Types of Beans: 30 Edible Beans & Legumes With Pictures

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Beans are like little treasures from nature. They help us stay strong and healthy. There are many kinds of beans, and each one is special in its own way. Imagine them as friends in a garden party, each bringing a different dish to share. Let’s meet some of these bean friends and see what makes them unique.

List of Different Types of Beans

Here is the list of 30 different types of Beans and legumes that are edible:

  1. Kidney bean
  2. Soybean
  3. Lima bean
  4. Black eyed pea
  5. Red lentils
  6. Chickpea
  7. Green pea
  8. Mixed bean
  9. Split pea
  10. Roman bean
  11. Red bean
  12. Pink pea
  13. Split mung
  14. Mung bean
  15. Black bean
  16. Pinto bean
  17. Navy bean
  18. Cannellini bean
  19. Great Northern bean
  20. Adzuki bean
  21. Fava bean
  22. Black turtle bean
  23. Anasazi bean
  24. Borlotti bean
  25. Flageolet bean
  26. Cranberry bean
  27. Marama bean
  28. Scarlet runner bean
  29. Bambara bean
  30. Moth bean
  31. Tepary bean

List of Bean Types

Different Types of Beans & Legumes

1. Kidney Bean

Kidney beans are shaped like little kidneys and have a deep red color. They are often used in soups and chili because they hold their shape well and have a nice, soft texture.

2. Soybean

Soybeans are small, round, and light yellow. They’re power-packed with protein and are used to make many products, like tofu and soy milk, which are great for people who don’t eat meat.

3. Lima Bean

Lima beans are green and a bit flat. They have a buttery flavor and a creamy texture, making them a favorite side dish in many meals.

4. Black Eyed Pea

Black eyed peas are small, beige beans with a little black spot that looks like an eye. They’re known for bringing good luck and are often eaten in a dish called Hoppin’ John.

5. Red Lentils

Red lentils are tiny, split beans with a reddish-orange color. They cook quickly and turn soft, perfect for making hearty soups and stews.

6. Chickpea

Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are round and beige. They’re the main ingredient in hummus and are loved for their nutty taste and grainy texture.

7. Green Pea

Green peas are small, round, and bright green. They’re sweet and crunchy when fresh and are a favorite in salads and as a side dish.

8. Mixed Bean

Mixed beans are a fun mix of different types and colors of beans. They’re perfect for when you can’t decide on just one kind of bean and want a bit of everything.

9. Split Pea

Split peas are dried peas that are split in half, making them cook faster. They’re often used in a thick, comforting soup known as split pea soup.

10. Roman Bean

Roman beans, also known as cranberry beans, have a creamy texture with a slightly nutty flavor. They are great in Italian dishes and salads.

11. Red Bean

Red beans are small, red, and have a smooth taste. They’re often used in dishes like red beans and rice, a classic comfort food.

12. Pink Pea

Pink peas are rare and unique, with a soft pink hue. They add a pop of color and a mild flavor to any dish they’re added to.

13. Split Mung

Split mung beans are green beans split in half. They have a slightly sweet flavor and are often used in Asian cooking, especially in soups and desserts.

14. Mung Bean

Mung beans are small, green, and have a mild taste. They’re commonly used in Asian dishes, both sweet and savory.

15. Black Bean

Black beans are small, shiny, and black. They’re popular in Latin American cuisine and are known for their rich, slightly sweet flavor.

16. Pinto Bean

Pinto beans are beige with reddish-brown speckles. When cooked, they turn a solid pinkish-brown and are often used in Mexican dishes.

17. Navy Bean

Navy beans are small, white, and mild in flavor. They’re often used in baked beans and soups because they become creamy when cooked.

18. Cannellini Bean

Cannellini beans are large, white, and have a nutty, earthy flavor. They’re commonly used in Italian dishes like minestrone soup.

19. Great Northern Bean

Great Northern beans are medium-sized, white, and have a mild flavor. They’re versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes, from soups to stews.

20. Adzuki Bean

Adzuki beans are small, reddish-brown, and sweet. They’re often used in Asian desserts, like red bean paste for sweets and buns.

21. Fava Bean

Fava beans are large, green, and have a buttery texture. They need to be peeled before eating and are often used in Mediterranean cooking.

22. Black Turtle Bean

Black turtle beans are small, black, and have a dense, meaty texture. They’re a staple in Latin American and Caribbean cooking.

23. Anasazi Bean

Anasazi beans are pretty with their burgundy and cream colors. People have enjoyed them for a long time, even before supermarkets! They taste great in soups and stews.

24. Borlotti Bean

Borlotti beans are like little pieces of art, with their red and white skins. When cooked, they become creamy and add a special flavor to Italian dishes like pasta and salads.

25. Flageolet Bean

Flageolet beans are small, light green, and have a gentle taste. They are often used in French cooking to make dishes feel a bit fancy and very delicious.

26. Cranberry Bean

Cranberry beans have a lovely pinkish-red color that makes them stand out. They are sweet and creamy, perfect for making soups and salads a bit more exciting.

27. Marama Bean

Marama beans come from Africa and are quite special. They grow underground and are packed with protein, making them a super bean for strength.

28. Scarlet Runner Bean

Scarlet runner beans are not just tasty; they also have beautiful red flowers. These beans are big and have a nice flavor that goes well in many dishes.

29. Bambara Bean

Bambara beans are hard workers, growing well even in tough places. They are round and have a nutty taste, making them a good snack or addition to meals.

30. Moth Bean

Moth beans are tiny but mighty. They can survive in very hot weather and are used in Indian cooking to make delicious, spicy dishes.

31. Tepary Bean

Tepary beans are from the desert and are very good at not needing much water. They come in many colors and are great for making dishes like chili healthier and tastier.

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