Types of Chairs: 50 Different Chair Styles Names

Chairs are an important part of our daily lives. We use them to sit and relax, work, or enjoy a meal with family and friends. There are so many different types of chairs, each with its own special shape, size, and purpose. From cozy armchairs to cool hanging chairs, there’s a chair for every place and every person. Let’s explore some of these amazing chairs together, learning their names and what makes each one unique. This will be a fun journey into the world of chairs!

Types of Chairs

Here is the list of most popular types of chairs that we use in our office and homes to sit:

  1. Armchair
  2. Sofa
  3. Egg chair
  4. Deckchair
  5. Desk chair
  6. Butterfly chair
  7. Gaming chair
  8. Club chair
  9. Sling chair
  10. Bistro chair
  11. Folding chair
  12. Office chair
  13. Rocking chair
  14. Stool
  15. Waiting chair
  16. Wheelchair
  17. Pushchair
  18. Ball
  19. Ladderback chair
  20. Bench
  21. High chair
  22. Dental chair
  23. Hammock chair
  24. Adirondack chair
  25. Baby chair
  26. Side chair
  27. Tulip chair
  28. Cuddler chair
  29. Bowl chair
  30. Lounge chair
  31. Push chair
  32. Beanbag chair
  33. Director’s chair
  34. Chaise lounge
  35. Windsor chair
  36. Recliner
  37. Barber chair
  38. Throne
  39. Canopy chair
  40. Papasan chair
  41. Swivel chair
  42. Love seat
  43. Parsons chair
  44. Morris chair
  45. Slipper chair
  46. Ottoman
  47. Pod chair
  48. Kneeling chair
  49. Drafting chair
  50. Camp chair

different Types of Chairs

Different Chair Styles Names

1. Armchair

An armchair is like a big, comfy hug. It has arms on the sides for your arms to rest. People love sitting in armchairs to read or watch TV.

2. Sofa

A sofa is a long, soft seat that more than one person can sit on at the same time. It’s perfect for families to sit together and share stories.

3. Egg Chair

An egg chair is shaped like an egg. It’s very cool and modern. You can sit in it and feel like you’re in your own little world.

4. Deck Chair

A deck chair is a folding chair you can take to the beach or use in your garden. It’s great for relaxing outside in the sun.

5. Desk Chair

A desk chair is made for working at a desk. It usually has wheels and can spin around, making it easy to reach things while you work.

6. Butterfly Chair

A butterfly chair has a frame that looks like butterfly wings. It’s light and easy to move, making it perfect for any room.

7. Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is designed for people who love video games. It’s very comfortable, so you can play games for a long time without getting tired.

8. Club Chair

A club chair is a plush, roomy chair that’s often found in lounges or clubs. It’s made for relaxing and having good conversations.

9. Sling Chair

A sling chair has a fabric seat that hangs loosely from its frame, kind of like a hammock. It’s great for chilling out.

10. Bistro Chair

A bistro chair is a small, stylish chair you might find in a cafĂ©. It’s perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a quick meal.

11. Folding Chair

A folding chair can be folded up when you’re not using it, saving lots of space. It’s handy for parties or events where you need extra seating.

12. Office Chair

An office chair is made for work. It’s comfortable and can have features like adjustable height to make working easier.

13. Rocking Chair

A rocking chair moves back and forth. It’s great for relaxing or soothing a baby to sleep.

14. Stool

A stool is a simple seat without any back or arms. It’s perfect for sitting at a bar or a high table.

15. Waiting Chair

A waiting chair is found in places like airports or doctor’s offices. It’s where you sit when you’re waiting for something.

16. Wheelchair

A wheelchair helps people who can’t walk move around easily. It has wheels and can be pushed or moved by the person sitting in it.

17. Pushchair

A pushchair is for babies or small children. It has wheels and a seat, so you can push your child around when you go out.

18. Ball

A ball chair has a round, ball-shaped seat. It’s fun to sit on and can help you keep your balance.

19. Ladderback Chair

A ladderback chair has a back that looks like a ladder. It’s a classic design that’s been around for a long time.

20. Bench

A bench is a long, hard seat that more than one person can sit on. You often find benches in parks or at bus stops.

21. High Chair

A high chair is for babies. It’s tall, so they can sit at the table with the rest of the family during meals.

22. Dental Chair

A dental chair is used by dentists. It can move up and down and tilt back, so the dentist can work easily.

23. Hammock Chair

A hammock chair is like a hammock but shaped like a chair. It’s perfect for swinging gently and relaxing.

24. Adirondack Chair

An Adirondack chair is a wooden chair with a sloping back and seat. It’s great for sitting outside and enjoying nature.

25. Baby Chair

A baby chair is a safe, small chair for babies to sit in. It often has straps to keep the baby secure.

26. Side Chair

A side chair is a simple chair with no arms. It’s often used at the dining table.

27. Tulip Chair

A tulip chair has a smooth, rounded base and a cushioned seat. It looks modern and is very comfortable.

28. Cuddler Chair

A cuddler chair is big and round, making it perfect for snuggling up in with a good book or a loved one.

29. Bowl Chair

A bowl chair has a seat shaped like a bowl. It’s unique and can add a fun touch to any room.

30. Lounge Chair

A lounge chair is made for relaxing. It’s often longer, so you can stretch out your legs and lie back.

31. Push Chair

A push chair is another term for a stroller or pram, used to push babies and toddlers around comfortably.

32. Beanbag Chair

A beanbag chair is soft and squishy. You can sink into it and it shapes itself around you.

33. Director’s Chair

A director’s chair is tall and foldable, often used by movie directors on set. It makes them feel important and in charge.

34. Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a long chair that lets you stretch out your legs. It’s perfect for a lazy afternoon nap.

35. Windsor Chair

A Windsor chair is a traditional wooden chair with a curved back and round legs. It’s a classic design that never goes out of style.

36. Recliner

A recliner can lean back when you push on the arms or a button. It’s super comfortable for watching TV or taking a nap.

37. Barber Chair

A barber chair can move up and down and tilt back. It makes it easy for the barber to cut your hair just right.

38. Throne

A throne is a very grand and fancy chair, usually for a king or queen. It’s big, tall, and often decorated with jewels.

39. Canopy Chair

A canopy chair has a cover on top that makes it feel cozy and private. It’s great for reading or enjoying some quiet time.

40. Papasan Chair

A papasan chair has a large, round cushion in a wicker or rattan frame. It’s perfect for curling up in a cozy nook.

41. Swivel Chair

A swivel chair can turn around in circles. It’s fun to spin in and handy for reaching things around you.

42. Love Seat

A love seat is a small sofa made for two people. It’s cozy and perfect for snuggling with someone you love.

43. Parsons Chair

A Parsons chair is a simple, stylish chair with a straight back and legs. It’s versatile and fits in with any decor.

44. Morris Chair

A Morris chair is an early type of reclining chair. It has a high back and is very comfortable.

45. Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is low to the ground and has no arms. It’s easy to slip into, making it a great addition to any room.

46. Ottoman

An ottoman is not exactly a chair, but it’s often used with one. It’s a footrest or a small seat without a back.

47. Pod Chair

A pod chair hangs from the ceiling or a stand. It’s enclosed, making you feel snug and secure.

48. Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair helps you keep a good posture. Instead of sitting, you kind of kneel, which can be good for your back.

49. Drafting Chair

A drafting chair is tall and often used by people who work at drafting tables. It’s adjustable to different heights.

50. Camp Chair

A camp chair is lightweight and foldable, perfect for taking on camping trips. It’s easy to pack and carry.


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