Learn 20 Idiomatic Phrases with YOURSELF

Idiomatic phrases add color and depth to language. Here are 20 idiomatic phrases with “yourself” that you can use to enhance your English. Each phrase comes with a short meaning and an example sentence for better understanding.

1. Be yourself

Meaning: Stay true to you.
Example: Always be yourself, no matter the situation.

2. Suit yourself

Meaning: Do as you please.
Example: If you don’t want to come, suit yourself.

3. Keep to yourself

Meaning: Avoid interaction.
Example: She prefers to keep to herself at parties.

4. Make yourself at home

Meaning: Feel comfortable.
Example: Please, make yourself at home while I cook.

5. Help yourself

Meaning: Take what you need.
Example: Help yourself to the snacks on the table.

6. Lose yourself

Meaning: Be deeply involved.
Example: He loves to lose himself in a good book.

7. Find yourself

Meaning: Discover your identity.
Example: Traveling helps you find yourself.

8. Express yourself

Meaning: Show your feelings.
Example: Art is a great way to express yourself.

9. Pull yourself together

Meaning: Regain composure.
Example: Take a deep breath and pull yourself together.

10. Brace yourself

Meaning: Prepare for something.
Example: Brace yourself; the test results are coming.

11. Keep yourself in check

Meaning: Control your actions.
Example: Keep yourself in check during stressful moments.

12. Defend yourself

Meaning: Protect yourself.
Example: Sometimes you need to defend yourself from criticism.

13. Enjoy yourself

Meaning: Have a good time.
Example: Relax and enjoy yourself at the party.

14. Challenge yourself

Meaning: Test your limits.
Example: Always challenge yourself to learn new things.

15. Believe in yourself

Meaning: Have self-confidence.
Example: To succeed, you must believe in yourself.

16. Remind yourself

Meaning: Recall something important.
Example: Remind yourself to stay positive every day.

17. See for yourself

Meaning: Verify personally.
Example: Don’t believe me; see for yourself.

18. Distance yourself

Meaning: Create separation.
Example: It’s healthy to distance yourself from negativity.

19. Trust yourself

Meaning: Rely on your judgment.
Example: Trust yourself to make the right decision.

20. Pity yourself

Meaning: Feel self-sorrow.
Example: Don’t sit around and pity yourself; take action.

Idiomatic Phrases with YOURSELF

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