50 Collocations with DO in English

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Ever heard of the word “do” in English? Sure, you have! It’s a tiny word we use all the time, but did you know it can team up with other words to create something called “collocations”? These are like word buddies that always hang out together.

For example, you “do your homework” instead of “make your homework.” Pretty interesting, right? We’ve got a list of 50 cool word buddies that “do” loves to hang out with. Ready to discover these awesome pairs and make your English sound even better? Let’s dive into the world of “do” and its friends!

Collocations with DO

Below are some useful collocations with “do”.

  1. Do the crossword – Every Sunday morning, I like to do the crossword in the newspaper.
  2. Do a strategy – We need to do a strategy meeting before launching the product.
  3. Do the grilling – Dad loves to do the grilling at family barbecues.
  4. Do a project – The students have to do a project for their science class.
  5. Do a puzzle – It’s relaxing to do a puzzle on a rainy day.
  6. Do a contract – The company will do a contract with the new client next week.
  7. Do exercise – It’s important to do exercise regularly to stay healthy.
  8. Do the gardening – My grandmother enjoys doing the gardening on weekends.
  9. Do a trade – The two companies decided to do a trade to benefit both parties.
  10. Do a play – The local theater group is going to do a play next month.
  11. Do the cooking – Tonight, I will do the cooking and make your favorite dish.
  12. Do damage – The storm might do damage to the coastal areas.
  13. Do gardening – I find it therapeutic to do gardening and be in touch with nature.
  14. Do a concert – The band is excited to do a concert in the city’s main square.
  15. Do an inspection – The health inspector will do an inspection of the restaurant tomorrow.
  16. Do an exam – Students have to do an exam at the end of each term.
  17. Do one’s best – Always remember to do your best in everything you undertake.
  18. Do a practice – The team will do a practice session before the big game.
  19. Do a PhD – She decided to do a PhD in molecular biology.
  20. Do a speech – The mayor will do a speech at the opening ceremony.
  21. Do an investigation – The police will do an investigation into the missing person’s case.
  22. Do a demonstration – The activists will do a demonstration to raise awareness.
  23. Do a report – I have to do a report on last quarter’s sales.
  24. Do business – Our company aims to do business with integrity and respect.
  25. Do a compromise – Sometimes, you need to do a compromise to resolve conflicts.
  26. Do an assessment – The teacher will do an assessment of the student’s projects.
  27. Do a test – Tomorrow, I have to do a test in my math class.
  28. Do the baking – For the bake sale, I’ll do the baking early in the morning.
  29. Do well – I hope you do well on your presentation tomorrow.
  30. Do a job – He managed to do a job that impressed everyone at the workshop.
  31. Do an experiment – In science class, we’re going to do an experiment with chemical reactions.
  32. Do an interview – She’s nervous about doing an interview for her dream job.
  33. Do a presentation – Next week, I have to do a presentation in front of the whole company.
  34. Do the dishes – After dinner, it’s my turn to do the dishes.
  35. Do a bargain – At the flea market, you can do a bargain to get a better price.
  36. Do a workout – Every morning, I do a workout to kickstart my day.
  37. Do an evaluation – At the end of the project, we’ll do an evaluation to see what we’ve learned.
  38. Do a gig – The musician hopes to do a gig in a local café soon.
  39. Do a purchase – I need to do a purchase order for office supplies.
  40. Do a show – The magician is excited to do a show for the children’s party.
  41. Do research – For her thesis, she has to do research on renewable energy sources.
  42. Do a performance – The dance group will do a performance at the community center.
  43. Do laundry – It’s time to do laundry; I’m running out of clean clothes.
  44. Do a master’s – After graduation, I plan to do a master’s in environmental science.
  45. Do a service – The car needs to do a service to ensure it’s running smoothly.
  46. Do a forecast – The meteorologist will do a forecast to predict tomorrow’s weather.
  47. Do the Sudoku – Every morning, my dad likes to do the Sudoku in the newspaper.
  48. Do a transaction – We need to do a transaction to complete the purchase.
  49. Do a degree – He’s going back to university to do a degree in history.
  50. Do an analysis – The data team will do an analysis of the recent survey results.

Collocations for DO

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