V1 V2 V3 forms of verb in English, Definition, Examples and Detailed List

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V1 V2 V3 forms in English, Definition, Examples and Detailed List! In this article, we will discuss three types of verb forms in English language which are explained with the example sentences.

English verb forms can be confusing, especially for ESL students. This blog post will explain the different forms of the verb “to be” in English, with examples.

In English, there are three forms of the verb: V1, V2, and V3. Each form has a specific purpose, and it’s important to know when to use which one. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at each form and explain how to use them. Stay tuned for more English language tips!

V1 (Base form), V2 (Past Simple), V3 (Past Participle) List

V1 (Base Form)

V1 base form is the infinitive form of the verb. In simple words, V1 is the “to + verb” form which tells us to do something.

e.g., To play, To talk, etc.

V2 (Past Simple)

The word ‘past’ in this case means a finished time or event in the past. To, V2 is the verb form that is used with the time expressions like yesterday, last year, etc.

e.g., She played cricket yesterday.

V3 (Past Participle)

V3 past participle is a part of V2 present perfect tense or V1 simple past tense sentence structure which means ‘has/have + past participle’.

e.g., I have broken my leg.

3 forms of verb in english (v1 v2 v3 list in english)

V1 V2 V3 Forms of Verbs List in English

Draw Drew Drawn
Fight Fought Fought
Grow Grew Grown
Bind Bound Bound
Wake Woke Woken
Weave Wove Woven
Let Let Let
Lie Lay Lain
Tell Told Told
Dream Dreamt Dreamt
Lead Led Led
Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
Forget Forgot Forgotten
Cling Clung Clung
Keep Kept Kept
Thrust Thrust Thrust
Strive Strove Striven
Blow Blew Blown
Choose Chose Chosen
Deal Dealt Dealt
Freeze Froze Frozen
Do Did Done
Lean Leant Leant
Hit Hit Hit
Bid Bade/bid Bidden/bid
Begin Began Begun
Dig Dug Dug
Forsake Forsook Forsaken
Sweep Swept Swept
Beat Beat Beaten
Spread Spread Spread
Hurt Hurt Hurt
Throw Threw Thrown
Awake Awoke Awoken
Bestride Bestrode Bestrided
Steal Stole Stolen
Hide Hid Hidden
Know Knew Known
Swear Swore Sworn
Swing Swung Swung
Buy Bought Bought
Meet Met Met
Be Was/were Been
Burn Burnt Burnt
Hold Held Held
Build Built Built
Creep Crept Crept
Bet Bet Bet
Rid Rid Rid
Spit Spat Spat
Lay Laid Laid
Swim Swam Swum
Lose Lost Lost
Drink Drank Drunk
Stand Stood Stood
Bite Bit Bitten
Teach Taught Taught
Grind Ground Ground
Come Came Come
Leave Left Left
Stink Stank Stunk
Tear Tore Torn
Forbid Forbad(e) Forbidden
Stick Stuck Stuck
Drive Drove Driven
Bend Bent Bent
Spring Sprang Sprung
Beseech Besought Besought
Break Broke Broken
Fall Fell Fallen
Rend Rent Rent
Bespeak Bespoke Bespoken
Feed Fed Fed
Wear Wore Worn
Hang Hung Hung
Cut Cut Cut
Split Split Split
Flee Fled Fled
Forecast Forecast Forecast
Beget Begot Begotten
Breed Bred Bred
Burst Burst Burst
Bear Bore Born
Hear Heard Heard
Have Had Had
Mean Meant Meant
Abide Abode Abode
Find Found Found
Sting Stung Stung
Tread Trod Trodden
Bring Brought Brought
Dwell Dwelt Dwelt
Cost Cost Cost
Strike Struck Struck
String Strung Strung
Bereave Bereft Bereft
Think Thought Thought
Eat Ate Eaten
Feel Felt Felt
Bleed Bled Bled
Fly Flew Flown
Kneel Knelt Knelt
Lend Lent Lent
Arise Arose Arisen
Learn Learnt Learnt
Spoil Spoilt Spoit
Leap Leapt Leapt


Verb Forms – A, B , C

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form
argue argued argued
attend attended attended
abash abashed abashed
astonish astonished astonished
ask asked asked
awake awoke awoken
arise arose arisen
attract attracted attracted
assort assorted assorted
arrest arrested arrested
avoid avoided avoided
arrange arranged arranged
audit audited audited
abate abated abated
attack attacked attacked
assert asserted asserted
be (am,are) was / were been
behave behaved behaved
bid bid bid
burn burnt burnt
bash bashed bashed
beg begged begged
bet bet bet
brush brushed brushed
beautify beautified beautified
bend bent bent
bleed bled bled
buy bought bought
behold beheld beheld
bid bade bidden
bear bore born
burst burst burst
banish banished banished
befall befell befallen
beseech besought besought
broadcast broadcast broadcast
beat beat beaten
belong belonged belonged
bite bit bitten
bust bust bust
believe believed believed
bear bore borne
bind bound bound
bury buried buried
bat batted batted
begin began begun
betray betrayed betrayed
build built built
bang banged banged
become became become
bereave bereft bereft
bless blessed blessed
buzz buzzed buzzed
capture captured captured
celebrate celebrated celebrated
collapse collapsed collapsed
complete completed completed
constrain constrained constrained
call called called
cause caused caused
clothe clad clad
compete competed competed
conspire conspired conspired
cycle cycled cycled
cash cashed cashed
climb climbed climbed
comment commented commented
confine confined confined
cure cured cured
caress caressed caressed
challenge challenged challenged
collect collected collected
conclude concluded concluded
construct constructed constructed
calculate calculated calculated
catch caught caught
close closed closed
compel compelled compelled
consort consorted consorted
cut cut cut
carve carved carved
click clicked clicked
come came come
confess confessed confessed
curb curbed curbed
carry carried carried
change changed changed
colour coloured coloured
conduct conducted conducted
cry cried cried
canvass canvassed canvassed
cease ceased ceased
clutch clutched clutched
complain complained complained
constitute constituted constituted
cast cast cast
cling clung clung
compare compared compared
console consoled consoled
curve curved curved

Verb Forms – D, E, F, G

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form
dance danced danced
decrease decreased decreased
desire desired desired
digest digested digested
disobey disobeyed disobeyed
donate donated donated
drop dropped dropped
Damage damaged damaged
declare declared declared
derive derived derived
differ differed differed
discover discovered discovered
divide divided divided
drink drank drunk
deal dealt dealt
deny denied denied
determine determined determined
dip dipped dipped
disturb disturbed disturbed
dream dreamt dreamt
dye dyed dyed
dare dared dared
dedicate dedicated dedicated
destroy destroyed destroyed
dim dimmed dimmed
display displayed displayed
download downloaded downloaded
dry dried dried
decide decided decided
deprive deprived deprived
die died died
disappear disappeared disappeared
dive dived dived
drill drilled drilled
dazzle dazzled dazzled
delete deleted deleted
detect detected detected
dine dined dined
distribute distributed distributed
draw drew drawn
dwell dwelt dwelt
dash dashed dashed
delay delayed delayed
detach detached detached
diminish diminished diminished
dispose disposed disposed
drag dragged dragged
dump dumped dumped
damp damped damped
decorate decorated decorated
describe described described
discuss discussed discussed
do did done
drive drove driven
dig dug dug
decay decayed decayed
depend depended depended
develop developed developed
direct directed directed
disuse disused disused
dress dressed dressed
empty emptied emptied
enlarge enlarged enlarged
exclude excluded excluded
educate educated educated
engrave engraved engraved
exchange exchanged exchanged
extend extended extended
endanger endangered endangered
erase erased erased
explain explained explained
encircle encircled encircled
enlighten enlightened enlightened
exist existed existed
eat ate eaten
endure endured endured
evaporate evaporated evaporated
express expressed expressed
encroach encroached encroached
envy envied envied
expect expected expected
encourage encouraged encouraged
enter entered entered
expand expanded expanded
empower empowered empowered
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
exclaim exclaimed exclaimed
eye eyed eyed
earn earned earned
endorse endorsed endorsed
escape escaped escaped
explore explored explored
face faced faced
feel felt felt
fix fixed fixed
fold folded folded
form formed formed
fax faxed faxed
fish fished fished
flop flopped flopped
forgive forgave forgiven
fry fried fried
fan fanned fanned
fill filled filled
flee fled fled
forecast forecast forecast
free freed freed
fail failed failed
ferry ferried ferried
fizz fizzed fizzed
follow followed followed
forsake forsook forsaken
favour favoured favoured
finish finished finished
float floated floated
forget forgot forgotten
frighten frightened frightened
fall fell fallen
flash flashed flashed
force forced forced
fight fought fought
frame framed framed
faint fainted fainted
fetch fetched fetched
flap flapped flapped
forbid forbade forbidden
found founded founded
feed fed fed
fit fit/fitted fit/fitted
fly flew flown
forlese forlore forlorn
fulfil fulfilled fulfilled
fancy fancied fancied
fling flung flung
foretell foretold foretold
find found found
freeze froze frozen
gag gagged gagged
glow glowed glowed
grip gripped gripped
glance glanced glanced
greet greeted greeted
gaze gazed gazed
grab grabbed grabbed
guide guided guided
gain gained gained
go went gone
grow grew grown
give gave given
grant granted granted
gash gashed gashed
govern governed governed
guess guessed guessed
gainsay gainsaid gainsaid
google googled googled
guard guarded guarded
glitter glittered glittered
grind ground ground
get got got
grade graded graded

Verb Forms – H, I , J

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form
happen happened happened
hew hewed hewn
horrify horrified horrified
hustle hustled hustled
Handle handled handled
hop hopped hopped
heave hove hove
hurt hurt hurt
have had had
hit hit hit
hunt hunted hunted
harm harmed harmed
hide hid hidden
hug hugged hugged
hypnotize hypnotized hypnotized
hear heard heard
hold held held
hurry hurried hurried
hate hated hated
hiss hissed hissed
humiliate humiliated humiliated
hatch hatched hatched
hinder hindered hindered
hum hummed hummed
help helped helped
hope hoped hoped
hang hung hung
hush hushed hushed
heal healed healed
hoax hoaxed hoaxed
hurl hurled hurled
imagine imagined imagined
impede impeded impeded
imply implied implied
include included included
inflame inflamed inflamed
inherit inherited inherited
insert inserted inserted
invite invited invited
illumine illumined illumined
impart imparted imparted
implode imploded imploded
inaugurate inaugurated inaugurated
infect infected infected
inhabit inhabited inhabited
inquire inquired inquired
introduce introduced introduced
ignite ignited ignited
immolate immolated immolated
impinge impinged impinged
imprint imprinted imprinted
indicate indicated indicated
infringe infringed infringed
inlay inlaid inlaid
insult insulted insulted
imbibe imbibed imbibed
impel impelled impelled
import imported imported
increase increased increased
inflate inflated inflated
initiate initiated initiated
inspect inspected inspected
illuminate illuminated illuminated
impair impaired impaired
implicate implicated implicated
improve improved improved
indulge indulged indulged
ingest ingested ingested
input input input
integrate integrated integrated
identify identified identified
immerse immersed immersed
imperil imperilled imperilled
impress impressed impressed
indent indented indented
inform informed informed
injure injured injured
install installed installed
idealize idealized idealized
imitate imitated imitated
impend impended impended
impose imposed imposed
inculcate inculcated inculcated
inflect inflected inflected
inject injected injected
inspire inspired inspired
illustrate illustrated illustrated
impeach impeached impeached
implore implored implored
incise incised incised
infest infested infested
inhale inhaled inhaled
inscribe inscribed inscribed
invent invented invented
ill-treat ill-treated ill-treated
immure immured immured
implant implanted implanted
imprison imprisoned imprisoned
induce induced induced
infuse infused infused
innovate innovated innovated
insure insured insured
join joined joined
justify justified justified
jump jumped jumped

Verb Forms – K, L , M

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form
kid kidded kidded
Keep kept kept
knit knit knit
kill killed killed
know knew known
kneel knelt knelt
kiss kissed kissed
kick kicked kicked
knock knocked knocked
lie lay lain
last lasted lasted
leave left left
limp limped limped
lose lost lost
lade laded laden
leap leapt leapt
lick licked licked
like liked liked
look looked looked
lead led led
let let let
lift lifted lifted
live lived lived
latch latched latched
leer leered leered
lie lied lied
limp limped limped
love loved loved
lean leant leant
lick licked licked
light lit lit
look looked looked
lay laid laid
lend lent lent
lift lifted lifted
listen listened listened
laugh laughed laughed
lend lent lent
lie lied lied
listen listened listened
love loved loved
lie lay lain
land landed landed
learn learnt learnt
like liked liked
lose lost lost
leak leaked leaked
let let let
light lit lit
live lived lived
manage managed managed
mash mashed mashed
meet met met
migrate migrated migrated
mistake mistook mistaken
modify modified modified
move moved moved
make made made
marry married married
measure measured measured
mew mewed mewed
miss missed missed
moan moaned moaned
moult moulted moulted
murmur murmured murmured
magnify magnified magnified
mark marked marked
matter mattered mattered
merge merged merged
mind minded minded
mix mixed mixed
motivate motivated motivated
multiply multiplied multiplied
manage managed managed
match matched matched
meet met met
milk milked milked
mistake mistook mistaken
moo mooed mooed
move moved moved
maintain maintained maintained
marry married married
mean meant meant
mew mewed mewed
mislead misled misled
moan moaned moaned
mould moulded moulded
murmur murmured murmured
magnify magnified magnified
march marched marched
matter mattered mattered
melt melted melted
mind minded minded
misuse misused misused
motivate motivated motivated
mow mowed mown
march marched marched
match matched matched
melt melted melted
milk milked milked
misuse misused misused
moo mooed mooed
mow mowed mown
make made made
mash mashed mashed
measure measured measured
migrate migrated migrated
miss missed missed
modify modified modified
moult moulted moulted
maintain maintained maintained
mark marked marked
mean meant meant
merge merged merged
mislead misled misled
mix mixed mixed
mould moulded moulded
multiply multiplied multiplied

Verb Forms – N, O , P, Q, R, S

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form Happen
nap napped napped Area
nod nodded nodded Area
nurse nursed nursed Area
Nail nailed nailed Complete
nip nipped nipped Complete
nourish nourished nourished Complete
neglect neglected neglected Fire
notice noticed noticed Fire
nap napped napped Half
note noted noted Half
nip nipped nipped Happen
notify notified notified Happen
need needed needed Order
notice noticed noticed Order
need needed needed Rock
note noted noted Rock
nail nailed nailed Ship
nod nodded nodded Ship
nourish nourished nourished Ship
neglect neglected neglected South
notify notified notified South
offset offset offset Area
order ordered ordered Area
occur occurred occurred Complete
opt opted opted Complete
own owned owned Complete
obstruct obstructed obstructed Fire
operate operated operated Fire
overflow overflowed overflowed Fire
obey obeyed obeyed Half
omit omitted omitted Half
organize organized organized Half
occupy occupied occupied Happen
oppress oppressed oppressed Happen
owe owed owed Happen
observe observed observed Order
open opened opened Order
output output output Order
oblige obliged obliged Rock
ooze oozed oozed Rock
originate originated originated Rock
offer offered offered Ship
optimize optimized optimized Ship
obtain obtained obtained South
opine opined opined South
overtake overtook overtaken South
paint painted painted Area
participate participated participated Fire
pardon pardoned pardoned Half
partake partook partaken Order
part parted parted Rock
pacify pacified pacified Ship
pass passed passed South
rise rose risen Area
ride rode ridden Complete
run ran run Complete
rot rotted rotted Fire
roar roared roared Half
rid rid rid Happen
rule ruled ruled Happen
roll rolled rolled Order
rob robbed robbed Rock
ring rang rung Ship
rush rushed rushed Ship
rub rubbed rubbed South
sabotage sabotaged sabotaged Area
saddle saddled saddled Fire
sack sacked sacked Half
sail sailed sailed Happen
sadden saddened saddened Order
sacrifice sacrificed sacrificed Rock
sag sagged sagged South

Verb Forms – T to Z

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form
translate translated translated
trust trusted trusted
urge urged urged
view viewed viewed
yield yielded yielded
Transfer transferred transferred
tremble trembled trembled
uproot uprooted uprooted
vex vexed vexed
yawn yawned yawned
treasure treasured treasured
typeset typeset typeset
vanish vanished vanished
walk walked walked
trap trapped trapped
try tried tried
use used used
violate violated violated
zinc zincked zincked
tree treed treed
undo undid undone
verify verified verified
write wrote written
tread trod trodden
type typed typed
value valued valued
wake woke woken
travel travelled travelled
turn turned turned
utter uttered uttered
vomit vomited vomited
zoom zoomed zoomed
transform transformed transformed
triumph triumphed triumphed
upset upset upset
vie vied vied
yell yelled yelled
treat treated treated
understand understood understood
vary varied varied
wring wrung wrung

verb forms list verb forms list verb forms list verb forms list verb forms list

3 forms of verb in english (v1 v2 v3 list in english)

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