50+ Important Collocations with Have in English

“Guess what? Our amazing language, English, is like a treasure chest full of cool word pairs called ‘collocations.’ These are words that love to hang out together, just like best friends! One popular word that has a lot of buddies is ‘have.’

Today, we’re going on an adventure to explore over 50 of these special friendships where ‘have’ teams up with other words to make something totally new and exciting. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle! So, let’s dive in and discover these awesome word pairs and see how they can help us become word wizards!”

Collocations with Have

Below are some useful collocations with “have”.

  1. Have a good time – We always have a good time at the beach.
  2. Have breakfast – I usually have breakfast at 7 AM.
  3. Have lunch – Let’s have lunch together tomorrow.
  4. Have dinner – We’re going to have dinner at a fancy restaurant tonight.
  5. Have a meeting – We need to have a meeting to discuss the project.
  6. Have a conversation – It’s important to have a conversation about our plans.
  7. Have a discussion – We’ll have a discussion in class about the book.
  8. Have a party – They’re going to have a party for her birthday.
  9. Have a shower – I’ll have a shower before we go out.
  10. Have a bath – She loves to have a bath with bubbles.
  11. Have a nap – I might have a nap this afternoon.
  12. Have a rest – You should have a rest after such a long journey.
  13. Have a break – Let’s have a break and grab some coffee.
  14. Have a drink – We should have a drink sometime.
  15. Have a snack – I’m going to have a snack before dinner.
  16. Have a meal – We enjoyed having a meal with the whole family.
  17. Have a chat – We need to have a chat about your grades.
  18. Have a laugh – We always have a laugh when we’re together.
  19. Have a cry – Sometimes, it’s okay to have a cry and let it out.
  20. Have a dream – Last night, I had a dream about flying.
  21. Have a plan – We should have a plan before we start.
  22. Have a goal – It’s good to have a goal in life.
  23. Have a wish – I have a wish for world peace.
  24. Have a problem – We have a problem with the car.
  25. Have a solution – I think I have a solution for our issue.
  26. Have an idea – She has an idea for the new project.
  27. Have an opinion – Everyone should have an opinion on this matter.
  28. Have a question – Do you have a question for the speaker?
  29. Have an answer – I have an answer to your question.
  30. Have a job – He recently got a job in the city.
  31. Have a career – She’s worked hard to have a career in law.
  32. Have a hobby – It’s relaxing to have a hobby like painting.
  33. Have a talent – He has a talent for playing the guitar.
  34. Have a skill – Learning to code is a great skill to have.
  35. Have a pet – Many people have a pet for companionship.
  36. Have a child – They’re excited to have a child next year.
  37. Have a family – It’s wonderful to have a family that supports you.
  38. Have a friend – Everyone needs to have a friend they can trust.
  39. Have a relationship – They have a relationship built on mutual respect.
  40. Have a crush – It’s common to have a crush in high school.
  41. Have a partner – She has a partner who shares her interests.
  42. Have a spouse – My aunt and uncle have been spouses for 50 years.
  43. Have a girlfriend/boyfriend – He recently got a girlfriend.
  44. Have a date – They’re excited to have a date night this weekend.
  45. Have a wedding – They’re going to have a wedding on the beach.
  46. Have a birthday – I’m going to have a birthday party next week.
  47. Have a holiday – Everyone deserves to have a holiday once in a while.
  48. Have a vacation – We’re planning to have a vacation in Hawaii.
  49. Have a trip – They had a trip to Europe last summer.
  50. Have a journey – Life is about the journey you have.
  51. Have an adventure – Let’s have an adventure in the mountains.
  52. Have an experience – Studying abroad is an experience to have.
  53. Have a memory – We all have memories that make us smile.
  54. Have a feeling – I have a feeling today is going to be great.
  55. Have a thought – Do you have a thought on this topic?
  56. Have a belief – It’s important to have beliefs that guide you.
  57. Have a doubt – If you have a doubt, just ask.
  58. Have a fear – Many people have a fear of heights.
  59. Have a hope – I have a hope for a better future.

Collocations for Have

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