20 Prepositional Phrases with “Good”

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Prepositions are crucial in English, adding context and clarity to our sentences. In this post, we explore 20 common prepositional phrases featuring the word “good,” providing succinct definitions and practical examples for each. This will enhance your understanding and usage of these phrases in everyday conversation and writing.

1. Good at

Meaning: Skilled or proficient in
Example: She is good at mathematics.

2. Good for

Meaning: Beneficial or healthy
Example: Apples are good for you.

3. Good with

Meaning: Compatible or proficient
Example: He’s good with children.

4. Good to

Meaning: Kind or beneficial toward
Example: Be good to your friends.

5. Good from

Meaning: Beneficial starting from
Example: This policy is good from July.

6. Good by

Meaning: Close or near to
Example: Sit good by the window.

7. Good on

Meaning: Appropriate or fitting
Example: Good on you for trying.

8. Good before

Meaning: Valid or suitable before
Example: Expires good before April.

9. Good under

Meaning: Effective under conditions
Example: He’s good under pressure.

10. Good among

Meaning: Well-regarded by a group
Example: She’s good among her peers.

11. Good beyond

Meaning: Effective past a certain point
Example: His influence is good beyond this town.

12. Good across

Meaning: Consistent or uniform across
Example: Their policies are good across the board.

13. Good toward

Meaning: Contributing positively towards
Example: Her efforts are good toward peace.

14. Good through

Meaning: Valid through a period
Example: This ticket is good through December.

15. Good amongst

Meaning: Favorable within a group
Example: He is good amongst colleagues.

16. Good beside

Meaning: Suitable or appropriate next to
Example: He looks good beside you.

17. Good despite

Meaning: Still effective despite something
Example: Good despite the difficulties.

18. Good within

Meaning: Effective inside a scope or area
Example: Good within city limits.

19. Good without

Meaning: Still effective or sufficient without
Example: Good without further enhancements.

20. Good like

Meaning: Similar in a positive way
Example: She’s good like her mother.

Prepositional Phrases with “Good”

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