Learn 20 Collocations about BOOKS

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In the English language, certain words frequently come together to form expressions that have a specific meaning, often seen in the word “books.” This blog post explores 20 collocations with the word “books,” offering a brief explanation and example for each to enhance your understanding and usage in everyday conversation or writing.

What are Collocations?

Collocations are combinations of words that are commonly used together in a way that sounds natural to native speakers. These word pairs or groups are used habitually, and using them correctly can make your language sound more fluent and natural.

1. Hit the books

Meaning: Start studying in a serious manner.

Example: She hit the books the night before the exam.

2. Cook the books

Meaning: Falsify financial records.

Example: They got caught cooking the books.

3. Book up

Meaning: Reserve something fully, leaving no vacancies.

Example: The hotel was booked up for the season.

4. Book in

Meaning: Register or check in at a hotel or event.

Example: He booked in at the downtown hotel.

5. Book out

Meaning: Check out or leave a hotel.

Example: They booked out early in the morning.

6. Book through

Meaning: Make a continuous travel arrangement.

Example: She booked through to the final destination.

7. Close the book on

Meaning: End something definitively.

Example: He closed the book on his old habits.

8. Throw the book at

Meaning: Punish or reprimand severely.

Example: The judge threw the book at the offender.

9. By the book

Meaning: Doing things strictly according to the rules.

Example: She always does everything by the book.

10. Take a leaf out of someone’s book

Meaning: To imitate or follow someone’s example.

Example: He took a leaf out of his mentor’s book.

11. Read someone like a book

Meaning: Understand someone’s thoughts or emotions easily.

Example: I can read him like a book; he’s not happy.

12. Book someone in

Meaning: Arrest and charge someone.

Example: The officer booked him in for speeding.

13. Book up

Meaning: Fill up a space or time with appointments.

Example: Her schedule is booked up for the week.

14. Bring someone to book

Meaning: Demand an explanation or justification from someone.

Example: He was brought to book for his errors.

15. In someone’s good books

Meaning: In favor with someone.

Example: I’ve been in her good books since I helped her.

16. Out of someone’s books

Meaning: Out of favor with someone.

Example: After the argument, he’s out of my books.

17. Book on

Meaning: Rely on or trust in something.

Example: You can book on me to handle this.

18. Book up to

Meaning: Behave according to an expected standard.

Example: He always books up to his principles.

19. Book down

Meaning: Make a note or write down something.

Example: Book down these details for the meeting.

20. Turn the page on

Meaning: Move on from a past event or situation.

Example: It’s time to turn the page on this matter.

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Collocations about BOOKS

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