50 Important Collocations with GO in English

Have you ever played a game where you match words together, like a puzzle? Well, in English, we have something similar called ‘collocations’, which are words that love to go together in sentences. Today, we’re going on a fun adventure with the word ‘go’ and discovering 50 of its best friends! These pairs are like peanut butter and jelly; they just fit perfectly.

By the end of our journey, you’ll be a ‘go’ expert, making your sentences smoother and your stories even more exciting. Let’s dive in and see how ‘go’ teams up with other words to make our language sparkle!

Collocations with GO

Below are some useful collocations with “go”.

  1. Go Abroad
  2. Go Ahead
  3. Go Along
  4. Go Around
  5. Go Astray
  6. Go Bad
  7. Go Bankrupt
  8. Go Blind
  9. Go By
  10. Go Camping
  11. Go Crazy
  12. Go Down
  13. Go Far
  14. Go Fast
  15. Go Fishing
  16. Go For
  17. Go For A Walk
  18. Go For Broke
  19. Go For It
  20. Go Forward
  21. Go Home
  22. Go Hungry
  23. Go In
  24. Go Into
  25. Go Jogging
  26. Go Mad
  27. Go Missing
  28. Go Off
  29. Go On
  30. Go Out
  31. Go Overseas
  32. Go Over
  33. Go Past
  34. Go Public
  35. Go Quiet
  36. Go Right
  37. Go Sailing
  38. Go Shopping
  39. Go Sightseeing
  40. Go Skiing
  41. Go Smoothly
  42. Go Swimming
  43. Go The Distance
  44. Go Through
  45. Go To
  46. Go To Bed
  47. Go To School
  48. Go To Sleep
  49. Go To Work
  50. Go Together
  51. Go Too Far
  52. Go Up
  53. Go Uphill
  54. Go Wrong
  55. Go With
  56. Go Without
  57. Go Your Own Way
  58. Go-Getter
  59. Go-Kart
  60. Go-To Person

Collocations for GO

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