100 Sentences of Simple Present Tense (Download PDF)

These sentences are perfect for beginners and language enthusiasts alike, these sentences cover a wide range of everyday scenarios, making them practical and easy to relate to. Whether you’re looking to enhance your grammar skills, improve your English fluency, or just seek some language inspiration, this lesson on simple present-tense example sentences is useful for you.

100 Example Sentences of Simple Present Tense

Here are all the useful sentences of the present simple tense;

  1. I wake up early every morning.
  2. She brushes her teeth after breakfast.
  3. He takes a shower before going to bed.
  4. The sun rises in the east.
  5. Birds sing in the morning.
  6. My brother plays basketball on Saturdays.
  7. We eat dinner together as a family.
  8. She loves reading novels.
  9. He drives to work every day.
  10. They watch a movie every Friday night.
  11. The cat sleeps in the afternoon.
  12. My mother cooks delicious meals.
  13. I drink coffee to start my day.
  14. She writes emails for work.
  15. He runs in the park every evening.
  16. The baby cries when she is hungry.
  17. Dogs bark at strangers.
  18. We go to church on Sundays.
  19. The store opens at 9 AM.
  20. She teaches English at the local school.
  21. He fixes cars in his garage.
  22. I play the guitar in my free time.
  23. She swims in the pool during summer.
  24. The flowers bloom in spring.
  25. He watches the news every night.
  26. My sister dances beautifully.
  27. We clean our house every weekend.
  28. She studies for her exams at night.
  29. The earth revolves around the sun.
  30. He jogs along the riverbank.
  31. I prefer tea over coffee.
  32. She practices yoga to relax.
  33. Birds migrate in the winter.
  34. We celebrate birthdays with cake.
  35. He listens to music while working.
  36. The teacher explains the lesson clearly.
  37. She pays her bills on time.
  38. I visit my grandparents on holidays.
  39. He plays chess with his friends.
  40. The train leaves the station at 5 PM.
  41. She always carries an umbrella.
  42. I brush my hair every morning.
  43. He grows vegetables in his garden.
  44. We watch the sunset together.
  45. She knits scarves for winter.
  46. The stars shine at night.
  47. He reads newspapers to stay informed.
  48. I water the plants daily.
  49. She enjoys hiking in the mountains.
  50. The clock ticks every second.
  51. He collects stamps as a hobby.
  52. We throw away the trash every day.
  53. She saves money for vacations.
  54. I clean my room on Saturdays.
  55. The baby sleeps most of the day.
  56. He loves telling jokes.
  57. We walk our dog in the evening.
  58. She sends emails regularly.
  59. The sun sets in the west.
  60. He makes coffee every morning.
  61. Birds build nests in trees.
  62. I wear glasses for reading.
  63. She arranges flowers in a vase.
  64. He takes the bus to work.
  65. We eat lunch at noon.
  66. She bakes cakes for special occasions.
  67. The moon lights up the night sky.
  68. He repairs broken electronics.
  69. I use a computer for work.
  70. She washes her car on Sundays.
  71. The wind blows the leaves.
  72. He enjoys playing video games.
  73. We visit the park in spring.
  74. She cuts her hair every month.
  75. The river flows to the sea.
  76. He drinks water after exercising.
  77. I lock the door at night.
  78. She paints beautiful landscapes.
  79. Birds chirp in the morning.
  80. He studies hard for his exams.
  81. We buy groceries every week.
  82. She sings in the choir.
  83. The bell rings at the end of class.
  84. He writes in his diary.
  85. I iron my clothes on weekends.
  86. She watches her favorite TV show.
  87. The tree sheds its leaves in autumn.
  88. He rides his bike to school.
  89. I charge my phone at night.
  90. She arranges meetings for her team.
  91. The sun warms the earth.
  92. He changes the oil in his car.
  93. I check my email in the morning.
  94. She practices piano every day.
  95. The flowers need sunlight to grow.
  96. He feeds the fish in the aquarium.
  97. We attend meetings on Mondays.
  98. She follows a healthy diet.
  99. The moon orbits the earth.
  100. He enjoys a walk at dawn.

Positive Sentences of Present Simple Tense

  1. She plays the violin.
  2. The sun shines brightly.
  3. He often helps the needy.
  4. Birds fly south in winter.
  5. I love reading books.
  6. The garden blooms with flowers.
  7. She makes delicious cookies.
  8. He walks his dog every morning.
  9. We celebrate our success.
  10. The baby smiles often.
  11. She paints landscapes.
  12. He speaks two languages fluently.
  13. Cats love to sleep in the sun.
  14. I cook dinner every night.
  15. The teacher praises good students.
  16. She writes poems.
  17. He swims well.
  18. We watch the stars at night.
  19. The museum showcases ancient artifacts.
  20. She practices her dance daily.
  21. He plays soccer professionally.
  22. The earth rotates on its axis.
  23. I organize my desk regularly.
  24. She enjoys gardening.
  25. He saves money for the future.
  26. The bell signals the end of class.
  27. She teaches Spanish.
  28. I listen to music while working.
  29. He drives a truck.
  30. The river flows gently.
  31. She knits warm sweaters.
  32. He tells great stories.
  33. I remember my dreams.
  34. She designs beautiful dresses.
  35. The stars twinkle at night.
  36. He solves puzzles quickly.
  37. We visit our relatives during holidays.
  38. She plays chess skillfully.
  39. The wind rustles the leaves.
  40. He collects vintage cars.
  41. I practice yoga every morning.
  42. She sings in a band.
  43. The sun provides warmth.
  44. He reads historical novels.
  45. We plant trees every year.
  46. She bakes fresh bread.
  47. The moon illuminates the night.
  48. He repairs old clocks.
  49. I recycle waste materials.
  50. She runs a marathon every year.
  51. The clock keeps accurate time.
  52. He writes a blog.
  53. We enjoy family gatherings.
  54. She makes handmade jewelry.
  55. The sun sets beautifully.
  56. He plays the guitar.
  57. I study hard for my exams.
  58. She travels around the world.
  59. The earth supports diverse life.
  60. He invests wisely.
  61. We cherish our friendships.
  62. She volunteers at the shelter.
  63. The flowers scent the air.
  64. He edits videos professionally.
  65. I maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  66. She trains athletes.
  67. The stars guide sailors at sea.
  68. He brews coffee in the morning.
  69. We celebrate cultural diversity.
  70. She sketches portraits.
  71. The birds nest in spring.
  72. He jogs in the park.
  73. I decorate my house for holidays.
  74. She composes music.
  75. The sun dries the washed clothes.
  76. He organizes community events.
  77. We respect our elders.
  78. She tutors students in math.
  79. The tree provides shade.
  80. He cycles to work.
  81. I keep my workspace tidy.
  82. She arranges flowers artistically.
  83. The sun rises every morning.
  84. He develops software.
  85. We support local businesses.
  86. She grows organic vegetables.
  87. The clouds float across the sky.
  88. He sketches cartoons.
  89. I bake cakes for birthdays.
  90. She practices martial arts.
  91. The stars form constellations.
  92. He teaches music lessons.
  93. We enjoy weekend hikes.
  94. She manages her team efficiently.
  95. The rain nourishes the plants.
  96. He plays basketball on weekends.
  97. I update my blog regularly.
  98. She rides horses.
  99. The wind powers turbines.
  100. He assembles model airplanes.

Negative Sentences of Present Simple Tense

  1. She does not smoke.
  2. He never lies.
  3. The sun does not shine at night.
  4. I do not drink soda.
  5. She does not forget her friends’ birthdays.
  6. He does not play video games.
  7. We do not skip breakfast.
  8. The cat does not like water.
  9. She does not speak rudely.
  10. He does not ignore his responsibilities.
  11. I do not watch TV late at night.
  12. The dog does not eat chocolate.
  13. She does not waste food.
  14. He does not miss his appointments.
  15. We do not neglect our health.
  16. The store does not open on Sundays.
  17. She does not drive recklessly.
  18. He does not dislike traveling.
  19. I do not leave the lights on.
  20. The computer does not operate without power.
  21. She does not break promises.
  22. He does not avoid hard work.
  23. We do not disturb our neighbors.
  24. The teacher does not tolerate cheating.
  25. She does not drink coffee at night.
  26. He does not spend recklessly.
  27. I do not forget to lock the door.
  28. The birds do not fly at night.
  29. She does not miss her daily walk.
  30. He does not fail to impress.
  31. We do not use plastic bags.
  32. The car does not make noise.
  33. She does not ignore emails.
  34. He does not fail to call his mom.
  35. I do not skip meals.
  36. The river does not flow uphill.
  37. She does not neglect her garden.
  38. He does not lose his temper.
  39. We do not forget our anniversaries.
  40. The phone does not work without charging.
  41. She does not leave the water running.
  42. He does not disregard advice.
  43. I do not play loud music at night.
  44. The clock does not stop.
  45. She does not miss her yoga classes.
  46. He does not eat fast food.
  47. We do not avoid exercise.
  48. The sun does not rise in the west.
  49. She does not wear uncomfortable shoes.
  50. He does not work on weekends.
  51. I do not ignore my responsibilities.
  52. The plant does not grow without water.
  53. She does not dislike children.
  54. He does not forget to study.
  55. We do not waste electricity.
  56. The fish do not swim in dirty water.
  57. She does not lose her keys.
  58. He does not dislike dogs.
  59. I do not neglect my duties.
  60. The moon does not appear during the day.
  61. She does not arrive late.
  62. He does not miss deadlines.
  63. We do not use harmful chemicals.
  64. The tree does not shed leaves in summer.
  65. She does not watch TV all day.
  66. He does not play loud music.
  67. I do not forget to water the plants.
  68. The car does not consume much fuel.
  69. She does not ignore her friends.
  70. He does not speak ill of others.
  71. We do not throw litter on the street.
  72. The earth does not stand still.
  73. She does not overeat.
  74. He does not lose hope easily.
  75. I do not wear my shoes in the house.
  76. The cat does not scratch the furniture.
  77. She does not fail to thank people.
  78. He does not hesitate to help.
  79. We do not forget our traditions.
  80. The clock does not go backward.
  81. She does not ignore safety rules.
  82. He does not miss morning workouts.
  83. I do not disregard deadlines.
  84. The sun does not set in the east.
  85. She does not refuse to learn.
  86. He does not spoil his kids.
  87. We do not ignore environmental issues.
  88. The computer does not work without electricity.
  89. She does not neglect her pets.
  90. He does not refuse to apologize.
  91. I do not forget to brush my teeth.
  92. The car does not break down often.
  93. She does not avoid challenges.
  94. He does not neglect his garden.
  95. We do not ignore warnings.
  96. The phone does not ring often.
  97. She does not waste time.
  98. He does not forget his friends.
  99. I do not lose my temper.
  100. The sun does not shine during a storm.

Interrogative Sentences of Present Simple Tense

  1. Do you like pizza?
  2. Does he play the piano?
  3. Do they go to the gym regularly?
  4. Does the sun rise in the east?
  5. Do birds sing in the morning?
  6. Can she speak French?
  7. Do we need an umbrella today?
  8. Does he understand the problem?
  9. Do you travel every year?
  10. Does she use a computer at work?
  11. Do cats like milk?
  12. Does the store close at 6 PM?
  13. Do you believe in magic?
  14. Does he write poetry?
  15. Do they speak English at home?
  16. Does she work on holidays?
  17. Do we have school tomorrow?
  18. Does the train stop here?
  19. Do you play any musical instruments?
  20. Does it rain often in the summer?
  21. Do you enjoy cooking?
  22. Does he read books?
  23. Do they watch television every night?
  24. Does the sun set in the west?
  25. Do birds migrate in winter?
  26. Can she drive a car?
  27. Do we need to buy groceries?
  28. Does he drink tea or coffee?
  29. Do you exercise every day?
  30. Does she clean her room regularly?
  31. Do cats sleep a lot?
  32. Does the museum open on Mondays?
  33. Do you like gardening?
  34. Does he study hard for his exams?
  35. Do they play sports on weekends?
  36. Does the sun feel warm today?
  37. Do you speak more than one language?
  38. Does she enjoy hiking in the mountains?
  39. Do they have a pet dog?
  40. Does the library open early on weekdays?
  41. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  42. Does he work late on weekdays?
  43. Do they clean their house regularly?
  44. Does the garden need watering?
  45. Do you know how to swim?
  46. Does she like to dance?
  47. Do they celebrate Thanksgiving?
  48. Does the train run on time?
  49. Do you have siblings?
  50. Does he play any sports?
  51. Do you walk to school?
  52. Does she bake cakes?
  53. Do they live in the city?
  54. Does the moon affect the tides?
  55. Do you watch movies on weekends?
  56. Does he wear glasses?
  57. Do they enjoy camping?
  58. Does the car need fuel?
  59. Do you use social media?
  60. Does she teach math?
  61. Do you visit your grandparents often?
  62. Does he take photographs?
  63. Do they have music lessons?
  64. Does the river freeze in winter?
  65. Do you like spicy food?
  66. Does she know how to knit?
  67. Do they travel during holidays?
  68. Does the clock work properly?
  69. Do you like to draw?
  70. Does he play the guitar?
  71. Do they go fishing?
  72. Does the sun help plants grow?
  73. Do you have a favorite book?
  74. Does she watch the news?
  75. Do they use public transportation?
  76. Does the phone ring often?
  77. Do you drink enough water?
  78. Does he enjoy science fiction movies?
  79. Do they go to bed early?
  80. Does the computer work well?
  81. Do you like to sing?
  82. Does she practice yoga?
  83. Do they eat out often?
  84. Does the weather change quickly here?
  85. Do you have a hobby?
  86. Does he collect anything?
  87. Do they play board games?
  88. Does the sun rise early in the summer?
  89. Do you have a pet?
  90. Does she make her own clothes?
  91. Do they study together?
  92. Does the train have a dining car?
  93. Do you like winter sports?
  94. Does he follow a routine?
  95. Do they recycle at home?
  96. Does the park close at dusk?
  97. Do you believe in ghosts?
  98. Does she have a green thumb?
  99. Do they watch documentaries?
  100. Does the wind blow often?

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40 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

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