankly
Example: She gave him a piece of her mind.

17. Keep one’s mind on

Meaning: Stay focused on, concentrate
Example: Keep your mind on the work, please.

18. Have a mind of its own

Meaning: Work independently or unpredictably
Example: This computer has a mind of its own.

19. Mind-boggling

Meaning: Overwhelmingly amazing or confusing
Example: The numbers were truly mind-boggling.

20. To my mind

Meaning: In my opinion, personally thinking
Example: To my mind, it’s not worth the risk.

Expressions About “Mind”

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