20 Useful Phrases for Generalizations in English

Generalizations help us express common truths or broad statements. Here are 20 useful idiomatic phrases for making generalizations in English, along with their meanings and example sentences.

1. In general

Meaning: Generally speaking
Example: In general, people enjoy holidays.

2. As a rule

Meaning: Usually
Example: As a rule, he wakes up early.

3. On the whole

Meaning: Overall
Example: On the whole, the project was successful.

4. Typically

Meaning: Usually
Example: Typically, winters are cold in this region.

5. For the most part

Meaning: Mostly
Example: For the most part, cats are independent animals.

6. By and large

Meaning: Generally
Example: By and large, the team performed well.

7. In most cases

Meaning: Usually
Example: In most cases, hard work leads to success.

8. Broadly speaking

Meaning: Generally speaking
Example: Broadly speaking, technology improves our lives.

9. As a general rule

Meaning: Usually
Example: As a general rule, students need to study hard.

10. More often than not

Meaning: Usually
Example: More often than not, he wins the match.

11. Generally speaking

Meaning: In general terms
Example: Generally speaking, people love vacations.

12. In the main

Meaning: Mostly
Example: In the main, the plan was effective.

13. On average

Meaning: Typically
Example: On average, kids need 8 hours of sleep.

14. Ordinarily

Meaning: Usually
Example: Ordinarily, he takes the bus to work.

15. To a large extent

Meaning: Mostly
Example: To a large extent, the policy was successful.

16. Commonly

Meaning: Usually
Example: Commonly, people eat three meals a day.

17. Conventionally

Meaning: Typically
Example: Conventionally, houses have front doors.

18. Practically

Meaning: Almost
Example: Practically everyone likes chocolate.

19. In most instances

Meaning: Usually
Example: In most instances, good habits lead to success.

20. In many cases

Meaning: Often
Example: In many cases, exercise improves health.

Phrases for Generalizations

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